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Transport Expert Panel Summary Report Istanbul, 2013-05-15.

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1 Transport Expert Panel Summary Report Istanbul, 2013-05-15

2 Agenda 14:00-14:05Welcome to the Transport Expert Panel meetingChairs 14:05-14:30 Developments of emission factors and inventory models within the ERMES group Fabio Dalan (JRC) 14:30-15:00 Aviation emissions: comparing year 2011 EU and MS LRTAP inventories with EUROCONTROL data John van Aardenne (EEA) 15:00-15:30Coffee break 15:30-15:50 International activities on road data collection (DG CLIMA, Eurostat) Fabio Dalan (JRC) 15:50-16:00COPERT 5 Scope and Functionalities L. Ntziachristos (LAT Thessaloniki) 16:00-17:00Users needs and updates of the GuidebookChairs/all

3 European Research group on Mobile Emission Sources: network of mobile emission laboratories/modellers and model users, funding agencies Main activity production of emission factors to coordinate research and measurement programmes Link with TFEIP Executive board: Dilara, Nziachristos Join ERMES plenary 26-27 September The ERMES Group

4 Inventory models oversaw by ERMES COPERT HBEFA Own model COPERT-based

5 Methodology updates New vehicle classes (small gasoline, diesel, mopeds 2s-4s) NOX new emission factor for euro5 –23% increase VOC new evaporative emission methodology –changes depending on vehicle category Update emission factor for ethanol, cng

6 Methodology improvements TFEIP-EP could produces relevant documentation instrumental for parties to justify the adjustment (e.g. NOx emission factors) Time lag between guidebook update and methodology/software update. Relevant documentation could be posted on TFEIP-EP website.

7 Aviation methodology Extensive study under way by EUROCONTROL / EEA New methodology between Tier 3A and Tier 3B possibly including: 1.New LTO values based on ICAO Taxi Times for a large number of aircrafts 2.New Cruise fuel burn and emission data 3.Under investigation new Taxi Times for world airports Supporting document from EUROCONTROL EEA excel tool comparing EUROCONTROL and LPRTAP methodologies.

8 Aviation Chapter Chapter can be approved including the BC update and table updates from Eurocontrol –New LTO values based on ICAO Taxi Times for a large number of aircrafts –New Cruise fuel burn and emission data Influence of taxi times –Investigate the possibility of a guidebook update for 2014 updating table 2-2 and 3-5

9 Aviation Chapter New appendix D – description of the Eurocontrol Tier 3 methodology –Better remove if it stays in the current form –Improve readability, i.e. explain acronym, simplify wording for users Liaise with Eurocontrol for publishing material on TFEIP-EP website (e.g. TIER 3 methodology if appendix D is removed, indications for airport base taxi-time, EEA excel tool)

10 Miscellaneous issues NFR code for pipeline compressors: –mobile source for consistency with the GHG reporting. Completeness –road dust (additional category outside the national totals for modeler inventory?) –Mandatory reporting of international shipping? Support in projections at least until 2030 –

11 TRACCS – Data Collection DG Clima project to update databases of stocks, activity and cost items of all transport modes from 2005 to 2010 National experts have been approached to submit national data –Data will be then used for modelling (GAINS, TREMOVE, COPERT, …), policy purposes (emission limits, incentives, …) More information on

12 COPERT 5 updates Scoping document is prepared Survey will be posted on TFEIP website or distributed via email –Methodology: Tier 2, Tier 3+, temporal/spatial resolution, semi-automatic fuel balancing, additional future categories, include NRMM Software: Flexibility, transparency, user guidance, QA/QC, user manual Period: Winter 2013

13 Work-programme of 2013-2014 ItemKey PartiesStatus Emission factors updates - Euro 5/6 – Euro V/VI - Ethanol-fuels - LPG and CNG emissions - dioxin/furan/PAH ERMESOn-going New vehicle categories (low engine capacity, hybrids) ERMES Completed/On- going EU project to deliver stock/activity data ECOn-going Comparison between national and international statistics PanelSpring 2014 Update of the aviation chapter JRC, EEA, EurocontrolWinter 2013 COPERT 5 EEA, ERMES2014

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