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What did we learn today… …what are the key takeaways? Peter Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s.

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1 What did we learn today… …what are the key takeaways? Peter Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s

2 Panel 1: Bilingual Head of IT We are good @ process & training But its no longer just about process & rules We are a young industry - still learning We have to make it all work - and do it cost effectively We are incredible apologists - but we are business people! We dont always have a say on company/board matters Im not an IT guy - I have domain expertise and I aggregate Young people are different - more engaged & knowledgeable We have to learn to let go It is really all about transformation A lot of board rooms are devoid of knowledge We have to get into strategy HR are hated even more than IT! Being in services is a great thing - something to be proud of!!

3 Panel 1: Q&A You dont have to be limited by your organization I want to inject thought leadership We need to be acutely aware of the nature/needs of the board Jargon often insulates us from our customers You dont have to be in the board room to gain credibility Most boards are not a team - & CIOs can be seen as a threat IT governance = boards dont understand it! IT governance = compliance, managing risk & opportunity IT industry is full of people who love administrative duties It is easy to create an IT monster Everyone has to have someone to hate - I dont want it to be IT

4 Panel 2: CIO Jury Debate The Case Against Google Google desktop, Gmail et al index all your searches They know everything about you and your company We are handing them the keys to the kingdom They are big, dominant, out of control, dictating standards The Case For Google There is nothing new or special about Google Microsoft know all about you too They all know everything about you and your company The risk is entirely in the hands of the user

5 Panel 2: CIO Jury Debate It makes no sense to use Google at home and ban it at work Just make sure it works - just exploit it! Make sure people are aware of their responsibilities What do staff do? They ignore us and go straight to Google! Google are so big, rich, powerful - they can ignore the law! Every supplier needs managing - dont they? These technologies are a real challenge to rights management Im more worried about on-line gaming Video streaming (TV) is an even bigger threat Data at rest, data on the move, must be encrypted We have to take responsibility for our own actions It is up to us to secure our data and systems We cant control everything, we cant keep the new out! The beast is inside already - it is all there now! NIH is a poor argument for shutting the door on new tech

6 Panel 2: CIO Jury Debate If, inside our firewalls, we were as good as Google, we wouldnt be having this discussion! Google is a role model, we should aspire to be like them!

7 The McCue Interview - John Suffolk UK public sector - its all about scale: Worlds largest LAN & databases There isnt a single board or management team, but 100s! Recruit & retain staff thro kudos - best, biggest, most complex Matching available skills to growing demand a big challenge Multi-channel environment getting ever more complex Edge to edge technology a big & growing security challenge How do you (painlessly) collect a wide range of biometrics? The big issue is identity management - it belongs to us! Freedom of information is a vital step - not a luxury or folly Clarity of vision is vital - requirements creep is a killer We have to drive for business change thro benefit

8 A final story to take home… …unintended consequences! A father gives his son a 1G memory stick so he could save his multi-media work that was being systematically deleted from the high school server every night by the paranoid IT Dept on the basis that all MPG & JPG files pose a threat/risk. The teacher in charge had already choked off the Internet rendering access useless, banned email and IM, blocked off the floppy, CD & DVD slots. And all in the name of security and safety - absolutely no upside thinking here! Within a week the young man had email, IM, Skype and encryption running on his stick. Within a month 60 others in the 6th form had done the same and the IT teacher had lost control. Against the advice of the father concerned he reacted by blocking off all USB ports. The net result? A school now riddled by unauthorized WiFI…and an ongoing war between him and a population that is younger and smarter, more networked and fearless! If only the teacher had had the wisdom to draw these youngsters into his Dept & confidence - to gain their wisdom - to get their help in running the school network - what an opportunity…but now he stands no chance…the war is over!

9 Final take home Dont shoot/fire the young who break the rules - Learn from them - Exploit their knowledge and experience - Embrace the change they bring

10 Final thought Things not to watch: - Sausages being made - An endoscopic examination of a human - Software being written!

11 Thanks for… - Attending - Thinking -Being honest -Contributing …and safe journey home.

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