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PEM® Type SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

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1 PEM® Type SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut
New Product Launch PEM® Type SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut Patent Pending

2 PEM® SFN™- Introduction
PEM® Type SFN™ spinning flare nut is a one piece, flanged hex nut that installs by simply pressing it into a properly sized, pre-punched embossed mounting hole. The nut is permanently captive and still spins freely in the sheet. This allows quick attachment to mating hardware, eliminating much of the need for loose fasteners. Above the sheet, the part appears identical to standard flanged hex nuts, while on the other side, the part remains flush. The spinning flare nut eliminates loose hardware such as flange nuts. When used with a self-clinching stud, all loose hardware is eliminated from the applications. SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

3 PEM® SFN™- Key Benefits Overview
SFN™ Sample Panels Trademark Opportunity: Loose hardware causes assembly issues as assembler needs to hold panel, nut and driver for the first nut. Spinning Flare Nut Solution: SFN™ spinning flare nut is a hexagonal flange nut that is loosely captivated and free to spin in the sheet. Key Benefits: Rotates freely in sheet It reduces assembly time and cost There is a reduction in loose hardware (electrical/electronic environment, legislation, design for manufacture) Installs into any sheet hardness Nut can be automatically assembled to the panel It can be used in conjunction with PEM® Self-Clinch stud SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

4 PEM® SFN™- Catalog Offering
Available in M5, M6 & M8 sizes for sheet thickness 1.0 & 1.5mm As needed, please contact our technical support at for your specific application requirements. SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

5 PEM® SFN™- Installation
The PEM® SFN™ range of products, will go to market with Pre-emboss of the panel as the default installation process. Characteristics of Pre-emboss: Emboss shape created in panel as first step. Could be part of the bracket stamping operation or as a stand-alone emboss press. Very simple PEMSERTER® tapered flare tool for nut installation. Plating and coatings can be added after emboss stage – reduces risk of damage to coatings in area to be embossed. If your application requires installation into a flat sheet, please contact our technical support at as we have tooling options available.

6 PEM® SFN™- Installation Tooling & Animation
Animation of SFN™ installation is available online in the “nut” category at SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

7 PEM® SFN™- Performance Data
Regulatory compliance information is available in Technical Support section of the PennEngineering website. SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

8 PEM® SFN™- Application Notes SFN – Spinning Flare Nut
Property Class: The design of SFN™ nuts meets or exceeds proof load requirements of Property Class 8 per ISO 898 Part 2, but because of their unique design they are not marked with a grade marking.  Please contact our technical support at for your specific application requirements. Torque-Tension Behaviour: Because of the concave flange the effective friction radius for the nut face is larger than typical resulting in a larger than typical nut factor or “K” value.  For joints in which the induced preload is critical, torque-tension studies simulating actual joint conditions are recommended to determine the appropriate tightening torque.  Samples of type SFN™ nuts are available for testing. Design Intent SFN – Spinning Flare Nut M5 M6 M8 Nut Thread Engagement: Intent – failure of screw in thread Exceeds ratio 0.8D. Expected failure of screw in thread. Nut Proof Load Performance: Tensile load of 8.8 stud Meets proof load of 12,140N Meets proof load of 17,200N Meets proof load of 31,800N Nut Hardness: Does not exceed Vickers hardness (HV) 353. Symbols: Not marked as property class. SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

9 PEM® SFN™- Solution – OEM Customer
Application SFN™ Benefit Assembly time reduction & cost Reduction in loose hardware Automated assembly of nut to bracket Improved performance SFN™ Cost Comparison Overview Customer uses loose nuts to assemble supporting brackets. These range from 1.5 – 2.0mm steel both electroplated and KTL painted. This causes assembly issues as person needs to hold bracket, nut and driver for the first nut. Project to design a captive nut which is free to spin. SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

10 PEM® SFN™- Solution - Process Cost Saving
Annual Assembly Process Cost Saving -23% 3 s 4 s 2 s 5 s Assembly Rate $79 / hr = $ / second Process time saving : 5 seconds per nut Process Cost Saving : $ per nut (Highlighted in Red Text) SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

11 PEM® SFN™- Bulletin SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut

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