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PANEL-GI: Pan European link for Geographical Information Progress Activities Giorgio Saio 5th EC- GIS Workshop 28-30 June 1999, Stresa.

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1 PANEL-GI: Pan European link for Geographical Information Progress Activities Giorgio Saio 5th EC- GIS Workshop 28-30 June 1999, Stresa

2 Outlines: Establishment of a GI European Network aimed at involving partners from CEEC in the process of creation of a Pan European Geographical Information Forum. Keywords: - European and National Geographical Information Infrastructure (EGII, NGII) - GIS Inter-Operbility and Open GIS - GIS data formats and standards - Metadata and data exchange - GIS Applications: National and European dimension - National GI Agencies -GI market organisations PANEL-GI PAN European Link for Geographical Information Concerted Action ) PROGRAMME:INCO – COPERNICUS International Cooperation in Research and Technology development with CEEC

3 PANEL-GI PAN European Link for Geographical Information Objectives: Networking, to create the EU - CEEC GI framework. Tutorial, that is the production of a PANEL-GI package which aims at assessing and producing guidelines on actual GIS / GI issues. Technology transfer, that is the exploitation of the established network throughout the diffusion and training of the PANEL-GI package content and the support for the implementation of the PANEL - GI issues on actual cases in CEEC.

4 PANEL-GI partnership from EU: GISIG - Geographical Information Systems International Group (I) EUROGI - European Umbrella Organisation for Geographical Information (NL) Joint Research Centre of Ispra- Space Applications Institute, SAI (EU) Technical University of Vienna (A) CNIG - Centro Nacional de Informaçao Geografica (P) from CEEC: HUNAGI - Hungarian Association for Geo- Information (HU) GEOBID Ltd - GISPOL (PL) Masaryk University (CZ) ICI - Research Institute for Informatics (RO) Technical University of Sofia (BG)

5 PANEL-GI WORKPLAN ORGANISATION Activities WP1. Networking and Management WP2. PANEL-GI package WP3. Study visits WP4. Networking and Technology Transfer at National Level (CEEC) WP5. Dissemination and awareness

6 A reference book useful for a vision of key issues of GI/GIS field Readable with a general knowledge/experience, without specific technical backgrounds Addressed to managers in business and decision makers in the Administrations Defined in concertation by the PANEL-GI partnership, considering the CEEC requirements To be produced by the partners, according to their specific expertise PANEL-GI PACKAGE

7 Core Package The reference book (published and on the Web) Target: Managers in business and decision makers in Administration Extended Package Organised collection of technical additions related to the core contents (available on the Web with cross links) Target: GI/GIS Community including project managers, researchers, students... PANEL-GI PACKAGE ORGANISATION

8 1. The importance of Geographic Information 2. Basic Concepts of GIS 3. Organisation and Business Aspects of GIS 4. Geographic Information Infrastructure 5. National GII Solutions: The Portuguese experience (project SNIG) 6. Standardisation and Interoperability 7. GIS Application Domains 8. Conclusions Annex 1: Links Annex 2: Glossary PANEL-GI CORE PACKAGE CONTENT

9 PANEL-GI PACKAGE STRUCTURE (1/3) 1. The importance of Geographic Information Introduction Differences between GI and GIS Importance of GI Effect of GI on the efficiency of the economy GI is a rapidly growing business Impediments to the use of GI in Europe Conclusion 2. Basic Concepts of GI A partial history of GIS Modelling reality in an Information System Spatial concepts as implemented in GIS From IT to GIS Geopgraphical Analysis in GIS Visualisation in GIS

10 PANEL-GI PACKAGE STRUCTURE (2/3) 3. Organisation and business aspects of GIS Strategies for the introduction of GIS Organisations, People and GIS Needs analysis and feasibility studies for GIS Methodologies for GI System design and selection The economics of Geographic Information Electronic Commerce in GIS Misperceptions and Pitfalls 4. Geographic Information Infrastructures Introduction Local and National Geographic Information Infrastructures Multi-Country Geographic Information Infrastructures Global Geographic Information Infrastructures From local to global and global to local

11 PANEL-GI PACKAGE STRUCTURE (3/3) 5. National GII solutions: The portughese experience (project SNIG) Introduction Institutional framework Network characteristics SNIGs structure SNIGs users SNIGs network consolidation programs Final remarks 6. Standardisation and Interoperability The standardisation processes Interoperability movements 7. GIS application domains Overview of applications Examples Geographical Information and users domains: the thematic network approach GIS and User Centred Design 8. Conclusions Annex1: Links Annex2: Glossary

12 STUDY VISITS Objectives: from CEEC to EU to support a transfer of knowledge around the project issues also intended to stimulate contacts among companies about GIS market and products.

13 STUDY VISITS (RESULTS) SEP 98CNIG (P) National System for GI (SNIG) Other CNIG projects for Municipal Master Plan, Remote Sensing and Environment GIS experience from Post Office Administration, Municipalities, National Water Institute, GIS private firm Nov 98 EUROGI (F) Policy for EGII Visits to CNIG - AFIGEO, MEGRIN/CERCO Apr 99TU VIENNA (A) GI R&TD at TU Visits to Federal Cadastre Office, City Council, GIS private firms (geomarketing) Jul 99JRC/SAI (EU) GI/GIS Projects at JRC ISPRA, including CEO Visits to CSI Piemonte (Regional GIS) GISIG (I) Visits to AMGA (GIS application in the water sector) and City Council

14 NETWORKING AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AT NATIONAL LEVEL Objectives: To establish GI networks and technology transfer poles in CEEC To disseminate and exploit the PANEL-GI issues in CEEC To participate in the gradual process of the design of the National Geographic Information Infrastructure in CEEC, involving the different actors of the GI Community. To share experiences on how to approach and establish NGIA To create a business framework based on the network and its achieved results

15 NETWORKING AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER IN CEEC First results: Analysis of GI context at country level Survey of GI actors PANEL-GI meetings and seminars Establishment of groups of interest, including IT companies, data providers, users, Research and Education PANEL-GI WWW Pages

16 PANEL-GI DISSEMINATION AND AWARENESS Target European level National level Activities PANEL-GI workshops PANEL-GI WWW pages Promotional material & White Paper PANEL-GI Package publication

17 PANEL-GI Workshops Launching workshop: linked with GIS Brno 98 (June) PANEL-GI workshops in the CEEC Countries: Poland (Warsaw/Olsztyn)16-18 September 1999 Hungary (Szolnok)22-23 September 1999 National GI Conference Romania (Sinaia)25-26 October 1999 ICTPA99 Czech Republic (Ostrava)24-26 January 2000 BulgariaSpring 2000

18 NETWORK OPENNESS The openness of PANEL-GI will be fostered towards: Organisations from the CEEC (BG, CZ, H, PL, RO) represented by the project partners that have indeed the mission of disseminating at a national level the project results, especially towards IT companies and GIS users. Organisations from other CEEC with the aim to enlarge the country scope of the project. The European GI community and in particular the GISIG and EUROGI members to which the PANEL-GI results will be diffused and exploited.

19 NEXT ACTIONS Development of the PANEL-GI Package Continuation of the study visits programme, especially addressed to companies National workshops Promotion of NGIA or their development (where already exist) Country scope enlargement towards CEEC

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