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© 2005 BH, Inc. All rights reserved.6/13/2014 Quick Disconnect Swine Pens.

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1 © 2005 BH, Inc. All rights reserved.6/13/2014 Quick Disconnect Swine Pens


3 1.Will the flooring, once installed, handle one 400lb pig and two technicians; approx 850 lbs? Answer: The design at present would only hold up to approx. 500lbs.. I have discussed this with our head engineer and we can re-design the flooring structure to support 850 lbs. We would need to provide you with a revised quote to incorporate this re-design. 2. You needed some photos of the aligned fiber, fiberglass flooring used in the pens because you will be receiving pens from NY State University in Albany and will need to retro-fit the pens with new flooring. Answer: I have provided some pictures within this power point to show the aligned fiber, fiberglass flooring. The pictures show how the current pre-owned pens will be outfitted as well. To outfit the pens you anticipate receiving from NY we will need pictures of how the present flooring is supported and we can then determine how to retro-fit them with aligned fiber, fiberglass flooring. I am in fact working on another similar project. 3. You needed some photos and engineering drawings of the divider panel doors in the open position so you could see how they are held open and locked in position. Answer: I have included pictures that show the door in the open position and an engineering drawing that should clarify your question.

4 Please note, the automatic watering and the flooring would need to be ordered if you decide to proceed. These items take about 4-5 wks. All other items are ready to go.

5 The following slide is a picture of the pre-owned swine pens proposed to you. These pens were never used. The picture shows the pens as they were set up in the shop prior to shipping. Of course these pens in their present configuration have no flooring. The additional photos included in this power point presentation are of our standard quick disconnect swine pens and are shown here for your reference.

6 © 2005 BH, Inc. All rights reserved.6/13/20146

7 Exterior Dim.:Customized Interior Dim.: Customized Floor Space:Customized Construction: Type 304 stainless steel, fixed installation pen Framing:1 ½" x 1 ½" x 16 ga." square tubing Solid Panels: 18 ga. stainless steel sheet or composite panels Tubular Panel Section:1" OD round tubing, 18 ga. wall thickness, spaced on 3" centers Composite Material:Bottom portion of panels are composed of Trespa Virtuon Finish:Glass bead blasted Floor Sections:Aligned fiber, fiberglass Floor Support: 1½" x 1½" x ¼" angles Swine/Livestock Pen Specifications

8 Features and Benefits The BH, Inc. Stainless Steel Quick-Disconnect Large Animal Enclosures are custom designed to make the most efficient use of available space and still maintain more than the minimum space required for each animal intended to be housed in them. The animal enclosures are joined by connecting the panel components (front gate panel, side or end panels, back panel, and in multiple pen configurations, a divider panel with connecting gate), into a single pen or multiple pens sharing common divider panels. The panels are limited to a height of 42" to allow the caregiver access to the animal occupants over the top of the panels. Panels are connected with quick disconnect brackets at the corners, top and bottom and are provided with screw type adjustable legs to allow for variations in the slope and levelness of the floors. The adjustable legs have 3" diameter stainless steel base plates to prevent gouging of the floor surface with any movement of the units. Various optional features may be provided to enhance the environmental conditions under which the animals are maintained and to improve animal care and maintenance operations and safety.

9 Other features include: Pen Walls are 4x6 to maximize room utilization. 1" Stainless Steel Round Tubes spaced 3" on center are used to reduce the potential of developing interdigital cysts in dogs,, and to provide the added strength that is necessary to withstand the heavy abuse that swine and sheep can apply.

10 Swing doors located on the divider panels can be used to allow access to adjacent cages for socialization or to increase floor space for large animals.

11 © 2005 BH, Inc. All rights reserved.6/13/201411 Divider Wall Panel with Swing Door Eng. Drawing

12 T-1800 or T-3500, Thermoneutral Fiberglass Floor Sections: The floors are made of an aligned fiber product that will provide the animals with a smooth, thermoneutral surface. This surface is extremely durable, light weight in comparison to the other products on the market, helps to prevent the development of interdigital cysts, and is easily cleaned by the staff. Customer may choose a fine or coarse grit surface (recommended for hoofed animal sure footedness) or smooth surface (recommended for dogs). The open space between slates is 3/8

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23 © 2005 BH, Inc. All rights reserved.6/13/201423 BH, Inc 1302 9 th Street Wheatland, WY 82201 Visit our Website to learn more

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