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The MCC Specs database A guided tour. The Specifications panel …

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1 The MCC Specs database A guided tour

2 The Specifications panel …

3 Spec type: TS or TR

4 Spec number: GSM format – or UMTS format – aa.bbb U suffix indicates initial UMTS work started in ETSI TC SMG.

5 Title

6 Working Group with primary responsibility (List of) Working Group(s) with secondary responsibility

7 Rapporteur details

8 Support Team officer

9 General remarks

10 Date record was created Date record was last updated

11 For pre-Rel-4 specs only: Spec number of 3G spec which supersedes this one Remarks relating to the transfer to 3G.

12 Spec-set flags: G = required for systems with GERAN radio access U = required for systems with UTRAN radio access

13 For transposition by Partner SDOs (publication as own deliverables)

14 Spec abandoned or withdrawn (all Releases)

15 The buttons …

16 Search for spec dialogue box Hint: set match parameter to any part of field for ease of use.

17 Simple list of all specs

18 List all known persons (can be used to choose Rapporteur)

19 List Support Team officers for all TSGs/WGs

20 List all CRs for this Spec

21 Use these standard buttons for navigation from record to record.

22 The Releases panel …

23 There is one record per Release (actual or envisaged).

24 Release.

25 Meeting at which this Release of this spec will be / was declared frozen (see 21.900 for definition of this term)

26 Date this Release record was created. Date this Release record was last modified.

27 Remarks relating to this Release of the spec.

28 Indicates whether this Release of this spec has been abandoned / withdrawn

29 The Schedule panel …

30 The Schedule panel shows the history of events for the selected Release.

31 Event giving rise to new version (meeting names are encrypted as shown to allow statistical measurements of production time, etc.)

32 New version arising from this event

33 Date new version supplied by Support Team officer recently introduced field

34 Remarks (internal to Support Team) recently introduced field

35 Date this version became available on the 3GPP file server

36 Remarks relating to this version of this Release of this Spec

37 The Control panel …

38 The Control panel consists of buttons which, when clicked, will provide useful reports / lists. The nature of these reports should be obvious from the title of the button.

39 Of general use.

40 Only to be used during a meeting, as the new CR table is being established. Unreliable if used outside a meeting!

41 Admin use only

42 And finally …

43 … remember that you can configure the database yourself. You can use the stock of existing queries, and create new ones. Save the database to your own PC and experiment.

44 And remember, if you think that the database should provide a new service, then simply ask the Specifications Manager to include a new report / query.Specifications Manager

45 end

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