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Emerging Market Specialist BRIC Capabilities Presentation a Cross-Tab subsidiary company infinite insights, infinite possibilities 2010.

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1 Emerging Market Specialist BRIC Capabilities Presentation a Cross-Tab subsidiary company infinite insights, infinite possibilities 2010

2 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Emerging market specialist with decade long experience in building & maintaining online panels The first and most prominent online research company in Asia Proprietary online panels in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) Established network of online panel providers in over 65 countries with access to over 60 million individuals High Customer Satisfaction leading to 95% repeat business Strong technology orientation towards capability in innovative online research solutions customized to client needs Awarded Grand Mean Project Certification from Sample Source Auditors (Mktg Inc.) for exceeding their quality parameters as a sample source that does not exhibit outlier characteristics Professional Memberships & Affiliations Borderless Access : Quick Glance Awards & Certifications

3 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Borderless Access Reach - Proprietary + Partner Panels Partner Panels Proprietary Panels

4 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Borderless Access (Earlier Cross-Tab Panels) pioneered online market research in India and was one of the first research agencies in Asia to offer online market research services Over the last 10 years we have conducted: 5,000+ online projects in India > 75,000 interviews annually Best in class response rate on a panel community -30%-40% Panel represents 95% of the internet population. Across audiences, consumers to C- level Project engagements at different levels : standard to ad-hoc, trackers to dip sticks to continuous. Now built & owns proprietary global online panels in Emerging Economies – Brazil, Russia, India & China Built custom community panels in North America, Europe & Asia Best in class recruitment process Expert staff to manage desk research to support market learning Refresh panellists every 3 months Over 25% of panel is less than 12 months old Extensive Experience In Online Panels – Breadth & Depth Wise Proven Strength In Project Management Accumulated Learning And Best Practices For Managing Research Only Panels BABA Borderless Access Online Panel Expertise

5 infinite insights, infinite possibilities And touches key phases of the online research process PrivacyEngagement Identity Validation Sampling Methods Monitoring Behavior Our Framework Is Built Around The Consumers Point Of View

6 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Borderless Access Suite of Services Problem Definition Research Design Sample Acquisition Data Analysis Reporting Access Panel Creation Custom Panel Creation Best In Class Services for Quality Online Sample Desk Research to ensure right sample is picked Survey Programming & Data Analysis

7 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Panels representative of the key internet demographics of the overall internet population in each country Borderless Access: Proprietary Panel Size BrazilRussiaIndiaChina 75,000+ 250,000+ 75,000+ 2010 Grow existing panels to exceed 1 million in size Road Map to develop panels in emerging markets like Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Taiwan

8 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Easy Access to Niche Audience Panels Borderless Access pioneered development of specialist panels in India which are now available for BRC countries as well. Each panels profiling is mapped to specific dynamics thereby giving us quick access to reach niche audiences for different verticals. ITAUTOTRAVELMOBILE FINANCE We have a strong IT Panel allowing clients to target based on company employee size, number of PCs, designation, occupation, industry and annual revenue of the company Our Auto Panel is profiled to allow clients quick & easy access to panelists who own two or four-wheelers The profiling attributes include brand of four wheeler owned, segmented by – small, mid-sized, luxury and SUVs as well as old/new purchase This profile helps in identifying travelers who often travel by air for either business or leisure purposes The same is further profiled by number of business / leisure trips, class of air travel and more Profiling basis mobile phone ownership and usage is constantly updated to cater for todays evolving market place The profiling attributes include mobile brands, smart phone user ship, usage etc. Profiling on this aspect allows us to accurately target panelists according to their finance portrait This segment can be targeted by decision making criteria, online banking usage, financial products owned

9 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Borderless Access: Assurance To Quality Panel response quality is the USP of our business model and we have cultivated a system to ensure Quality-comes-first Best in class recruitment policy – Our panel is drawn from multiple sources and are recruited using a broad array of techniques to select unique and responsive members – Our recruitment is by-invitation only; from an array of more then 1000+ targeted affiliate sites – All members have double-opted in our panel Legitimate respondents – Validation checks run periodically on the respondents historical data to find anomalies and validate their responses, ensuring that the panelists are who they say they are – Survey frequency controls to limit the number of surveys any respondent receives, thus abstaining a respondent from becoming a professional survey taker Digital Fingerprinting Tool – Proprietary digital fingerprinting tool to help improve the data quality by accurately identifying and flagging duplicate survey respondents

10 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Panel Management Platform We possess deep experience of all the online research software tools. In-fact, we are licensee to multiple tools - from basic to enterprise level - Confirmit, NEBU, NetMR, QuestionPro etc. There is an established, systemic, documented process to ensure error-free programming. Our hosting servers confirm to 99.99% uptime standards. Our panel management tool Dub Knowledge is hosted by NEBU in a secure & safe environment with continuous and adequate back-ups of the data. Functionally, NEBU helps in the following manner to ensure the appropriate management of our panelists - NEBU captures information like participation history, date of entry, source etc. We maintain such records for internal analysis of respondent activity. Inactive panellists are periodically phased out of receiving surveys Similarly active survey takers are moved to a "cool off" area and are not invited for surveys for at least a month or more.

11 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Personalized Account Management SPOC (single point of contact) for all engagements including project bid, project launch, execution, feasibility & testing 24 hour coverage for all working days (Monday – Friday). Additional coverage on holidays and weekends (on request) 360 0 review feedback captured proactively from Client and key stakeholders Dedicated Team Structure YOU Account Lead Client Servicing Lead (SPOC offering dedicated support for all account management needs) India (Level 1 escalation point) US Senior Account Executive (Responsible for bidding & project feasibility) India Project Manager (Manage execution of projects) India

12 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Borderless Best Practices Recruitment from representative sources including top domains Multi modal verification for every panelist Digital Fingerprinting Internal processes audited by one of The Big Four accountancy & consultancy services firms Multimodal & customized panelist preferred & guaranteed incentive system

13 infinite insights, infinite possibilities Snapshot of our Clients & many more…..

14 Thank You infinite insights, infinite possibilities

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