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©SHRM 2012 SHRM Special Expertise Panel Orientation.

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1 ©SHRM 2012 SHRM Special Expertise Panel Orientation

2 ©SHRM 2012 Purpose Create an opportunity for SHRM staff and SHRM members who serve in HR leadership roles to engage in meaningful dialogue around issues that affect human resource professionals and their organizations. Ultimately, the Special Expertise Panel structure will serve to: > create an avenue for our members to provide expert advice, > create opportunities for greater focus on emerging trends in HR, > meet the engagement needs of our members.

3 ©SHRM 2012 2012 Special Expertise Panels Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibility Global Labor Relations Workplace Diversity & Inclusion HR Technology HR Disciplines > Includes representatives in the areas of employee relations, talent management, compensation, benefits, organizational development and employee health, safety & security 3

4 ©SHRM 2012 Preparing for your Role Read, and understand, the requirements necessary to be a panel member as described in the panel member position description. Meet the requirements and will abide by all expectations to the best of your ability. Will support the mutual exchange of ideas in a spirit of collective cooperation, keeping the charter of the panel in mind at all times. Understand that panel work is confidential and that products created are the exclusive property of SHRM.

5 ©SHRM 2012 Preparing for your Role Submit: Brief bio (one paragraph) Complete panel expertise matrix Sign acknowledgement form Submission due date: January 31, 2012.

6 ©SHRM 2012 Staying Connected Meet 4 – 6 times per year virtually Meet in-person at SHRM Annual Conference Through Social Media – SHRMConnect > Discussions > Posting resources Respond to SHRM media requests 6

7 ©SHRM 2012 Participation Requirements Actively contribute to your respective Panel > Discussion during meetings > Respond to SHRM information requests > Participate in Trends Report (every other year – 2013 is next one) Lead or be involved in development of: > Webinar > Speakers Bureau speech IF Panel determines need for such activity Submit a Member Participation Report on a quarterly basis Attend 75% of panel meetings 7

8 ©SHRM 2012 Time Commitment Varies from panel to panel One face-to-face meeting at SHRM Annual Conference Four to six virtual meetings (conference calls/webinars) Requests from SHRM staff > Media requests Deliverables as determined by panel Actively participate in respective SHRM Connect group > Post discussion questions, > Respond to discussion questions > Post resources, etc. of interest to panel members

9 ©SHRM 2012 Term Panel members may serve up to two years on their respective panel provided participation requirements are met. > Serve a one (1) year term from January 1 through December 31. > The term may be extended for one (1) year if participation requirements have been achieved. Panel co-lead tenure is the same as noted above.

10 ©SHRM 2012 Panel Member Benefits Opportunity to meet with SHRM Staff Opportunity to meet with peers Discount to attend AC + additional discount if you bring your staff Invitation to Volunteer Leader Reception at Annual Conference Invitation to the SHRM Partners Reception at Annual Conference One free non-AC conference registration annually following their full year of participation and provided they meet participation standards Profile / article in SHRM online Letter from SHRM CEO thanking them for engagement Recertification credit Name listed in article in the Annual Conference, Conference Daily Magazine Co-Lead invited to Leadership Conference to participate in Special Expertise Panel Leadership Training with Staff Lead in November annually 10

11 ©SHRM 2012 Panel Leadership Ethics Staff Lead: Elizabeth Bille, Associate General Counsel Co-Lead; Joyce LeMay Content Liaison: Nancy Davis, Editor, HR Magazine Global Staff Lead: Howard Wallack, GPHR, Director, International Programs Co-Lead: Tom OConnor, Esq., GPHR Content Liaison: Nancy Lockwood, SPHR, GPHR, Manager, HR Content Program Labor Relations Staff Lead: Mike Aitken, Vice President, Government Affairs Co-Lead: TBD Content Liaisons/Support: Kathleen Coulombe, Allen Smith, J.D. Workplace Law Editor

12 ©SHRM 2012 Panel Leadership Technology & HR Management Staff Lead: Chad Houghton, Director, E-Media & Advertising Business Development Co-Lead: TBD Content Liaison: Aliah Wright-Warren, Online Editor/Manager Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Staff Lead: Shirley Davis, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion Co-Lead: Celeste Bethell-Purdie, SPHR Content Liaison and Support: Eric Peterson, Director, Diversity & Inclusion Rebecca Hastings, SPHR, Online Editor/Manager

13 ©SHRM 2012 Panel Leadership HR Disciplines Staff Lead: Susan Bergman, Director, Knowledge Center Co-Lead: Dave Twitchell Content Liaisons: Joanne Deschenaux, Senior Legal Editor (Health/Safety/Security) Naomi Cossack, SPHR, Manager, Online Content (Employee Relations) Theresa Minton-Eversole, Online Editor/Manager (OD) Anne St. Martin, Manager, Express Operations (Talent Mngt) Steve Miller, Online Editor/Manager (Compensation & Benefits)

14 ©SHRM 2012 Next Steps Watch for requests via email for your bio, picture, acknowledgement and panel expertise matrix If you havent already heard from your panel staff leader regarding meetings for the year, the information will be coming soon. Social Media training via webinar in February How to effectively leverage SHRM Connect

15 ©SHRM 2012 THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO, FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN SHRM, AND YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE HR PROFESSION! Laurie McIntosh, SPHR, Director, Member Engagement Robert LaGow, Manager, Volunteer Relations

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