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Advanced Vacuum Insulation Systems THERMO-VAC LTD.

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1 Advanced Vacuum Insulation Systems THERMO-VAC LTD.

2 Thermo-Vac Ltd. is developing a novel, multi-purpose, thermal insulation system, based on advanced Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP). OUR BREAKTHROUGH

3 Insulation A Vast Global Market Land transport Sea transport Housing and Construction Industry refrigeration

4 Thermal insulation goals Long-Life High Insulation performance Low Production Costs Optimal weight/space ratio

5 CURRENT INSULATION METHODS The majority of thermal applications used today are made of an internal and external wall, with the thermal material in the middle. The thermal material Generally consists of: Foam Material – Polyurethane, etong Fiber Glass Rock Wool External Wall Insulation Material Internal Wall

6 Current Vacuum Insulation Methods Over the past few years, a tremendous amount of resources have been invested in developing vacuum insulation panels. Advantage: 10 times more insulation per unit. Disadvantages: Does not have long-life insulation. Expensive Expensive Manufacturers: Panasonic, Bayer, Wacker

7 Thermo-Vacs Novel Vacuum Insulation Panels Thermo-Vac Ltd has developed an innovative vacuum panel with the following key advantages: 1. Long-life insulation 2. The lowest market price 3. high insulation capability Vacuum Thermo-Vac

8 Structure of Current Vacuum Insulation Panels Filler Aluminum (Panasonic) Metalized (Wacker) Major Disadvantage: Thermal Shortage that Results in Loss of Insulation

9 Structure of Thermo-Vacs Vacuum Insulation Panels Thick aluminum – completely insulated Superior sealing material Metalized – Expensive material 4% of the entire coating Filler

10 Thermo-vacs Structural Advantages Can use inexpensive filler without sacrificing quality Long-life Elimination of all thermal shortages

11 Thickness/Price Ratio How Thermo-Vac Compares Polyurethane R value=126 Wacker Thermo-Vac Panel Thickness 480 mm 56 mm 40mm Production cost per sq. meter $72$80$11

12 Insulation Capability How Thermo-Vac Compares (Panel Thickness 40mm)

13 Thermo-Vac Sales Predictions Global Insulation Panel Market: $15 billion Product Production Cost per Sq.m. in $ Sale Price per sq.m. in $ SalesProfit Investment needed Plastic Sheet 0.62 $1.8 million 15% of the market $1.26 million Marketing $100K – final R&D Bags1.74 $2.4 million 20% of the market $1.38 million $0.5 – 1 million Panels1130 Current price = 50 $4.5 million 5% of the market $2.85 million ------- Global Vacuum Insulation Panel Market: $150 million - 3 million sq.m.

14 Market Growth as a Result of Thermo- Vacs Market Penetration 0.6% of the global insulation panel market Product Production Cost per Sq.m. in $ Sale Price per sq.m. in $ SalesProfit Investment needed Panels1130 Current price 50 $90 million 50% of the market $57 million

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