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BEYOND CLICK THIS Blackboard Integration into Teaching/Learning A Panel Discussion.

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1 BEYOND CLICK THIS Blackboard Integration into Teaching/Learning A Panel Discussion

2 The Panel Karen Adsit, Ed.D., Director, Walker Teaching Resource Center, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN Tracy Chapman, M.Ed., Interim Director of Information Technology and Learning Resources, School of Pharmacy and Allied Health, Creighton University, Omaha, NE Ellen Nathan, M.Ed., Instructional Technology Coordinator, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN Dean Shaffer, M.S., Director, Instructional Technology, DeSales University, Center Valley, PA

3 Institutions

4 Key Points Overview of Institutions How we got started (initial implementation/integration) Training (faculty & students) Influence on teaching Changing responsibilities Lessons Learned

5 Blackboard Web-based course management system Easy to use, non-html, venue for creating and maintaining course materials on-line Incorporates theories of Distance Learning Total On-line courses as well as on-line resources for classes. Tools: post documents, send e-mails, discussion boards, chats, calendars, tests, grade book Gentle learning curve for users (teachers and students)

6 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Public, comprehensive university (masters and some post masters programs) Located in Chattanooga, TN 8,485 students –7, 105 undergraduates –1,380 graduate & professional students

7 Campus Resources Information Technology Division –Systems and Networks (administrative & academic systems, networking & systems) –Technology Support Services (Help Desk, Student Labs, Media Resources) Center of Excellence for Computer Applications (CECA) Walker Teaching Resource Center –Blackboard –Faculty Development –New Faculty Orientation –Faculty Computer Lab

8 Creighton University Private, Jesuit, Comprehensive University (9 undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools) Located in Omaha, NE (population 700,000) Approx. 6,300 students (3,700 undergraduates) 622 full time faculty

9 Technology Resources Campus Information Technology –Administrative computing –Client Support Services –Help Desk –Operations –Student labs Office for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Campus Media Services SPAHP IT support –Office of Information Technology and Learning Resources

10 Butler University Private residential Liberal Arts University in Indianapolis, Indiana 4,100 students –3,573 undergraduates –691 graduates 257 full time faculty/69 part time faculty

11 Information Resources Administrative Computing (PeopleSoft) Network and Systems Academic Computing –Instructional Technology –Student Labs –User Services Help Desk Technical Team –Media Services Web Services Telecommunications

12 DeSales University Private, four-year liberal arts university affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church Located in Center Valley, Pennsylvania 2,730 students –1,266 undergraduates –1,464 graduate and evening students

13 Technology Resources Administrative Computing (Datatel) –Telecommunications Academic Computing –Network and Systems –Student Labs Instructional Technology –Blackboard –Distance learning –Videoconferencing services –Electronically enhanced classrooms

14 Systems and Stats How does it work? Infrastructure

15 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Software Version: 5.5 - Build 139 –License Type: License Level 1 - MS SQL*Server –Server OSWindows 2000. System Stats: –501 Courses –11,175 users –4,388 students –Instructors: 238 –Average hits per day: 8,969

16 Creighton University Software Version: 5.5 build 139 –License Type: Level 1 – MS SQL Server –Server OS – Windows 2000 Systems Stats: –332 courses –All students have Bb accounts

17 Butler University Software Version: 5.5.1 –License Type: License Level 3 - –2 Solaris servers (Data & Application) Oracle 8.17.12 –PeopleSoft version 7.6 System Stats: –7,924 Courses (all University courses/semester) –11,175 users (faculty, staff, and registered students) –10,423 students –Instructors: 730 –Average hits per day: 9,280

18 DeSales University Software Version: 5.5.1 –License Type: License Level 1 – Linux Redhat 6 server System Stats: –399 Courses –1,370 users (faculty, staff, and registered students) –1,208 students –Instructors: 147 –Average hits per day: 4,026

19 Getting Started Initial Implementation and Integration

20 Blackboard at UTC Before Summer 2001: Web Course in a Box (3 years) Summer 2001: 6 selected faculty tested Blackboard Fall 2001: –Full implementation and faculty training instituted Spring 2001: Moved to a larger server to accommodate load Faculty create courses; users are added through an upload available to faculty from the student information system

21 Blackboard at CU WebCT (spring 97-present) Blackboard - Fall 2000 Space allocations per course suggested, but not enforced at this time Faculty request course creation via online form, students enrolled in courses by Campus IT

22 Blackboard at Butler Univ. Summer 2000: 15 selected faculty on CourseInfo 4.0 Fall 2000: –248 courses represented –170 Faculty –2,868 Students enrolled –Manual creation of courses and enrollment Spring 2001: at capacity with 85% faculty Fall 2001: Bb 5.0, all campus integration –$120,000.00 cost (license, hardware, consults) –Automated course creation and enrollment by Peoplesoft extracts into Blackboard

23 Blackboard at DeSales U. Before winter 2001 – handful using FirstClass and Serf Winter 2001: 5 MBA faculty on Blackboard 5.0 Fall 2001: –113 courses represented –68 Faculty & 656 Students –Manual creation of courses and enrollment Currently up to 399 courses –Still manually creating courses, but students self- enroll –See the need to integrate into administrative system

24 Training Faculty and Students

25 Blackboard at UTC 2.5 hour faculty workshops throughout the year Bb Advanced Users Groups meetings once/month BB4Students developed (web page, pdf file) Blackboard Online course on Bb for faculty and administrative personnel Small group, one-on-one instruction Common ID (user name) for students for all UTC systems

26 Blackboard at CU Initial full day training from Bb for 15 faculty Day long seminars by Media Services and OITLR One-to-one tutorials SPAHP students introduction to Bb sites during orientation (online and on campus students) SPAHP – course developers guide to encourage standardization in use of navigation buttons

27 Blackboard at Butler Univ. 2 day overview faculty training during the year Blackboard course for faculty ½ hr. Student Training sessions beginning of each semester and during Early Registration Currently: Student Training is self-tutorial multimedia program on desktops in labs Development: Self-tutorials on web for both faculty and student training

28 Blackboard at DeSales U. Faculty workshops throughout the year Special evening/weekend programs for adjunct faculty Bb Guide for New Users – for both students and faculty Online Course Development Guide for instructors to get started Lots of one-on-one instruction for faculty Email or letter to students before course starts (if totally online course)

29 Influencing Teaching Pedagogical Modifications

30 Blackboard at UTC Encourage faculty to begin small Faculty seminars on teaching styles –Encouraging and managing discussion (F2F and online) –Online teaching and learning –Web-based graphics, video –Augments traditional classroom material--few totally online classes

31 Blackboard at CU Faculty seminars –Building in interactivity –Building learning communities –Use for just-in-time teaching model –Course design for online teaching –Integration of multimedia –Managing online courses

32 Blackboard at Butler Univ. Extension of courses beyond the walls –As Residential University, reflects Mission qualification that learning happens in the community Preparation for computerized exams: –certification licensure –graduate/professional schools Skill set mastery for job market

33 Blackboard at DeSales U. Faculty workshops –Student Interactivity –Online teaching and learning –Online course development –Web-based graphics and video Augmenting traditional classroom material Anxious to try video, graphics, links

34 Increased Job Responsibilities Help! Our jobs [roles] have changed!

35 Blackboard at UTC Blackboard System Administrator ITD supports server and network, student down/uploads Balancing Blackboard responsibilities with instructional design, faculty development, administrative responsibilities First weeks and last week of class are 85% Bb related

36 Blackboard at CU Blackboard systems administrator also manages WebCT Campus IT Help desk supports students and faculty with access issues Media Services supports faculty with course development OITLR supports SPAHP faculty with course development, uploading students into courses so students are able to use NetID for all courses OILTR supports SPAHP students with access questions

37 Blackboard at Butler Univ. Now wearing Blackboard System Administrator hat Share work with another IT person 50 – 75% time on Blackboard related work –More 3 weeks prior/2 weeks after semester begins Balancing Blackboard responsibilities with Instructional Designer responsibilities

38 Blackboard at DeSales U. Also wearing Blackboard System Administrator hat Have IT support for server and database problems Balancing Blackboard responsibilities with Instructional Design, Faculty Development, Distance Learning, and Electronic Classroom responsibilities

39 Lessons Learned If we were to do it over again…

40 Questions and Answers

41 The Panel Karen Adsit: Tracy Chapman: Ellen Nathan: Dean Shaffer:

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