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Agriculture and Nature Panel (Agriculture) Nick Hutchings.

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1 Agriculture and Nature Panel (Agriculture) Nick Hutchings

2 Merge 10 01 and 10 02 Chapter 10 01 (Cultures with Fertilizers) Chapter 10 02 (Cultures without Fertilizers) Harmonise with IPCC –N 2 O missions from managed soils.

3 Chapter 10 30 Stubble burning – NH 3 and PM Extent of practice unknown Harmonize with IPCC Review needed –Lack expertise in panel

4 Chapter 10 05 Manure Management Regarding Organic Compounds CH 4 = IPCC NMVOCs still a problem –Consider as part of Guidebook update

5 Chapter 10 06 Pesticides and Limestone –Harmonize with IPCC –No other changes

6 Chapter 10 09 Manure management regarding nitrogen compounds Revised version ready (old format) –Includes harmonisation with IPCC Incorporate in Guidebook update.

7 Chapter 10 xx Particle matter emissions from plant production Still under construction – complete as part of Guidebook revision A conference Particulate Matter - PM - in and from Agriculture Braunschweig, September 3 and 4, 2007

8 Biogas On-farm biogas systems –CH 4 = IPCC –Need to consider NH 3 emission from digestate in 10 09 Off-farm biogas?

9 Guidebook revision Initial meeting with contractors Draft chapter on Manure management regarding N compounds received Comments from co-chairs will be sent this week.

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