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Serving on the Supergrade Panel

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1 Serving on the Supergrade Panel
ARS Research Position Evaluation System (4/10)

2 Mission The ARS Supergrade Panel reviews referred GS-15 positions to determine if they meet criteria for classification as Supergrade (ST) If so, panel recommends Upgrade (UPG) and HRD submits case to the Department Can only recommend because no agency has final classification authority above GS-15

3 How do positions get to the Supergrade Panel?
Most were referred by “regular” panels (scored 56 or more points) Some were previously scored at 54 points by a Supergrade Panel and are due under the 5-year cycle A few were scored at 54 points by a “regular” panel and referred by an Area Director A few may be AD-approved reevaluations of prior Supergrade Panel review decisions

4 How Supergrade Panels operate
AA-ROM designates the Chair IDR assignments are recommended by RPE Staff and confirmed by Chair Scientists prepare case writeup and ARS-229 Standard IDR procedures apply, except… a minimum of 10 (rather than 5) contacts must be made contacts must include the AD (if he/she is not the immediate supervisor) and NPL(s)

5 Evaluation approach Focus is exclusively on Factor 4
Does position meet all four Factor 4, Level F criteria? If not, is it strong enough in three criteria to overcome weakness in the fourth? ARS-229 is a key document is making the determination Supergrade Panels never score for ST based solely on Factors 1-3

6 Factor 4/Level F criteria
Has received honors and awards from major national organizations for accomplishments; Is sought as an advisor and consultant on scientific and technological programs and problems which extend well beyond own field; Serves as a recruiting attraction for recent graduates or visiting scientists; and, Personal competence is likely to be a major consideration in agency sponsorship of programs in their field.

7 Grading table 1 Level Point Values Factor Levels E F 1 10 12 2 3 4 20

8 Grading table 2 Point Conversion Points Outcome 46-54 GS-15 56-60 ST

9 Effect of Supergrade decisions
Total Points Effect 56 or more Case submitted to Department for approval 54 Case returns to mandatory (5-year) schedule; next review is by Supergrade (not regular) panel * 52 or below Case returns to mandatory schedule; next review is by regular panel * AD authorized to approve early review by Supergrade Panel

10 Information resources
Guidance distributed with case materials Evaluation Methodology Extract (Factor 4, Levels E and F) Panelist Instructions - ARS Form 229 Key Points Sample Completed ARS-516 Sample Summary Statements RPES web site Merle Cole, Head, RPE Staff ( )

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