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Matthew Ayre (project manager) Hyan Choi (lead consultant) Solar Panel Team.

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1 Matthew Ayre (project manager) Hyan Choi (lead consultant) Solar Panel Team

2 Why?? In order to save electricuty (bills) Reduce effect of business on the environment Prove that the technology for such a venture exists

3 Concept Overview

4 Solar Panel Feasibility There must be enough power to allow the network of PCs to function correctly This will be made possible by the other energy source and the low power usage PCs The installation and after must not cause serious harm to anyone

5 Schedule

6 Side view This diagram show how we had planned to attach the panel It shows the rails Bolts And subsequently where we had to drill holes

7 Test Results Time 6:30 AM Sunset (7:00 AM) 9:00 AM 11:00 AM Noon (12:00 PM) 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM Sun down (5:30 PM) 7:00 PM Output Weather Condition: Sunny Table 1 Solar panel output result

8 How the implementation went

9 Project ame:Renewable Energy System Prepared by:Matthew Ayre Date :21 May 08 Control o. (from CR Log): 114548 PROJECT CHANGE REQUEST FORM 1. Requestor Information Area of Change: Scope[][] Schedu le [ ] Budget[][] Quality[ X ] Is this Change the result of a Risk Management Action? o[ X ] Yes[ ]RiskID:RiskID: Proposed Change Description and References: Description:The U shaped brackets being used to mount the frame to the rails on the roof, four are required of the 40mm variety. Currently we have 2x40mm and 2x50m U shaped bracket. Justification:Spending a small amount of money will ensure there are no injuries created by the solar panel falling as well as that the panel is positioned at a good angle to maximize energy output. Impact of Not implementing Proposed Change: If this is not done it may impact the strength and tightness of the mounts fit to the rail and either cause serious injury from falling or reduce energy output because of the angle it faces. Alternatives:Use the given four brackets of different sizes and hope for the best. This is NOT advised mainly for safety reasons.

10 2. Initial Review Results of the Change Request Initial Review Date: 21 May 08 Assigned to: Hyun ActionComments Approve for Impact Analysis [ ] Reject[ ] Defer Until[ ] Express Approval[ X ]This is defiantly a good change and safe as well I will approve immediately 3. Initial Impact Analysis Baselines Affected:More power generated as a result Configuration Items Affected (e.g. product specifications): N/A Cost / Schedule Impact Analysis Required? (check one) Yes [ X ]o [ ] Impact on Cost:$19.90 Impact on Schedule:1 week (due to waiting for part to arrive) Impact on Resources:Efficiency (increased output of solar panel) Risk associated with implementing the change: N/A Risk associated with not implementing the change: Panel falling and injuring someone or breakage of panel itself Final Review Results:Safety and energy output increased – positive change Review Date:28 May 08 Priority:High [ ]Medium [ X ]Low [ ] 5. Final Recommendation Allow requested change 6. Project Change Request Form / Signatures Project ame:Renewable Energy System Project Manager:Matt I have reviewed the information contained in this Project Change Request Form and agree: ameTitleSignatureDate (MM/DD/YYYY) Matthew AyreProject Manager28 May 08 Hyun CHOIConsultant28 May 08

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