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LLC Induction The Quiz Start How many LLCs does Southport College have? 3410 Question 1.

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2 LLC Induction The Quiz Start

3 How many LLCs does Southport College have? 3410 Question 1

4 Correct! Next Question Southport College has 3 LLCs – LLC1, LLC2 and LLC3 Full details of each LLC are on our website

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7 Question 2 What do you need to join your LLC? A sense of humour A used fiver Your College ID badge

8 Correct! Next Question You should take your College ID badge with you to join the LLC You will also need your card to borrow any items from the LLC as well as to use the College printing and photocopying facilities

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11 Which of the following will LLC staff not be able to help you with? Evaluating web resources Choosing the winning Euromillions numbers for next week Accessing e-journals Question 3

12 Correct! Next Question Sadly we cant predict the lottery numbers…. However we can help you find information, evaluate material, access eBooks and eJournals, advise you on your references and much, much more!

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15 Question 4 Which of these resources are not held in the LLC? Colour Printers Hair Straighteners Laptops

16 Correct! Next Question Whilst were sure hair straighteners would be a popular addition to the LLCs, sadly this isnt something we stock! However we do have a wide variety of resources to help you with your study at College so please come along and see what we have….

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19 Who will help you to complete your 4u2 Matters module? Your Facilitator The IT Helpdesk Justin Bieber Question 5

20 Correct! Next Question Your facilitator will be on hand to help you complete the 4u2 Matters Module Facilitators are based in the LLCs and can also be contacted via email

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23 A standard loan item is lent out for…. 3 days 3 weeks 3 months Question 6

24 Correct! Next Question All Standard Loan items are issued for 3 weeks at a time The items can then be renewed twice if no other borrower has requested them

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27 If you return a DVD to your LLC and its 2 days late what happens? Lightning strikes and the ground opens up You get banned from College for 3 months You get fined 50p per day Question 7

28 Correct! Next Question We charge fines of 50p per day for all week loan items, including DVDs No lightening strikes …….. !

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31 The LLCs are open on Saturdays ….. True False Question 8

32 Correct! Next Question We are open Monday to Friday Please see our website for full details of our opening times

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34 Which of these activities can you not do in the LLCs? Read an e-book Scan an image Ride a bike Question 9

35 Correct! Next Question Unfortunately all budding Tour de France champions and their bikes will be politely asked to leave…. However there are many things you can do in the LLC Please check our website for details

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38 What can you consume in the LLCs? Bottled Water A Pot Noodle A Cup of Coffee Question 10

39 Correct! Finish Only bottles of water can be taken into the LLCs Remember, The Oasis and The Bistro are available for you to eat and drink in. Pot Noodles may not be on the menu however…….

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42 You have completed Part 1 of the LLC Induction Congratulations!

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