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LycoCTC Drafting & Design Technology

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1 LycoCTC Drafting & Design Technology

2 Career Objectives Architecture Mechanical Drafting Civil Engineering

3 Text Books

4 Computer Programs Architecture- AutoCAD, VIZ, Revit,&AutoDesk Architectural Desktop Mechanical Drafting- AutoCAD, AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD Mechanical, Inventor Professional, & VIZ Civil Engineering- AutoDesk Civil 3D, & Civil 3D as AutoCAD

5 CAD Text Books

6 Architecture Architecture-The design and drawing of residential and commercial buildings In architecture you also estimate the cost of residential and commercial buildings

7 Architecture Drawing Examples

8 AutoCAD

9 Mechanical Drafting Mechanical Drafting - The designing and creation of mechanical devices In the beginning: basic board drawings, read scales, AutoCAD, hand lettering, etc…

10 Mechanical Drafting cont…
Parametric solid molding using Inventor:

11 Inventor Inventor is used for creating parametric solid models.
Start out using an IPT file. Draw a sketch of the part you want to build. Then constrain and add dimensions to the part. Finish sketch and give thickness to the part.

12 Step 1 For Inventor First you draw a sketch

13 Step 2 Add dimensions and constrain the sketch

14 Last Step Give the sketch thickness

15 Inventor Example

16 Other Examples

17 What Its Like In Drafting & Design Technology you work at your own pace You will discover which type of drafting career interests you

18 Third Year Options When you join this class you gain competencies required to become a successful draftsperson After two years you have four choices Stay in the classroom and gain more knowledge You can go on Co-op to see first hand what it is like in the real world and even get paid! Attend Pennsylvania College of Technology and earn credits for college Or earn college credits in the LycoCTC classroom

19 What We Have 3D Modeler HP Plotter
Allows you to create solid models made on Inventor Program HP Plotter Prints large format drawings

Any Questions? me at

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