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Research in the Library November 2013 POLC 1000 Library Workshop.

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1 Research in the Library November 2013 POLC 1000 Library Workshop

2 Outline Overview - Library resources Research process & Peer Review Google vs. Databases Locating known items [Search Challenge] Research friendly topics Developing keywords [Search Challenge] Evaluating sources & Recording/ Documenting your research [Activity]

3 Library Resources Start at the library website: Use the new website (link at top of page) Check your research guide – Tipsheets & Tutorials tab for annotated bibliography info

4 Library Resources Library UserID - Pin is the last 4 digits of bar code. Must activate account at the front desk of the library. Off campus

5 START FINISH I found the statistics I need. I found an article that explains the history. I found a website that covers the legal issues. My sources are documented. I can find these again. This report almost wrote itself. My team is a great resource. How we think research should go… The Research Process

6 START FINISH? I need basic legal information. Where do I start? I need to find stats to use in a presentation. Where do I go? Ive been online all weekend! My team members are all on other projects. Every website I find is useless. I cant FIND anything ! Found something. How research usually goes…

7 The Research Process Define information need Identify potential resources Plan and execute the search EvaluateDocument Research skills are transferrable!

8 Whats Peer Review? [The peer review process from author to editor to reviewers to editor to author]. Retrieved Feb. 8, 2012, from:

9 Databases & Google Why not Google? GOOG LE Google Georgian Library Government Information (, stats etc) Professional Associations Educational/ Institutional info Images Company Information Blogs Journals / articles News e-Books Books & DVDs Peer reviewed / credible resources Free for your use

10 Databases & Google The Library has access!

11 Locating Known items Search Challenge Using any tool you like, locate the full-text document for as many of the resources on the list as you can Record the location of the full-text item, the format of the item, and any necessary access considerations

12 Locating Known items Discussion Which resources were the most difficult to find? What was your basic search strategy? What access barriers did you encounter? How could the skill of locating known items help you during the research process?

13 Take a break 10 minutes

14 What makes a topic researchable? Able to find sufficient relevant information… Able to create a paper addressing the topic intelligently… … within a reasonable period of time Broaden or narrow topics to make them researchable Research friendly topics

15 Frame your topic as a question & select the main concepts Imagine your topic as the title of a book / article – how would the perfect title read? Avoid relational terms – causes, effects, why Consider spelling variations – behaviour, labour, etc. Topics Keywords

16 Terminology differences Source: Artz, J.B. (2013). Drunk driving terminology by state. Retrieved from Map courtesy of MapBox: see the interactive map here: DUIDWI OMVI OVIOUI Drunk driving terminology by U.S. state

17 Terminology differences Terminology can change over time… domestic abuse wife beating intimate partner violence spousal abuse gender violence husband battering wife abuse family violence relationship violence

18 Keywords & Connectors A search statement is made up of keywords + connectors OR Combine synonyms Any of the terms can appear in your results or means more AND Combine two or more terms All of the terms must appear in your results Provides fewer results that are more focused Impaired driving youthCanada Drunk driving Impaired driving Results with either word

19 Keywords & Connectors health police officer Keywords Alternate Keywords shift work stress working hours police recruits OR AND Topic: implications of of shift work on the health of police officers

20 Search Challenge Topic: Post-traumatic stress in police officers Develop relevant keywords Then locate the full text/ location of: 1. A book, 2. A peer-reviewed article, 3. A news article

21 Search Challenge Discussion What keywords did you use? For the book? For the article? For the news article? What are the main differences to consider when searching for a book and an article on the same topic?

22 Evaluating Results C R A P Current enough? Website up to date? Links working? urrency eliability uthority urpose/P.O.V. Based on research? References? Type of source? Credentials of author? Reputation of publisher? Contact information? Fact? Fiction? Opinion? Other? Authors purpose? Intended audience?

23 Evaluating Results CRAPCRAP Activity: Useto evaluate the resources provided.

24 Evaluating Results Your assessment?? worn-camera worn-camera ving-the-night-shift ving-the-night-shift ditorial-editorial-police-guild-shouldnt-use/ ditorial-editorial-police-guild-shouldnt-use/ 62/ah-yeah-sure-i-know-its-a-free-country-you 62/ah-yeah-sure-i-know-its-a-free-country-you

25 Citing Sources Why Cite? Locate your sources again Identify and credit ideas Avoid plagiarism Use the discovery layer tools to: Save, print or email the results you find Generate a basic citation Remember to check against your Cites & Sources – these are basic citations and may not be correct according to Cites & Sources

26 Citing Sources Check against Cites & Sources! APA rules dictate that the article title be in sentence caps: Neighborhood context and police use of force. EBSCO EDS Citation Format Sept 11, 2013 EBSCO EDS Result List Sept 11, 2013

27 See Customer service e-Readers too!

28 Need Help? Just ask! Chat live, call us, come by, or send e-mail New this fall: text the library for help! (705) 980-0030 Mon-Thurs: 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-5pm

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