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Women Enterpreuneurs in Rural Tourism Pilot plan for Estonia.

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1 Women Enterpreuneurs in Rural Tourism Pilot plan for Estonia

2 Pilot approach (1) How you recruited a representative sample of the target groups e.g. using needs analysis responses, PR From the analysis of the Estonian training needs it can be concluded that 39 of them already had started their own business and 5 of them are planning to start. The target group for training will be women from rural tourism who are active as entrepreneurs at least for a year.

3 Pilot approach (1) The selection will be based on following conditions: answered questions and desire to participate in the training beginner level knowledge about MS Word and Excel ( Eestis pakutakse kutseõppeasutustes tasuta arvutialaseid koolitusi eri tasemetele ) motivation to finish the training with finished business or marketing plan prepared in the computer plan to build up the new business or marketing plan ready to co-operate and give feedback and explain their answers

4 Pilot approach (1) PR We have the e-mails and phone numbers of people who answered the questions and we can send them letters or invitations for presentation It is planned to invite all the people from rural tourism entrepreneurs who answered, to the Life Long Learning Week (takes place for 14 th time, from October 7 th till October 14 th ) on October 13 th. Information for homepage: and Through LEADER action groups – Estonia has 26 groups

5 PR Enterprise Estonia homepage November 9 th – Rural tourism meeting December 16 th – Pärnu Partnerluskogu meeting Article in press Pilot approach (1)

6 Pilot approach (2) How you worked with social partners and networks There is very good internet access all over the Estonia, including countryside. Main communication with social partners take place over the internet using e-mails. It is possible to organize gatherings also in the meetings of networks. For example November 11 th the rural tourism meeting; December 16 th Pärnu Partnerluskogu meeting

7 Pilot approach (3) How you decided on the most appropriate method of course delivery to meet target group needs e.g workshops,use of printed or online course materials Our experience shows that most of the students of Estonian continuing educations want direct lessons, including workshops and fieldtrips to gain experiences. It is possible to use Moodle environment to access educational material

8 Pilot approach (3) Moodle environment if very well-known and used in vocational training There are a lot of e-training courses, but students mostly prefer direct face to face communication. In rural tourism business respondents prefer more direct lessons, workshops and field trips.

9 Pilot approach (4) How you will plan the sessions to meet the needs of the group using the Pilot Guidelines/quality checklist The target group is planned to be from the active rural tourism entrepreneurs and study sessions consider their individual as well as group training needs. We consider the learning style of each student using appropriate tasks, different activities such as group work to exchange experiences, tests, study tours, searches from databases, make them visit homepages of other tourism entrepreneurs and also participate in social networks.

10 Pilot approach (4) We can find out the expectations of students and trainers from feedback surveys (what was very good topic, what is less important, suggestions for organizing trainings). We encourage participants to join online discussion forum on the We motivate training participants to answer the feedback surveys correctly.

11 Pilot approach (5) Any specific requirements for Estonia Eestis on kutseõppeasutustel võimalik pakkuda tasuta koolitusi erinevatele sihtrühmadele ja tasmetele arvuti oskuste täiendamiseks, ettevõtluse alustamiseks ja arendamiseks, erialaseks keeleõppeks jne. Kursusi finantseerivad Euroopa Sotsiaalfond ja Haridus- ja Teadusministeerium (HTM) ESF programmist Täiskasvanute tööalane koolitus ja arendustegevused Meil on edaspidi võimalus tellida HTM-st tasuta koolitus algajatele või edasjõudnutele maaturismiettevõtjatele sama programmi alusel. 13.06.2014Esitluse pealkiri11

12 Thank you for your cooperation! The Parnu County Vocational Centre NGO Estonian Rural Tourism Organisation 22.09.2011 Iisalmi

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