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DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 1 STARMAP YEAR 4 N. Scott Urquhart STARMAP Director Department of Statistics Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 80523-1877.

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1 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 1 STARMAP YEAR 4 N. Scott Urquhart STARMAP Director Department of Statistics Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 80523-1877

2 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 2 STARMAP FUNDING Space-Time Aquatic Resources Modeling and Analysis Program The work reported here today and tomorrow was developed under the STAR Research Assistance Agreement CR-829095 awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to Colorado State University. These presentations have not been formally reviewed by EPA. The views expressed here are solely those of presenters and STARMAP, the Program they represent. EPA does not endorse any products or commercial services mentioned in these presentations. This research is funded by U.S.EPA – Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Program Cooperative Agreement # CR - 829095

3 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 3 TODAYS COMMENTS ABOUT STARMAP Background Comments Research Outputs Publications/presentations Training – future generations of environmental statisticians Extension/Outreach/Cooperation Meetings Learning Materials Recruiting Plans for the year ahead Research Meetings Data

4 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 4 PROGRESS SINCE LAST YEAR: STARMAP RESEARCH - A FOCUS EPA released the report, Response of Surface Water Chemistry to the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (EPA/620/R-02/004) Was submitted to Congress in January, 2003 Statistical techniques available for it were severely limited in several dimensions Good illustration of tools we need to develop Used as presentation illustration STARMAP investigators are using The context for model assumptions Data on which this report was based

5 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 5 PROGRESS SINCE LAST YEAR: STARMAP RESEARCH – Project 1 Combining/analyzing environmental data Bayesian Methods Extension of contingency table methods for aquatic data Devin Johnson and Jennifer Hoeting; papers submitted and in progress Habitat selection models to account for seasonal persistence in radio telemetry data. Megan Dailey and Alix Gitelman: Paper to appear in EES; several talks; Dailey won runner-up for best student presentation at WNAR Book on Computational Statistics by Givens and Hoeting; short courses Spatial statistics Selection and estimation for spatial models (see talk by Hoeting) Andrew Merton, PhD student: theoretical and applied aspects of model selection for spatial models (Hoeting and Davis, advisors) Devin Johnson, reversible jump MCMC for spatial model selection (papers & talks) Kathi Georgitis, PhD student: estimation for spatial models, (working with Gitelman and Hoeting) Megan Dailey (PhD student) and Julia Smith (MS student): models and methods for EPA EMAP data from WA and OR. (Hoeting, advisor) Designing to estimate semivariograms – Kerry Ritter & Molly Leecaster How much spatial correlation in aquatic responses? – See poster by Josh French

6 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 6 PROGRESS SINCE LAST YEAR: STARMAP RESEARCH – Project 2 Local Estimation/Survey Methods Jointly funded by STARMAP and DAMARS Methods to improve survey summaries using auxiliary information From design-based to model-based Major collaboration with Jean Opsomer, Iowa State U Giovanna Ranalli = post doc, completed, back in Italy, but here Progress on procedures for smoothing data from estuaries »Cooperative with AED and New Hampshire DES Two cooperating fellows from Taiwan Nan-Jung Hsu and Hsin-Cheng Huang Jay Breidt will expand on this during his talk Mark Delorey and Bill Coar will give talks on their parts.

7 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 7 PROGRESS SINCE LAST YEAR: STARMAP RESEARCH – Project 3 Indicator Development GIS work & support is funded here GIS tools relevant to statistical analysis of aquatic systems have been tested, used, and are web-available: FLoWS SUBSTANTIAL PROGRESS in GRTS-type sampling Manuscript submitted; ESRI is interested in including this in version 9.3 Substantial cooperation with the Oregon Plan and Western Ecology Division Erin Peterson, completed her PhD and left for a post-doctoral position in aquatic modeling in Queensland, Australia Andrew Merton will give a closely related talk Cooperation: Landscape Ecology & Stat & Maryland DNR Dave Theobald (PI) commented further yesterday & here

8 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 8 PROGRESS SINCE LAST YEAR: STARMAP RESEARCH – Project 4 Extension/Outreach Urquhart (PI) Ill return to this as next to the last major topic Only opportunity to talk about outreach here

9 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 9 TRAINING - RESULTS Governing RAF states … cadre of graduates would be developed who would have the expertise and experience in survey design and analysis needed to fill a gap in the expertise required to successfully monitor the condition of the Nations aquatic resources. Students & early career professionals Students Completed: 3 PhD + 6 Masters Active: 6 PhD + 2 MS Early-career professionals - 7

10 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 10 OUTPUTS Relevant statistical research in the form of Publications – for statisticians & others Worked examples in the Case studies part of the learning materials Reversed Randomized Quadrant-Recursive Raster (RRQRR) Slight variant of GRTS implemented in ARCGIS FLoWS software – see poster Very usable and relevant set of tools Prediction of probability of perennialness of stream traces Hope to be able to add to sampling procedure by end of Program

11 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 11 OUTPUTS in YEAR 4 PUBLICATIONS 20 professional publications – in print or accepted Including a book 20 in various stages of submission and review 15+ manuscripts in various stages of development Presentations 51 completed 2 more by end of year 4 (Sept 30, 2005) To a variety of audiences, domestic and international 27 venues Statistically oriented - 14 Other kinds of audiences - 13

12 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 12 OUTPUTS in YEAR 4 continued STUDENT PROGRESS PhDs One in geoscience completed; one completed in stat at ISU Six others Three Stat in nearing completion (CSU) Two in mid-program (1@CSU), & (1@OSU) One Stat starting (CSU) Masters One completed this year @ CSU Two more in progress

13 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 13 MEETINGS Graybill Conference (2004) – success Proceedings will be published in two issues of Environmental and Ecological Statistics Friendly outlet for young environmental statisticians Professional meetings of statisticians: Western North America Region – Biometric Society & Institute of Mathematical Statistics - Fairbanks Joint Statistical Meetings - Minneapolis STARMAP personnel organized sessions and gave presentations at both of these and other meetings Investigators are already planning for next years involvement

14 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 14 MEETINGS - OUTREACH User communities National Park Service – Theobald and others; multiple times ESRI (ArcGIS firm) Theobald EPA: Eastern Ecology Division – Ranalli EPA: Western Ecology Division – Stevens, Theobald and Urquhart EPA – Ecology Review – Urquhart International – Stevens Australia Pacific Basin Salmon Oregon Project – Stevens & Theobald Maryland Stream Symposium – Urquhart Making statisticians aware of unique features of aquatic systems Many contexts and all investigators – international to local

15 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 15 RECRUITING Post-doctoral fellows Actively recruiting one right now Director will continue to be active in recruiting Students for the CSU statistics graduate program In high school advanced placement statistics We need undergraduate majors in relevant areas to recruit for future graduate students Urquhart visited AP classes in high schools last year

16 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 16 LEARNING MATERIALS Jointly funded by STARMAP & DAMARS Browser based (web access NOT needed) To be delivered via CD ROM Substantial opportunities for individualization Perspective Senior administrator to Implementer to Researcher Landscape setting We have moved to implementation as pdf files linked to video and sound

17 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 17 CONTENT OF LEARNING MATERIALS PROGRESS Why Monitor? - Draft completed and tested Where to Monitor? Draft completed and tested What to monitor = Indicators Nothing started on this yet How to Monitor? (= Field Operations) Major progress – Stacey Hancock gave a talk on this yesterday – She has combined: EPA Field Operations Manuals Training videotaped in May 2004 And PowerPoint presentations from training Another student (MS) is working on a different level of this

18 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 18 CONTENT OF LEARNING MATERIALS PROGRESS (continued) … How to summarize. Student has done some started on this Case studies Several current efforts will be turned into these Distribution of completed materials Preliminary discussions with the Council of State Governments have been very encouraging.

19 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 19 PLANS FOR THE YEAR AHEAD Project 1 - continue present work Expand work on selection of spatial models Modeling aquatic data from EMAP-type OR & WA Explore wetlands data relative to plot size Project 2 – continue developments Emphasize small area (local) estimation Expand work on uncertainty related to spatial LASSO Project 3 - complete GRTS sampling in GIS Expand information and scope of FLoWS Major cooperation with DAMARS on Oregon Plan analyses Outreach – continue development of cooperation Case studies – nsus time from meetings & editorial things Continue implementation & testing At any suitable venue

20 DAMARS/STARMAP 9/8/05# 20 ACCUMULATING AQUATIC SPATIAL DATA How much spatial correlation really is present in aquatic responses, after accounting for habitat features? Urquhart has been seeking data sets to look at this: Streams in Virginia – too few points to see much pattern Ohio River – about 400 points – Josh French used for MS report Estuaries – one in northeast = Great Bay, NH - Ranalli Near coastal – San Diego Project – Ritter & Urquhart Wetlands – Cooperative with Minnesota DNR – nsu See Josh Frenchs poster related to this Includes bibliography New data: San Diego near-shore; Maryland Need time to finish work on these; includes map accuracy

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