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Investing in Growing Oil and Gas and Midstream Energy Companies

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1 Investing in Growing Oil and Gas and Midstream Energy Companies
Presentation to the IPAA Private Capital Conference January 19, 2006 Investing in Growing Oil and Gas and Midstream Energy Companies

2 GasRock Capital LLC Development drilling projects and midstream gas
“Mezzanine” debt with royalty or other participation Start-ups to large companies Engineering risk rather than exploration $5 to $50 million +

3 Focus Knowledge Investment Focus
Oil and gas development drilling projects and acquisitions Typically at least a small amount of PDP reserves to start Substantial PDNP and PUD development opportunity Some types of exploitation (Probable) may be acceptable Very low risk PUD development projects may not require initial PDP Midstream gas Gathering, processing, pipelines Other toll based business Focus Knowledge

4 Targeted Risk Profile Target Investments

5 What We Want Usually some PDP Development project risk
Initial collateral value comparable to first advance Exceptions for some projects like coal seam gas Development project risk Significant PUD drilling opportunity; not exploration Also mid-stream gas assets Total return: more than bank debt, less than equity Coupon usually 9% to 11% Royalty in adequate size to reach target return, based on risk Some owner / sponsor investment Needs to be significant to the individuals, not to the project Lien on the assets Typically first lien; will accept second lien in larger deals

6 What You Get Early stage capital Fast growth Non-recourse Control
No fixed minimum equity investment Focused on quality project, not long track record Fast growth Substantial development capital Much larger and faster advance than bank Non-recourse Debt and liens in project company only Other assets/projects unencumbered Control Generally no sale of equity (e.g. majority) No board seats or control of acquisitions or divestitures Nearly all of the upside GasRock usually keeps ORRI only After debt paid, nearly all cash flow reverts to sponsor

7 Typical Investment Structure
First lien debt Coupon ORRI Advances Repayment Pay off any other debt with proceeds Lien on all assets in the project Usually 9-11% Floating rate with fixed minimum rate Current pay; will consider funding early coupons if needed Royalty sized as required to meet target return Sizing based on project economic model May begin immediately or after loan repaid Based primarily on PDP value May equal or exceed PV10 Typically sponsor pays for leases, seismic Proceeds applied to approved development plan “Sweep” of cash flow to pay interest and principal Typically 80%-90% Structured to accommodate overhead 3 to 4 year maturity Early repayment allowed; no penalty

8 Benefits of Project / Mezzanine Finance
“Project financing allows companies to grow rapidly without giving up a big share of their economics or control of their future.” Accelerated Funding Often two to three times bank advance Faster increase as wells come on Much faster project growth Reasonable Cost Higher than bank debt; lower than equity Applies only to specific project assets Prepay at any time Retained Control No sale of a share of ownership No board seat No control over sale of company, IPO, etc. + +

9 Choose Experience and Knowledge
Our four transaction leaders average 24 years of experience Engineering knowledge results in speedy evaluations Greater surety of closing, without change in terms Appreciation of potential results in Aggressive terms Patience for results Experience helps in crafting unique structures tailored to specific needs

10 Choose People You Can Trust
Project financing is relatively hands-on Pick someone you can live with Shared perspective from history working on behalf of operators Reasonable and balanced approach Reputation for persistence and creativity

11 How We Are Different Ability to start small (under $5 million)
Yet can grow large ($50+ million) Long on energy deal experience Creative, responsive, and quick

12 Portfolio Company First GasRock Deal Closed in 28 days
Initial funding about one-third Balance for development Workovers Recompletions Drilling

13 Case Study: Mythos, Inc. Owns a largely undeveloped field Type Well:
Net reserves: 572 MMCF Cost to drill: $650k R/P ratio: 8.5 Life: 25+ years IRR: 35% ROI: 4.5 Payout: 2.5 years

14 Case Study: Mythos, Inc. Some PDP Undeveloped acreage
3 wells drilled so far PV10: $4.4 million Production: 400 MCFD Undeveloped acreage 72 locations 42+ BCFE net reserve potential $47 million, two-year drilling program Project Economics Field level IRR: 37% develop and hold 76% develop and sell Sale price: $87.4 million in 30 months

15 Mythos: Options for Growth
Bank debt Industry joint venture Private equity Mezzanine

16 Mythos: Bank Debt 7% interest rate Advance equals 60% of PDP
Semi-annual borrowing base re-determination Slower drilling

17 Mythos: Industry Partner
One eighth carry through all 72 wells Carried on all CAPEX (“to the tanks”) No constraint on pace of drilling Partner IRR is 31%

18 Mythos: Private Equity
Raise $20 million of institutional equity Plus a little bank debt Mythos contributes PDP for 14% of equity PDP valuation at $8000 per mcfe/d of production; $2.34/mcf Mythos can ‘claw-back’ to 34% of equity Assumed sale after 30 months Results in equity investor IRR 50%; ROI 3.4

19 Mythos: Mezzanine $47 million facility 10% coupon 5% ORRI
2% advance fee 90% sweep of field profit Mezzanine earns 18.5% IRR ROI is 1.5 over 4.5 years without sale 23% IRR with sale in 2.5 years

20 Case Study: Results to Management

21 Case Study: Sharing the Profit
Management retains a larger share of the profit with mezzanine financing as compared to alternatives.

22 Management Profit versus Gas Price

23 Management Profit versus Production Results

24 Summary Accelerate funding and development
Avoid dilution of equity ownership Maintain control Capture a larger share; finish strong!

25 Contacts Houston Frank M. Weisser 713-425-7052 Scott W. Johnson
Scott W. Johnson David R. Taylor Marshall Lynn Bass 1 Houston Center 1221 McKinney Suite 3180 Houston, TX Fax

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