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Inheriting from Worlds Leading Technology Introduction of Lovol new factory May, 2011 Tianjin Lovol Engines Co., Ltd.

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1 Inheriting from Worlds Leading Technology Introduction of Lovol new factory May, 2011 Tianjin Lovol Engines Co., Ltd.

2 Content I. General Information I. General Information II. Profile of the first stage project II. Profile of the first stage project III. Introduction of the advanced production technology and equipments III. Introduction of the advanced production technology and equipments IV. Our scheme for technology and R&D IV. Our scheme for technology and R&D V. Application and performance V. Application and performance VI. Products introduction VI. Products introduction

3 I. General information 1. Background To meet stricter requirements for emission and consumption, develop more new products and increase marketing capacity, satisfy Chinas new requirements and standards for vehicle engines function, energy consumption and emission, Our company planed and prepared to establish a brand new factory in the year of Site of factory Lovol new factory is located in Tianjin Beichen Science and Technology Industrial Park, which is close to the outer-ring road, Jingji and Jingjintang freeway. It is about 20 kilometers far from Tianjin South Railway Station (for goods transportation), 40 kilometers far from Tianjin sea port which is one of the biggest in North of China, 16 kilometers from Tianjin International Airport, and 110 kilometers from Beijing.

4 I. General information 3. Investment The total construction of the new factory is scheduled to be finished in three stages with total investment of 400 million US Dollars. The total investment of the first stage which has been finished is 120 million US Dollars. 4. Area Lovol new factory covers an area of 320,123 including three complex workshops, R&D center, office building, physical-chemical measuring building, public station, sewage disposal station, dormitory and so on. It will be constructed by three stages with total building area of 148,804. The first stage project covers an area of 46,000.

5 The construction project of the first stage was begun in 2008 and has been finished by the end of 2010, total building area is including complex workshops and other auxiliary public facilities. office area (4000 ) cylinder block line (11300, sets by three shifts) assembly line (4600, sets by two shifts) testing line (3800, sets by two shifts ) painting line (1400, sets by two shifts ) finishing line (600, sets by two shifts ) production material distribution area (3200, sets by two shifts ) finished-products storage (3100 ) II. Profile of the first stage project

6 Processing techniques and production system of the lines in our new factory were designed and built by taking domestically and globally advanced lines such as Cummins lines as the benchmark. 1 Machining workshop The cylinder block line was totally invested 33million US Dollars. It occupies an area of 11300, it can produce totally 6 different models of cylinder block of B,D series. The annual production capacity is 100,000 units by three shifts with totally 40 equipments. III. Introduction of the advanced production technology and equipments The cylinder block line is composed by special automatic production line and processing center. Such key parts as cylinder bore, crankshaft bore etc. are processed by first level equipments that were imported from American and European countries, such as MAG (U.S.A), NAGEL (Germany). Processing center for Semi-finished machining was imported from MAZAK (Japan). All the main processing sections are equipped with automatic measuring tools and SPC analysis to track and monitor the processing quality.

7 Machining workshop pictures

8 No.Equipment NameEquipment supplierUsage 1 Finish machining equipment (import) MAG,USA Machining of cylinder hole and crankshaft hole 2Honing machineNAGEL, GermanyMachining of cylinder wall 3 Computerized Numerical Control Machine MAZAK, JapanTurning, milling machining center 4 Final washing machine Shanghai ABB Engineering co., ltd China Cleaning the parts 5 Finish machining equipment (Home- made) Changchun aikesailuo company,China Machining of tappet hole Annex equipments supplier list III. Introduction of the advanced production technology and equipments

9 2. Assembly workshop The assembly workshop is invested 120 million RMB in total, occupies an area of 10400, includes four production lines --- assembly, test, painting and finishing, has annual production capacity of 100 thousand units, can produce Lovol B/D and 1000/1100 series in addition to 3, 4 and 6 cylinders diesel engines at the same time, Assembly line is approximately 280 meters long, occupies an area of 4600, including 121 working stations totally. The assembly line widely adopted automatic and semi-automatic equipments, such as camshaft press- assembly machine, oil sump surface rubberizing robot, valve pat machine, automatic turning machine for cylinder block, crankshaft clearance measurement, piston projecting measurement and crankshaft turning moment measurement etc. III. Introduction of the advanced production technology and equipments

10 Assembly workshop pictures

11 Technical characteristics of assembly line Excellent flexibility, can assemble 3,4 and 6-cylinder engines at the same time. High automation Strong quality control by processing totally covered by information system III. Introduction of the advanced production technology and equipments

12 Total area of testing line is 3800, totally 24 sets testing platforms. Such 22 engine parameters as engine speed, torque, power, fuel consumption rate, fuel temperature, oil temperature, intake and exhaust temperature, inter-cooled pressure and so on will be tested by the line. Technology characteristic of engine testing line: AVL smoke meter and high-precision fuel gauge. RGV transmission, to achieve automated docking in desk frame, engine and tray. Full range coverage of information system. III. Introduction of the advanced production technology and equipments

13 Annex : Equipments supplier list S. NO.Production lineEquipment supplier 1Production lineDalian Haosen 2Engine testing lineQidong Liantong 3Coating and subsequent assembly lineShandong Gangzhijie 4Equipment of assembly line alteration and storage lineDalian Haosen 5Equipment of testing line for adjusting planQidong Liantong 6Equipment of coating and subsequent assembly line for adjusting plan Shandong Gangzhijie III. Introduction of the advanced production technology and equipments

14 Lovol technical center is the key project for the second-period construction. It has 11 sectors and 1 testing center, with a R&D team about 350 people. Technical center will build up 60 testing plants, be of complete environmental testing room, noise elimination room, parts testing measure room, engine testing plant, assembly testing plant, even road testing ground and testing process center, to meet National Standard requirements from process to testing. By the cooperation with domestic and world famous research organizations such as AVL, BOSCH, SWRI (American Southwest Academe), RICARD, Tianjin University and Tianjin Industrial University, Lovol will be capable of R&D plants of numeric design, simulation analysis, combustion emission development, NVH development and reliability & endurance testing, meanwhile the production plants will cover diesel, gasoline and substitute fuel engines. IV. Our scheme for technology and R&D

15 Truck Engineer Truck Intercity Bus City Bus Agricultural Equipment Generator Set Construction Machinery Mining Machinery Marine Auxiliary Marine Main Engine IV. Application and performance

16 Medium heavy duty truck

17 Engineer truck

18 Light duty truck

19 City/Intercity bus

20 Agricultural equipment (Tractor)

21 Agricultural equipment (Harvester)

22 Generator set …

23 Construction machinery (Loader)

24 Construction machinery (Excavator)

25 Construction machinery Else

26 Mining machinery

27 Lovol engines teams won the first and second place in the first race of 2008 Chinese Truck Race Lovol Engines awarded The Most Reliable Engine title in Le Mans Light Truck Endurance Race Excellent Performance

28 Lovol Phaser 100T engine powered aircraft tractor which made by Qingdao special vehicle factory,it was designated as dedicate engine by Chinese Military. Auman medium duty trucks powered by Lovol 6B210 engine were selected to be military specified products.

29 Generator set powered by Lovol engines serviced for Bird's Nest during 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, to make sure the safety of entry. New look of Binhai float with Lovol engine presented at military parade of China 60th anniversary

30 Lovol Generator Engines Stably Running hours in Saudi Arabia. Lovol Generator Engines Stably Running hours in Saudi Arabia.

31 Lovol engines withstand -40 cold climate in Russia. Sales volume was 3000 units in the first marketing year, and has reached units totally. Lovol engines well run under desert climate such as high temperature and dry weather condition in Iran.

32 2. Introduction of generating engines with in-line pump Parameter for in-line pump engine No.Item1003G1003TG1004G1004TG1006TG1A1006TG2A1006TAG 1 Continuous Power KW/r/min 28/150044/150040/ /150084/150092/ / /180050/180044/ /180097/ / / Standby Power KW/r/min 30.8/150048/150044/ /150093/ / / /180055/180048/ / / / /1800 3Governing Rate Mechanical Governor5% Electronic Governor1% GAC Governor 1% No.Item1003G1A1003TG1A1004TG1A1006TG3A1006TAG1A1106C-P6TAG 1 Continuous Power KW/r/min 26/150038/150052/150086/ / / /180042/180058/ / / / Standby Power KW/r/min 28.6/150042/150057/ / / / /180046/180064/ / / /1800 3Governing Rate GAC Governor1% Remark Model Code1106C-P6TAG, letterC represent Stage 2 emission, letterP represent in-line pump VI. Introduction of engines for generator set and water pump

33 Large density of power Low fuel consumption Good appearance High Price/performance ratio Good cold start performancecan be well started at -10 without pre-heater, -25 through the flame pre-heat cold start aid, and with -40 start solution. Reliability Except the fuel system, the structure and parameter is almost same as Perkins 1000 series engines. Characteristics and advantages (in-line pump products) :

34 Parameter for STANADYNE pump engine No. Item1003G1003TG 1003C- 3TAG1A 1003C- 3TAG2A 1004G1004TG 1004C- 4TAG1A 1004C- 4TAG2A 1006TG 1A 1006TG 2A 1006TAG 1 Con.Power kW/r/min 28/150044/150042/150046/150040/ / /150074/150084/150092/ / /180050/ / / / / / Sta.Power kW/r/min 30.8/150048/150046/150050/150044/ /150074/150081/150093/ / / /180055/ / / / / / Fuel Cons. g/(kW·h) Governing Rate Mechanical Governor5% GAC Governor 1% 5EmissionStage I Stage II Stage I Stage II Stage I 3. Introduction of power generation STANADYNE rotary pump Remark:Model Code1003C-3TAG, letterC represent Stage 2 emission.

35 Low fuel consumption Good appearance Large density of power Good cold start performanceThe engine can be easily started at -25 with aid of flame preheating device. Low noise and vibration level Good reliability and stability High Price/performance ratio Wide maintenance service STANADYNEs worldwide service system supports the engines service. Absolutely inherited the advanced technology and classic appearance design of Perkins 1000 series engines for generating sets. Characteristics and advantages (STANADYNE pump products):

36 Parameters of common rail engines ( Tier3,1800r/min No.Model1004D-E4TAG1006D-E6TAG 1 Continuous power kW/1500rpm Standby power kW/1500rpm Continuous power kW/1800rpm Standby power kW/1800rpm Governing rate Electronic Governor1% 4. Introduction of power generation Common Rail products : Remark:Model Code1004D-E4TAG, letterD represent Stage IIIA /Tier 3 emission level,LetterErepresent Electronic Control High Pressure Common Rail route. Euro Stage IIIAEPA Tier3

37 High quality electricity Ultra-low fuel consumptionAdopting world advanced high pressure common rail and four-valve technology route the fuel consumption is 5% lower than those engines with in-line fuel pump. Good cold start performanceThe engine can be smoothly started up at -35 with aid of grid-type electric preheating device. Moreover, it has measurements for start-up at -40. Little vibration and low noise Good stability & ReliabilityAdopting world advanced four-valve technology and Bosch electronic control fuel supply system, the engines function becomes more stably and reliably. Wide maintenance service BOSCHs worldwide service system supports the engines service. Low emission The engines emission can meet Euro Stage IIIA and EPA Tier 3 legislations of developed countries. Characteristics and advantages (Common Rail products):

38 Engine model1004NG1006NG1006-G6TAG FuelPipeline Natural Gas Induction SystemNaturally AspiratedTurbocharged Governing Rate< 3% 1% Rated Power 1500r/min30kW40kW82kW 1800r/min35kW45kW95kW Standby Power 1500r/min33kW42kW90kW 1800r/min38kW47kW105kW Exhaust Temperature (Before/After Turbo) Pipeline Natural Gas Engine for Generator Sets 5. Introduction of power generation (Natural Gas Engine) Remark The letter N in the engine model1004NGmeansfuel type is natural gas (first stage emission standard). The letter G (first letter) in the engine model1006-G6TAGmeansfuel type is natural gas (second stage emission standard and above).

39 Low requests to the gas pressure, mainly using the pipeline natural gas and the low pressure natural gas High environmental adaptability. Fuel economyIn Nature gas-rich area, the use cost is much lower than that of diesel generating set. The improvement of fuel economy is obvious. Small vibration, low noiseSofter combustion, lower vibration noise. The engine speed can be switched between 1500rpm and 1800rpm freely by the calibration software. The key parts and components are all purchased from world famous suppliers, such as, the electronic throttle controller and mixer of Woodward company (USA brand), ignition plug of NGK company (Japan brand), electronic ignition system of Jiangsu Huidong company (Delphi technology). Characteristics and advantages (Natural Gas Engine ):

40 6. Introduction of power generation Marine Auxiliary Diesel Engine In order to enlarge the product range, we exploit Marine Auxiliary Diesel Engine with mechanical pump + electronically controlled technology, the power range is from 40kW to 110kW. Our marine engines meet China Classification society CCS certificate, and has batch quantity for sales Remark Model1004GM,LetterM represent Marine. China Classification society CCS certificate Model1004GM1004TGM1006TGM1006TWGM InductionNaturalTurbocharged Turbocharged and inter-cooled Rated power 1500r/min 40kW60kW90kW110kW Governor & governing rateElectronic governor1%

41 seawater as the cooling medium of heat exchange system. Fan and radiator are replaced by seawater pump and heat exchanger, and adapt marine environment. Double fuel pipe structure for the fuel route system, while add fuel route alarm device, to assure if rust, leak or broken happen in and out of high pressure fuel route, fuel wont spurt and the device will alarm timely. High protection and safety. External rotary and high temperature parts are shielded. Double-line design for all electric component. External parts have rust prevention for working on the sea against corrosive and wet air, and add shield to prevent electric component against fog corrosion. Characteristics and advantages Marine Auxiliary Diesel Engine :

42 Performance parameter of water pump engine No.Item1003-3TZ1004-4Z1004-4TZ1006-6TZ1006-6TAZ 1 Continuous power kW/r/min -40/ /150092/ / /180044/ / / / /220075/220092/ /2200 2Fuel consumption g/(kW·h) Governor & governing rateMechanical governor10% 7. Introduction of water pump Remark: Model Code1003-3TZ,letterZrepresentOther model, here refer in particular to Engines for water pump s.

43 Components of engines have high performance. According to the demands of customer, we can offer various configuration. To meet controlling demand, we can provide engines with control box, and offer clutch with belt wheel as well, drive many kinds of devices. Low governing rate and stable flow rate. Characteristics and advantages (Water pump Engine ):

44 8. World famous supplier Tappet Turbocharger Common rail technology and injection BYC fuel pump/ Hengyang fuel pump/ Piston ring Liner/ piston/ cylinder head gasket Rotary fuel pump Fuel filter on common rail engines Solenoid FilterValve Motor joint Turbocharger on EU II Generator engine


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