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LIMN Introduction R Jermyn July 2009.

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1 LIMN Introduction R Jermyn July 2009

2 LIMN installs as a menu bar in Excel
LIMN:Wizards Used to develop a process model for a LIMN flowsheet. LIMN:CreateNewIcon Used to create customized unit icons using the Excel draw toolbar. LIMN:Solve Used to solve a process model for a LIMN flowsheet LIMN:Draw Used to draw flowsheets.

3 In LIMN Draw mode. One gets back to Excel by clicking on the button.
Unit icons are added. Process streams are added. Unit labels are added. Stream labels are added.

4 After drawing the flowsheet return to Excel and run LIMN:Wizards.
Select the desired wizard most suited for the process model. Good for crushing and screening simulations. Good for density separation simulations. Good for multiple mineral simulations. Other very useful LIMN related functions.

5 The step by step methodology
Gives a generic introduction and explanation of the selected wizard. One can change the name of the vertical property to be simulated. One can change the number of size fractions to be simulated. The wizard has finished running, click Finish. The name of each stream is listed. The order can be changed. The name of each unit operation is listed. The order can be changed. The step by step methodology when running a wizard. The required model for each of the unit operations is selected.

6 Specify the configuration and composition of the feed stream.
Specify the parameters for each the models selected for each of the unit operations. Add Datablocks to track specific values for each process stream.

7 Run the scenarios. Specify the variables to be tracked for each scenario. Specify the variables to be changed for each scenario.

8 One can specify what information to display for each stream
One can specify what information to display for each stream. The stream name is also displayed. Each stream has a number which corresponds with the table. The PFD version of LIMN One can add company logos, titles etc.

9 Benefits of LIMN: LIMN is a Microsoft Excel based software package. If one can use Excel then one can learn to use LIMN in 2 days by attending one of the beginners courses. All inputs and outputs are from Excel spreadsheets so users are able to use the full suite of Excel functions in LIMN models. LIMN is a very simple yet very powerful flowsheeting package. Users can develop their own unit icons and customize the appearance of flowsheets quickly and easily. LIMN flowsheets can be converted into JPG images in Excel and pasted into Word or PowerPoint. The use of flowsheets gives a visual representation of a problem and solution. LIMN is very competitive on cost and is a once off purchase cost, there are no annual fees. LIMN has a very powerful and easy to use scenarios functionality built into it. The use of scenarios is very powerful for trouble shooting, option analysis, de-bottlenecking, sensitivity analysis and model calibration. The LIMN wizards are easy to use and follow a step by step procedure to develop a process model. Each of the wizards has a library of unit operation models to chose from, all based on those regarded as best practice within the mineral processing community. The easy to follow structure of the LIMN Wizards enable users to understand and trouble shoot simulations conducted by other people, thus making the sharing and retention of intellectual capital easier for companies. Users are able to clone and develop their own models or wizards thus making LIMN more specific to their individual needs and requirements. Specific LIMN Wizards can be built for specific commodities and applications by David Wiseman and myself.

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