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1 1 Enviro Title Slide Relational Management of Site Environmental Data Display and Analysis of Site Environmental Data Use the Page Down key to advance the slide show, and Page Up to go back Press Back in your browser to exit

2 2 This slideshow presents the Enviro Data and Enviro Spase programs These are the leading open-source products for management and mapping of your environmental data They are widely accepted across the United States and around the world Both programs have a comprehensive set of useful features, yet are easy to learn and use And all this comes at a price you can afford Introduction

3 3 The Enviro Software is widely accepted across the United States and around the world Worldwide Acceptance USEPA - Used on hundreds of CERCLA (Superfund) and RCRA projects US Army Corps of Engineers - Widespread project use of software US Air Force Center for Envir. Excellence - Widespread project use US Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation - Major river project State of California - Software used for emergency response State of Ohio - Enviro software used on major brownfields projects Oklahoma Water Resource Board - Used on major regional aquifer study New York City Dept. of Envir. Protection - Water supply data mgt. and display BP (Global 500 #4) - Water quality data for natural gas production ConocoPhillips (Global 500 # 10) - Refinery remediation data Marathon Oil (Fortune 500 #23) - 20 year client - produced water quality International environmental and construction company - global SW implementation International environmental company, client for 9 years, global SW implementation 4th largest US environmental company - Enviro users for 10 years, multiple offices Newmont Gold - worlds largest gold producer - client for over 15 years

4 4 Founded in 1986, worldwide clientele Products and services for the earth sciences Recognized experts in environmental data management (we wrote the book) Focus on customer satisfaction Strong industry relationships Woman-owned small business

5 5 Your situation... Youre drowning in field and laboratory data for your projects Lab deliverables may be incomplete and contain errors Finding data and generating reports and maps is starting to bury you You need to present an accurate picture of the situation at your site

6 6 The solution … Geotech will help you better manage your project data from start to finish with software that is easy to learn and use This will let you: Reduce your expenses Improve product quality Gain a competitive advantage Increase your revenue

7 Heres a high level view of the two products Start by planning your sample events Take your samples and enter field data Import the lab, field, and other data Manage data quality as appropriate Select the data for display Then generate your desired output Export data in various formats Then display your data in GIS Finish your projects in less time And improve quality through less data handling

8 8 Introduction Have all your data at your fingertips… Graphs Maps Tree Views Reports And much more … all with just a few mouse clicks!

9 9 Now we'll see how Enviro Data makes it easy to: Plan your sample events Import data from labs and the field Perform validation if required View your data in the database Generate reports, graphs, and maps Over 40 standard reports Customize these reports for project needs Create your own queries and reports Provide data to other applications Export common industry formats Or connect directly to the data Save time and money on your projects!

10 10 Intuitive menus guide you through using the program

11 11 Sample Events First, create a sampling plan Then create events from that plan

12 12 Planning the sample event The software generates the samples and prints the chain of custody

13 13 Enter your data in the field, then import it into the database

14 14 Import Wizard Wizards make complex tasks easy

15 15 Import Wizard Import your data quickly, easily overcoming common problems, while maximizing quality Here the user is finding and fixing inconsistent data

16 16 Validation Manage the quality of your data - Including optional CLP-based data validation

17 Select Data Next, select the data you want to display

18 Display Options Tell Enviro Data how you want your results formatted - You wont believe the power and flexibility of this feature!

19 Reports Then generate your output - Enviro Data has many formats to choose from, or you can create your own for specific project needs

20 Reports This report shows comparison to four regulatory limits at once

21 Reports This one shows a simple lithology log There are many more useful output options - all just a few mouse clicks away

22 eData for the Web You can also display your data on the Web

23 eData for the Web

24 24 Supplying data for other applications You can use Enviro Data as a data source for other software programs This can be done by exporting data to a file, or by connecting directly to your data Well look at some displays created by other programs using data from Enviro Data

25 25 Export Example - Surfer Add some perspective for better insight into spatial relationships This stereo pair was created with Surfer using data from Enviro Data

26 26 Export Example - Voxler This 3-D view was created with Voxler using data from Enviro Data

27 27 Data Connection Example - ArcGIS Note non-detect exceedence Using ArcGIS to display data from Enviro Data

28 28 Enviro Spase Works with the popular ArcGIS software from ESRI Easily create sophisticated technical displays of your environmental data Use data from Enviro Data or other sources Work directly from the database, or from saved files Create informative graphics with just a few mouse clicks

29 29 Enviro Spase Callouts Crosstab Callouts Stiff Diagrams Stick Logs Graphs Radar Plots

30 30 Enviro Spase Post Station Symbols Station Callouts There are also several utility wizards: Erase Graphics Convert Graphics to Layer Area of Object Maximize the return on your investment in sampling and analysis

31 31 Why improve your data management and display? The Problem: Inefficient data management … Adversely impacts project outcome Increases costs Delivers poor quality results Causes loss of revenue Reduces competitive advantage Hard on employee morale Why its important: Bad data management and display can … Cause projects to fail Consultants to lose credibility Or even lose clients Inaccurate data or poor presentation can result in negative health impacts How to solve it: Enviro Data and Enviro Spase will help you … Effectively manage and present data Save time and money Generate more accurate and understandable results Be more efficient and increase your revenue through better data management

32 32 Decrease overhead - One client was able to save $12,000 per year on just one project by moving the data management tasks to a much less expensive clerical person. Lower operating cost - Another client used data management to get their regulator to approve less-frequent sampling intervals for about two of their wells per year, resulting in a savings of $9,000 each year, cumulative from year to year. Increase efficiency – For one client, the time to process an electronic deliverable decreased from an average of 30 minutes to 5 minutes, resulting in an annual savings of $5,000 per year on each project. Increase revenue - A consulting company client was able to use their Enviro Data software and expertise to land a $300,000 data management task from one of their clients. Benefits of better data management

33 33 Return on Investment for a Typical Project

34 34 Geotech - Some of our clients Environmental/Engineering - Weston Solutions, Shaw Environmental, URS, AECOM, ARCADIS, ERM, Stantec, TRC, Delta Environmental, GZA GeoEnvironmental, S&W Redevelopment, Jones Edmunds & Assoc., TestAmerica, Pace Laboratories, ECC, Shield Environmental, Allied Environmental, Hull Environmental Mining/Petroleum - BP Americas, Marathon Oil Co., ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, TRONOX Corp., Williams/Transco, Newmont Gold, Eureka Molybdenum Agriculture - Canadian Forest Products, Vineyard Investigations, TerraSpase Government - California Dept. of Health, Ohio EPA, Lake County (FL), Miami Dade County (FL), New York City Dept. of Envir. Prot., Pima County (AZ), U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Trinity River Authority, Rio Grand Water, Oklahoma Water Resources Board, City of Pomona (CA) Native American - Jicarilla Apache Nation, Pueblo of Laguna, Santa Clara Pueblo, Iowa Nation

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