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8,March,2011. CISI Program Qualification Navigator Exam Specification Payment procedures.

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1 8,March,2011

2 CISI Program Qualification Navigator Exam Specification Payment procedures

3 The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment is the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the securities and investment industry in the UK and in a growing number of major financial centers round the world. This program is targeting all brokerage companies personnel. Brokers, financial analyst, consultants, portfolios and investment funds managers as well as the front and back offices of brokerage companies. In this particular stage, We would prefer to have 2 candidates from each company. They should have strong English language and professional experience.



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10 Registration fee : 15 OMR (£ 25) Examination fee is about 70 OMR for the Foundational level (paid again in the case of resetting for exam). Examination fee is about 120 OMR for the Professional level (paid again in the case of resetting for exam). Reserving seat in the CBFS: 30 OMR per exam. Training fees will vary depending on the provided courses. Programs Language & Examinations: For basic-level exams and materials will be available in Arabic, while, the advanced level will be in English.

11 Registration Guideline/instructions : Candidate should make sure about the following points: 1.Fill up the appropriate registration form (can be downloaded from the MSM website- download/other). 2. Send it to; the candidate will receive a confirmation email specifying the paper name, examination date and time and study materials. 3. Make payment to CISI as per details required to be filled up on the registration form. 4. The examination Centre is Rustaq Lab, Ground Floor, College of Banking & Financial studies at Bausher Heights (Opp. Modern College, before Oman Medical College). 5. Please be present at the examination venue at least 10 minutes before the start time 6. Carry a copy of valid Photo ID card/resident card to the examination centre for identification purposes. This is a very important requirement for being allowed to appear for the examinations 7. Do not carry any baggage, calculator or mobile phone to the Exam Centre. (On-line Calculator will appear on the CISI examination screens) 8. Sit for the exam at the scheduled time. 9. The screen will show the provisional result after you finish the examination and submit the answers. 10.If you do not pass the exam: you can re-register, but only 60 days after the previous exam 11. If you pass, CISI will send you soft copy of the Certificate by email. 12 You will receive hard copy of the certificate directly by post only upon specific request to CISI.


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