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Laser Assisted Forming

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1 Laser Assisted Forming
Dieter Schuöcker Alexander Kratky, Department of Nonconventional Processing, Forming and Laser Technology Vienna University of Technology / Austria (European Union)

2 Content Introduction Bending Wire Drawing Deep Drawing Outlook

3 Introduction source : Doege/Meyer-NolkemperSaeed Fließkurvenatlas metallischer Werkstoffe

4 Bending avoiding cracks and rupture reduce springback effect
increase angle of bend reduce bend radius Springback: the amount by wich a workpiece reverts towards ist original shape after removal of the forming load.

5 Wire Drawing

6 Deep Drawing drawability depth of draw finish drawing
influence material flow

7 Deep Drawing Tool diameter punch 48mm
isolating layer on blankholder and die

8 Deep Drawing Dilas flat temperature profile limited temperature

9 Deep Drawing Fiber

10 Deep Drawing Fiber

11 Deep Drawing Laser Finger

12 Deep Drawing Laser Finger

13 Outlook Bending: suitable for industrial use
Wire drawing: finishing the experimental setup Deep Drawing: lubricants, testing different materials, tailored blanks, diodes into the tool

14 Laser Assisted Forming

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