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RunOurCity October 2013. RunOurCity - Sharpening teenagers body & mind - Engaging community through street running - Promote positive marathon spirits.

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1 RunOurCity October 2013

2 RunOurCity - Sharpening teenagers body & mind - Engaging community through street running - Promote positive marathon spirits We Are an NGO Focus On Note: RunOurCity Foundation is currently in application of Ltd by guarantee and section 88 charity status

3 RunOurCity Founded by Experienced Social Entrepreneurs & Runners Completed Trailwalker Completed 250km self supported Gobi March Completed 3 marathons in Tokyo, Brighton, & San Francisco Completed >10 times Trailwalker Completed 250km self supported Gobi March Completed >15 marathons worldwide Completed Sundown 100Km in Singapore Completed >10 times Trailwalker Completed 250km self supported Gobi March Completed ~10 Hong Kong marathon First HK resident to finish North Pole marathon Completed Sundown 100Km in Singapore Currently Operating partner of Bain Capital Asia; Previously MD of Global sourcing & supply chain of Esquel Group. 1 of 3 Founders of 30s Group; founding Director & Honorary advisor of SVHK MBA Harvard University Currently executive in the Regal Hotel Group; Previously General Sales Manager of San Miguel; ~20 years in advertising, sales & marketing Founding member of SVHK Doctoral candidate of HKPU; MBA University of Adelaide; Currently Founder and CEO of SVHK; Previously Head of strategy of a listed conglomerate Honorary fellow of City University 2013; Young Global leader of World Economic Forum 2012; Top 10 outstanding young person HK 2011 Running experienceProfessional profile Leong Cheung Leong Cheung Andes Leung Francis Ngai 3

4 RunOurCity What Are We Running For? Through street running……. Build physique -alignment -power -stamina Strengthen self confidence Focus will & mind …..We promote the marathon spirit Positive attitude Can-do spirit Community connectivity 4 Street running is easy, fun & cool

5 RunOurCity Two Prong Approach School Program 8 weeks to train teenagers Volunteers from corporate, university and alumni to broaden students social network All costs covered Pilot started with 8 teenagers in Holland Hostel, Kwun Tong on Sept 30 Community 10km marathon A goal for school programs Engage community with volunteers, audiences & fun seekers Raise fund & awareness for community NGO Raise awareness for the Districts 5 To build positive momentum in the society!

6 RunOurCity The 8 Weeks School Program intensity Time Week 1Week 8 Body & Mind Training Fun & community connectivity Know each other games Basic stretching to avoid injury No elitism, but to learn, enjoy and eventually sustain running as part of life for everyone!!! 6 Task games thro running, Core muscles training Alignment & breathing Speed and endurance training Recording own running experience Street running to know our communities Community/Street Running In school or stadium

7 RunOurCity How Does It Work? What we provide Detail program design 2-3 volunteers from corporate or university Required transportation Small souvenir for participants What we need from school Recruit 10-15 voluntary students for each program Recruit Alumni who can help as volunteers Confirm logistics (e.g. day of the week, time and etc.) Consent from parents 7 The program builds students physique and their social network through corporate & alumni participation

8 RunOurCity Other Countries Example - SRLA 8 Students Run LA WHAT IS SRLA? Students Run LA (SRLA) is a school-based mentoring and physical fitness program for at-risk middle and high school students in the Los Angeles area. The mission of Students Run LA is to challenge these students to experience the benefits of goal setting, character development, adult mentoring and improved health by providing them with a truly life-changing experience: The training for and completion of the ASICS LA Marathon. Students who participate in SRLA learn to set and achieve goals, make new friends and become part of a team, and gain leadership skills. WHAT IS SRLAS SUCCESS? Each year, SRLA bring hundreds of middle and high school students to the ASICS LA Marathon, and each year, more than 95% of them complete the entire 26.2-mile course. In March 2013, 99% of the 3184 SRLA runners completed the ASICS LA Marathon. Each year the majority of seniors who complete the Marathon with SRLA graduate from high school. In June 2013, 99% of the 693 SRLA seniors who completed the marathon with SRLA graduated from high school and 95% of them plan to go to college or university in September 2013. In our 24-year history, SRLA has served more than 51,000 students in the greater Los Angeles area. SRLA is fortunate to have the help of more than 500 volunteer teacher/leaders who work closely with the students to help them succeed. And these students repeatedly tell us that, after participating in SRLA, they know that they can succeed, saying, If I can complete a marathon, I can do anything! The program kicks-off in September and every month the students participate in community races throughout Los Angeles. They start with a 5K kick-off event in September, and then progress to a 10K, a 15K, two half marathons and an 18-mile run, which are intended to safely train and prepare them to run the ASICS LA Marathon the 3rd Sunday of March each year.

9 RunOurCity Other Countries Example – DreamFar High School Marathon 9 DreamFar High School Marathon Dreamfar High School Marathon (DHSM) is New Englands first high school marathon training program. We are a Greater Boston-based program that teaches high school students that anything is possible, even completing a marathon. With hard work, perseverance and guidance from dedicated mentors, our runners realize their potential as they train for the Cox Providence Marathon. DHSM is modeled after the wildly successful Students Run LA program. The inaugural team was made up of nine students from Newton South high school. They trained with DHSM to successfully complete the Cox Providence Marathon in Rhode Island. Over the last four years the program added 1 to 2 new school and experienced significant growth in student participation each year. To date, over 100 students from six schools in the greater Boston area have trained for and run the Providence Marathon with DHSM. Training officially begins in October. Completing one mile is the first of many goals the students will accomplish. Each school trains in their own neighborhood during the week; starting in December all the participating schools come together and meet as one team: Dreamfar High School Marathon!

10 RunOurCity The Proposed Community 10km Marathon – Kowloon East Date: March 22, 2014 (Saturday afternoon) or March 23, 2014 (Sunday morning) Time: Saturday 1600-2000 or Sunday 0900-1300 Route: 10km from Lei Yue Mun to Cruise Terminal (details in the next pages) Foot Traffic - implication for public transportation: 1.Race pack pick up: March 21 Friday & 22 Saturday, >5,000 foot traffic in a designated location in Kwun Tong 2.Event day estimated runners ~5,000; audiences along the route ~15,000; participants at Cruise Terminal ~10,000 Crowd gathering points: 1.Lei Yue Mun start 2.2 water stations along the route 3.Cruise Terminal 10 PRELIMINARY

11 RunOurCity Route 1 ( ) ( ) ( ) Easier for road blockage Not enough distance requiring a loop run in the Cruise Terminal Can still engage community along the route

12 RunOurCity Route 1

13 RunOurCity Route 2 ( ) ( ) ( ) Ideal for community engagement is iconic for the District, now a great moment for runners and the community to witness its current and the future changes Perfect distance More complexity involved in blocking the road

14 RunOurCity Route 2

15 RunOurCity Kowloon East Community 10KM Marathon

16 RunOurCity Start & Finish Start Starting Arch, backdrop, stage Mobile toilet Other standard race requirements Finish Finishing Arch Area for yoga relaxation Mini-concert NGO/social enterprise and local community booths Food stand

17 RunOurCity Marathon Du Medoc in France

18 RunOurCity Tokyo Marathon in Japan

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