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Vertex Drum Production Costs

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0 Vertex Tooling July 10th, 2012

1 Vertex Drum Production Costs
Quoting out drum and platens with Tracamatic and C&M – quotes due 7/12

2 Vertex Drum Rework Costs

3 Vertex Drum Lead Time Current Process Complete Drum Design – 5 – 10 Days Rough ID and Rough Length (Niigata) - 1 Day Rough OD (Lathe) – 1 Days Semi-Finish OD off Centers (Lathe) – 1 Day Semi-Finish Bore ID & length (Niigata) – 1 Day Finish Hone OD (OSW) – 5 Days Finish mill length & Chamfers (Nigata) – 2 Days Semi-Finish OD – center on ID (Lathe) – 1 Day Finish Grind OD –center on ID (OSW) – 4 Days 5 Axis machining - mill cavities (SNK) - 4 Days Debur ID and OD by Hand – 1 Day Chrome - 7 Days Attached Gears- ½ Day Total: 35 – 45 Working Days (7-9 weeks) Proposed Process Finalize Prints – 3 Days Mill cavities (SNK) days Debur ID and OD by Hand – 1 Day Chrome (w/o interior fixturing) Days Attached Gears - ½ Day Total: Working Days (2-3 weeks) Need to have “stock thickness” to reduce lead time Suggested Stock Sizes: Nugget Drum .284 McChicken Drum .300 10 to 1 Drum 4 to 1 Drum

4 Vertex Tooling - Appendix
July 10th, 2012 4

5 “Minor” Tooling * Change (Patty Size) - $39.4K Cost
Vertex Drum Tooling Detail ^$6K $1.0K $9.1K $18K $0.3K $2.4K $9.2K* $0.3K $0.3K $1.7K* Major Tooling Change (+ Outer Fill Plate) $49.5K Cost $25.8K* “Minor” Tooling * Change (Patty Size) $39.4K Cost

6 Vertex Drum Rework Fixture
Inside Diameter Machining - 2 ½ D / Ribble Machining Fixture - Rework / Drum ID Change Current idea – Walco would build a large holding fixture – and run on their large vertical lathe Fixtures have NOT been released – Estimated Lead Time 12 weeks Risks include tolerancing and finish. Walco thinks they can hit 63 m finish Walco may also need some sort of surface polishing fixture if 63 m finish does not meet requirements Walco has quoted: $27,100 rework fixture At some point we will need to make a decision to kick off 2 ½ D fixturing and/or rework fixture

7 RevoPortioner / Drum Cost Calculation
RevoFormer 500/600/700 Competitor tooling costs can be fairly closely estimated

8 RevoPortioner / Drum Mfg Information
Mfg - Sintered Drum / Burnished OD Fixed OD / No ID requirements Fixed Internal Parts Hardware – looks to be able to be reused Current LT – 8 weeks Potential LT – 3-4 wks – don’t know why it can’t be shorter…. If local machined Keep fixed drums on shelf Only Programming & Machining w/5 Axis Lathe LT may be including made in Europe / may face reduced LT if machined in US Current – Sell Price $35K (630 Drum) Cost – Estimated at $18K Drum with roll / burnish? $10-12K Could be rolled or cast in cylinder OD 5 axis Machining – Program & Machine $5k Hardware? Estimate $2-3K Rework Add weight Looks possible - $5K? Don’t see why not Reduce weight With burnished OD – not possible – Key competitive edge Note – Revo may be working on a “sectional” production drum similar to their test drum.

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