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Dr. Naymond Keathley, Interim Director Center for International Education.

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2 Dr. Naymond Keathley, Interim Director Center for International Education

3 Office of the Director International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Study Abroad Office

4 Dr. Naymond Keathley, Interim Director Randy Penson, Associate Director Lynae Jordan, Office Manager Budget Associate

5 Alexine Burke, International Student Advisor Treva Hall, I nternational Student and Scholar SEVIS Coordinator Melanie Smith, International Student Relations Coordinator Leslie Hicks, International Student Programs Coordinator

6 Exchange Program and Study Abroad Advisor Alexia English, Semester Study Abroad Program Coordinator Loren Warf, Study Abroad and Communications Administrative Associate


8 Baylor Culture Immigration Matters, Travel Information Work, Social Security, Payroll, Taxes, Health Insurance International Student Relations

9 Feel a warm welcome to Baylors campus Understand the traditions of Baylor that make it such a special place Connect as soon as possible to one person on campus Connect as soon as possible to a group on campus Seek out one person that will be a confidante and trusted friend Seek out a student organization where the student can use their strengths To feel challenged spiritually and not be stereotyped by religion To feel confident to shake the hand of a US student, and be well received To understand academic support and professors office hours To completely understand the definition of academic plagiarism To understand where they can go when they feel lonely, lost in class, spiritually confused, having trouble with roommates and or parents…


11 Getting Involved On-Campus Late Night at the SLC Classroom etiquette Clothing Punctuality Health/Fitness/Safety Student Life Center (SLC) Fitness, Health Services Smart Phone App Live Shuttle Tracker Campus Police-2222 Security poles

12 Residence halls Community Leader (CL) Add phone number and local address to Bearweb Meal Plans/Bear Bucks/Dining Dollars – add at Cashiers Office Internet Baylor email: Check your Baylor email account daily. Bear ID vs. Baylor ID

13 Academic Advisement Academic Support Programs Free tutoring Academic mentors Supplemental Instruction (SI) Career Counseling Career Services Office of Access and Learning Accommodation Students with documented disabilities Information is confidential


15 Valid at least six (6) months into the future Renewal/Replacement- Contact your countrys embassy online Used for entering U.S. ONLY Expired visa does not jeopardize F-1 status Contact ISSS if traveling abroad and a new entry visa is needed

16 White card stapled in passport Should be stamped F1 D/S = Duration of Status Do not lose---$330 replacement fee! Consists of 3 pages Contains SEVIS ID # (upper right corner) Your responsibility to make sure it stays current and valid

17 Change in major Financial Information – source and amount Termination or completion of study Dependent information Any change in status that concerns immigration related activities Report a change of address within 10 days by updating Student Local address in BearWeb and complete form AR-11 online

18 Attend school listed on I-20 Maintain full enrollment & make normal progress File timely program extension, transfer, or change of status requests Employment authorization by ISSS only Obey state and federal laws Depart from U.S. within 60 days

19 It is your responsibility to know the requirements to maintain your valid status as an international student Ask the ISSS office if you have questions – RELY ONLY ON US Keep copies of all your immigration documents (even expired, out of date, or reissued) and anything mailed


21 I-20 MUST be endorsed for travel outside the U.S. (valid for one year) – Page 3 Endorsement not required for travel within U.S. Bring documents to ISSS at least one week before traveling We will not be able to issue documents the same day they are requested!!! Always have original documents with you Keep copies separate

22 Check visa expiration date Visa for destination if needed Take proof of financial support, and other documents you may need (transcripts, letter of enrollment)


24 Can work ONLY on-campus International students are not eligible for Community Service positions Must complete On-Campus Employment Eligibility Form each semester May complete and submit online or in ISSS office ISSS office verifies student is maintaining status Job listings:

25 Maximum of 20 hours per week (including Graduate assistantship hours) Eligible for 40 hours per week during annual vacation periods (summer and Christmas breaks) All international students must wait 3 weeks before applying in the Fall (does not apply to Spring)

26 CONTACT INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ADVISOR FOR CURRENT REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES DO NOT BEGIN WORK WITHOUT AUTHORIZATIONCONSEQUENCES 1) Lose all rights and privileges afforded to visa status 2) May be deported 3)Your employer may be fined 4)For questions about on-campus employment, please contact: Office of Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid First Floor of Robinson Tower 710-2611


28 Students must be employed or have a job offer to apply Must wait 10 business days from the date of entry into the U.S. before applying Required documents to apply for SS card: Letter from ISSS office Letter from on-campus supervisor Original I-20, passport, visa, and I-94 card

29 Contacts: Manager-LuAnn Pickens Graduate Payroll Coordinator – Karla Walther Student Payroll Coordinator – Gloria Furrer Phone Number: 254-710-2217 Email: Director – Mark Falsone

30 Tax Reporting: Work Study Payments received for meals and housing Meals and housing provided for you Fellowships It is important that we determine your tax status (NRA vs RA) and any treaty benefits early, preferably before any payments are made

31 Foreign National Information System (FNIS) FNIS – Internet web-based questionnaire used to gather information from you to help determine tax status and any treaty benefits Your information is confidential and secure Information provided will assist you in preparing needed tax forms and completion of your year-end tax return When you receive the email from Payroll to complete the FNIS questionnaire, please do so promptly

32 1) Log onto the secure website by using the following website address, password, and username: Website address: User Name: PICKENS Password: 2814.YBB.691710383 If this is the first time you have entered the secure Foreign National Information System (FNIS) website, you will be asked to change your password. If you ever forget your FNIS password, contact me at 254-710- 8564.



35 Notice the Navigation bar at the top of the page. It is ok to save with errors but you will need to log back in and complete the requested fields before submitting. It is ok to save with errors but you will need to log back in and complete the requested fields before submitting.

36 You will need to add a new record to record your time in the USA

37 Please list all visa activity that satisfies any of the following criteria: Visa immigration activity within the past three calendar years. F, J, M or Q visa immigration activity since January 1, 1985. Visa immigration activity since January 1, 1985 for which you received treaty benefits.

38 Click the View Data box

39 After you have reviewed the information and printed the page, return to the confirmation page, check the confirmation box and click FINISH. CAUTION: You will need to have corrected all of the errors before submitting because when you submit your data, you temporarily loose the ability to edit until we have reviewed your information. If you need to make changes after you have submitted, please email the Payroll Office at and request access

40 Location: Robinson Tower 6th Floor, Suite 600 710-2217 Hours: Mon – Fri 8 – 5

41 ALL internationals must file a tax return APRIL 15: Deadline for mailing tax returns every year U.S. tax laws are very complex Windstar online tax preparation software for international tax returns

42 Jan 31 – Payroll has mailed all W-2 and 1042-S Forms Collect any tax forms issued for you Feb 1 - ISSS emails Windstar access instructions and password Feb 1 – Apr 15 use Windstar to prepare your Non-resident tax return Keep copies!!! Watch your Baylor email for more important information!

43 Please visit our website to view presentation and handout:


45 PAWS (People Around the World Sharing) PAWS Family Partnership PAWS Student Partnership Apply online at Adopt-a-School/Tennyson Middle School, Waco ISD CIE trips for international students and PAWS partners CIE newsletter emailed weekly Check your Baylor email every Monday



48 Baylor international students participate with the Waco ISD Adopt-A-School Program Baylor has participated for 25 years in this successful program

49 Spiritual Life Kristen Richardson, BSM International Ministry Coordinator Free dinner and International gathering every Tuesday at 6 P.M. United Methodist Student Center Reverend Dr. Katie Long Free Lunch every Tuesday at 12:30 P.M.


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