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Thermo Scientific Nalgene Packaging Bottles & Vials

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1 Thermo Scientific Nalgene Packaging Bottles & Vials
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2 Manufacturing Processes
State-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rochester NY, USA ISO Certified, GMP & FDA registered Injection Molding – Closures, Micro Packaging Vials Injection Blow Molding – Bottles Injection Stretch Blow Molding – PET Bottles Extrusion Blow Molding - Carboys Facility covers approx 350K sq ft Penfield, NY Manufacturing Facility

3 Anatomy of Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene Bottles™
Nalgene bottle and closure system makes Nalgene the only GUARANTEED leakproof system available Competitors will be, at best, leak resistant!

4 Nalgene Key Features Manufacture both bottle and closure to work as a LEAKPROOF system High quality plastic resins (virgin resins, very low extractable) Guarantee quality (Lot Control) Wide Product offering (size, resins, specials) Standards compliant (DMF, FDA, EP …) Customer and Technical Support Ability to manufacture many products in controlled environments and certify sterility Product change control (customer notification) Inventory Support

5 Product Families Packaging Containers
Media Bottles PET & PETG Diagnostic Bottles Dropper Bottles Serum Vials Micro Packaging Vials Small Bottles Bulk Pack Bottles Lab & Packaging Quality Specialty Bottles Low-particulate HDPE IP2 (air shipment) Teflon Heavy Wall

6 Nalgene Media Bottles PET and PETG bottle with HDPE closure Leakproof
Sterile 10-6 SAL Validated resins (ADCF) Bottle sizes from 30 mL – 2 L Clear (glass look like), natural and amber Low gas permeability Square space-saving shape ISO Class 7 Clean Room Manufacturing Environment (PETG) Tray Packed Tamper-evident closures available

7 Nalgene Micro Packaging Vials
PPCO, natural and amber Leakproof Sizes 0.5, 2.0, 4.5 mL free standing 1.5 mL conical Closure Options Threaded screw PP and HDPE High Profile with color coder Colored Low Profile Sterile Gamma and e-beam RNAse and DNAse free Non sterile Bulk packed

8 Nalgene Dropper Bottles
For reliable and repeatable dispensing (alternative to pipetting) Three components (separate) Bottle (4.0 mL, 8.0 mL, 15.0 mL) LDPE (natural and white) Dispensing tip (40 mL, 50 mL) Closure (various color)

9 Nalgene Diagnostic Bottles
HDPE Natural, White, Amber and Translucent Amber PPCO Natural Sizes: 3.5 mL, 8.0 mL, 15.0 mL Packaging Options Bulk Pack With or without closures Tray Pack Sterile Sterile only natural HDPE with white closures tray pack

10 Nalgene Serum Vials PETG Crimp finish, sterile and non sterile
Stoppers and caps not included Continuous thread natural and amber Trayless shrink wrapped modules Sizes: 3 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL Closure option Continuous thread unlined (black and white) Continuous thread lined multiple colors

11 Nalgene Bulk Packaging Bottles
Same look as standard Nalgene bottles Leakproof Lighter gram weight Lower cost Anonymous PP closures Sizes: from 30 mL to 1L Round, narrow-mouth and wide-mouth finish HDPE (also in amber and  translucent amber), PPCO, LDPE Packaging Options Bulk pack Closure included but not assembled Bottles and closure in separate cartons (narrow mouth) Tray Pack Sterile and HDPE NM

12 Nalgene Bulk Lab Quality Bottles
Bulk pack of standard lab bottles Leakproof Nalgene branded Narrow-mouth (also w/o closure) & wide-mouth finish Round, square (also graduated), rectangular Sizes: from 30 mL to 1L HDPE (also in amber & white), LDPE, PPCO, PC, FLPE Packaging Options Bulk pack Closure included but not assembled Bottles and closure in separate cartons (narrow mouth) Tray (PC bottles w/o closures)

13 Nalgene Specialty Bottles
Standard Nalgene bottles Leakproof Low particulate (and low metals) Manufactured in controlled environment Minimizes particulate contamination Bottles average <30 parts/ml at 0.3 micron and greater Size from 125 mL to 1L Closure assembled IP2 certified (15 psi, air shipment) Heavy-duty and vacuum, 1L up to 5L FEP and PFA (Teflon)

14 Nalgene Bulk Closures & Torque Equipment
Bulk Pack Closures 5 sizes (NM bottles) 6 colors Use with bottles bulk packed without closures Torque Equipment Hand torque wrench Torque fittings

15 Industry standard for multiple applications
Diagnostic kit manufacturers Biomedia production Fine and specialty chemicals OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Pharmaceutical companies BioProduction Intermediate storage Research

16 New Catalog and Dedicated Web Page

17 Plastic Packaging Bottles and Vials
Landing page Page for packaging bottles and vials

18 Bottle, Carboy and Vials Selection Guide
Enter your criteria and see the range of Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles that match your criteria.

19 Guaranteed Leak-Proof Bottle
Nalgene is the Only Guaranteed Leak-Proof Bottle All the rest are, at best, leak-resistant

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