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2 II. The Program and Design ConceptPROGRAM: Remodeling a 6 X 13 BATHROOM for an 80 year old widow who is in fairly good heath but has some vision loss and sometimes needs to use a walker when she is tired or not feeling well. She wants to remodel her bathroom to make it safer and more aesthetically pleasing so that she can stay in her own home. The budget is $15,000, not including labor. Your client wants you to select the following for her: Needs and wants: 1.VERY SLIP RESISTENT FLOORING; 2. tile walls; 3. Paint for the ceiling; 4. A 36 X 42 or larger prefab curb less shower enclosure with seat and niches for shampoo and grab bars; 5. A comfort height elongated toilet with a bidet-type seat ; 6. A wheelchair accessible sink ; 7. A counter material ; 8. A faucet; 9. An adjustable mirror; 10. Two wall sconces for each side of the mirror ; 11. A shower curtain and coordinating window curtain ; 12.A storage cabinet with drawers for personal care items (do not have glass in them) ; DESIGN CONCEPT: Life is short. The comfort of a personal bathroom is crucial to a contemporary human being, no matter what style they like. I want to provide comfort, accessibility with a cool hedge. Accessibility is actually very unique in design. It gives a freedom to explore unique views. This is my goal. Practicality, Functionality and Minimalistic Design.

3 III. Color board

4 IV. Floor Plan

5 1. A. VERY slip resistant flooring B. Picture: C. Description: Anti-slip very strong granite swimming pool tile D. Manufacturer: E. Source: phone # 86-757-85393500 F. Item Number: HM6018 G. Content or Species: granite swimming pool tile H. Color: Sand I. Finish: semi gloss J. Price: $20.00 sq. ft K. Care Instructions: easy to clean L. Warranty: 5 years M. Explanation: I chose this floor, because I think it will be very slip resistant and It will last a long time. It has a very smooth surface for my client walker.

6 2. A. Tile Walls B. Picture: C. Description: Salerno Mosaic Tile – Designer Stripe- 12x12.36 mesh backing mounting 8mm Thick, tiles for coverage on vertical and horizontal Surfaces. D. Manufacturer: Build Direct 1877-631-2845 E. Source: Build Direct F. Item Number: salerno tile T3444921 G. Content or Species: ceramic H. Color: Gray Pattern I. Finish: glazed J. Price: $8.80 sq. ft. (10+ sq. ft. min. order) K. Care Instructions: resistant to moisture, odor, bacterial and mold growth for healthier living. L. Warranty: 12 years no shipping included M. Explanation: I chose this tile for the wall because it will give contrast of the object in the room that are all Wight. My client is elderly and she needs contrast in the space to see well.

7 3. A. A paint for the ceiling B. Picture: C. Description: Eco Paint (Summer Sky) VOC 42/ Environmentally friendly. D. Manufacturer: ECO E. Source: Goleta Valley Paint 805-964-8787 F. Item Number: Summer Sky 4026 G. Content or Species: Acrylic water base H. Color: Summer Sky 4026 I. Finish: Semi gloss J. Price:$55.00 per gallon K. Care Instructions: clean up with water L. Warranty: 3 years M. Explanation: I chose this paint because it is eco friendly first of all, in addition to that to be easy to clean in a regular basis, and to bring some happiness and joy to my client in the regular daily basis. All the room was too pale, this blue will bring to my client some sort of happiness and freedom I think.

8 4. A. 36 X 60shower seat + niches B. Picture: C. Description: high gloss finish, 12 wide seat, modular 4 piece design D. Manufacturer: Kohler E. Source: Kohler F. Item Number: 72290100-0 G. Content or Species: solid Vikrell H. Color: Almond, Biscuit, Wight I. Finish: high gloss finish J. Price: $783.85 K. Care Instructions: easy to clean, any product is fine. L. Warranty: 10 year warranty consumer/ 3 years commercial limited warranty. M. Explanation: I chose this piece of shower furniture because is very clean looking, very open for my client to be able to come in and out with easy access. It has a lot of niches and a comfortable seat.

9 5. A. A Comfort Height Elongated Toilet with a bidet-type seat B. Picture: C. Description: (Toilet)- Highline comfort height Elongated toilet bowl. (Bidet)- easy bidet D. Manufacturer: Kohler/ Fresh Spa E. Source: Kohler/Ebay F. Item Number: t.= k-4199-0/ b.= fsw-20 G. Content or Species: vitro china/ plastic H. Color: white/ white I. Finish: vitro china/ plastic J. Price:$153.99/ $78.00 K. Care Instructions: easy to clean both L. Warranty: (Toilet)- 10 year warranty/ (Bidet)- 30 days return M. Explanation: I chose this toilet because is outstanding in bulk flushing, it is very comfortable for my client and it has clean edges not to hide dust. The bidet attachment I chose because it is simple to use, and also easy to replace from time to time, for sanitation purposes.

10 6. A. A Wheelchair Accessible Sink B. Picture: C. Description: Adjustable height bathroom sink Electric joy-stick on hand-held remote raises and lowers with ultimate easy way, mount directly to the wall D. Manufacturer: Max-Ability E. Source: Max-Ability F. Item Number: wall track mount R4540-P G. Content or Species: vitro china/ steel / chrome H. Color: Wight I. Finish: white china sink, aluminum wall bracket steel/chrome water fixture, plastic and stainless steel drain supply J. Price:$1,765 + $65 delivery= $1,830 K. Care Instructions: really easy to maintain and clean L. Warranty: 3 years limited warranty on parts/ 1 year on labor warranty M. Explanation: I chose this sink because is an UL/CSA electric, ADA Compliant, easy to use and will fit the life style of my client really well. It is a very good product and the remote control to adjust the height is a really good feature for my client.

11 7. A. A Counter Material B. Picture: C. Description: Pedra di Sabbia, Granite, a great Choice for heavily used surfaces. It is an igneous rock, which means it was once molten and formed as it cooled deep within the Earth. Minerals within granite typically appear as small flecks throughout the stone, creating a salt and pepper look in this piece. D. Manufacturer: E. Source: 786-623-5926 F. Item Number: G33332211 G. Content or Species: Granite H. Color: Pedra di Sabbia (Very light Cream) I. Finish: A Polished Surface Finish J. Price:$150.00 sq. ft. K. Care Instructions: Require ordinary maintenance by means of a brush or vacuum cleaner. L. Warranty: 12 years M. Explanation: I chose Granite Counter top material, because I think the surface of my clients sink need to be very resistant to her everyday life, and also sophisticated to give my client an uplift every morning when she brushes her teeth. This counter material will make her feel good about herself.

12 8. A. A Faucet B. Picture: C. Description: automatic sensor bath sink faucet, easy to install all accessories included D. Manufacturer: kohler E. Source: F. Item #: F972221-2 G. Content or Species: solid brass H. Color: silver I. Finish: chrome J. Price: $115.99 free shipping K. Care Instructions: really easy to maintain, easy to install L. Warranty: 3years warranty M. Explanation: I chose this faucet because it is easy to use for a person that has difficulty maneuvering their hands to turn on and off the faucet. I also looked into the durability of the product, and this one has durable ceramic valves to ensure no water leakage. I also liked that it was tested for up to 600,000 life cycles at 90 degrees. In addition to all I chose because is was also laboratory tested to withstand high water pressure of 1.6mpa. It will be very helpful to the client. The feature also has a control to adjust the water temperature of the water, customizing to the clients preference.

13 9. A. An Adjustable mirror B. Picture: C. Description: Adjustable Tilt inter-lok Mirror, tilts a full 6 with bottom mounted on a full width piano hinge. Features: -3/4 X 5/8 Roll formed 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel. 18 X 24 D. Manufacturer: Wayfair E. Source: F. Item Number: M729953-3 G. Content or Species: available reflective surfaces – tempered glass stainless steel type 304 #8 Finish – Lexan Plexiglass – Laminated Glass H. Color: graphite I. Finish: satin J. Price: $156.99 K. Care Instructions: easy to maintain, any cleaning product L. Warranty: 15 years against silver spoilage M. Explanation: I chose this adjustable mirror, because is a large piece, and it gives a great view from a wheelchair angle and any other angle, it is easy to use and adjust. I think it will help tremendously the everyday life of my client.

14 10. A. Two wall sconces B. Picture: C. Description: Wall sconces urban style design Chic, clean look, with cylinder-shaped white opal glass accents D. Manufacturer: Savoy House/ E. Source: Fratantoni Lifestyles F. Item Number: S789650 G. Content or Species: metal/glass H. Color: graphite and white frosty glass I. Finish: polished nickel finish J. Price: $100.00 each K. Care Instructions: really easy to clean/ bulb type C L. Warranty: 3 years replacement parts M. Explanation: I chose this sconce for the partial lighting in the bathroom mirror because it will give a lot of extra light to the room, and will elongate the wall of the bathroom that is very small.

15 11.A. A Shower and window curtain B. Picture: C. Description: Shower: 71x77feature a hook less style, striped material and sheer window along the top, included is a snap in liner/ Window- 24x24 D. Manufacturer: shower and window- E. Source: shower and window- F. Item Number: shower- H93221-1/window H29111 G. Content or Species: Shower-100% Polyester/ 100% cotton H. Color: Shower- Vanilla/ vanilla as well I. Finish: Polyester/cotton water proof J. Price: shower- $49.00/ window- $75.00 K. Care Instructions: Shower- it is really easy to wash in the washing machine, Clorox is ok to add for washing./Window- Dry cleaning L. Warranty: 1 year / 1 year M. Explanation: I chose this shower curtain for my clients bathroom, because the hook less style is reliable to not fall when opening and closing the curtain, also clear colors it will look cleaner in her bathroom./ I chose this window curtain for the bathroom, because the window is small, and it needs to be easy for my client to open and close, with the cord it is that way.

16 12. A. A Storage cabinet w/ drawers for personal care B. Picture: C. Description: Lakeside Bathroom Storage Cabinet D. Manufacturer: Pottery Barn E. Source: Ebay F. Item Number: B243415 G. Content or Species: hardwood and MDF with Veneers, and engineered wood. H. Color: Vanilla and White I. Finish: Stained J. Price: $179.00 K. Care Instructions: really easy to take care, with multi purpose cleaning product. L. Warranty: 3 years/ free shipping M. Explanation: I chose this storage cabinet because it is not to deep, and gives enough space to pass from the door to the sink of the bathroom, it also has a great height for my client to have 100% access to any part of the cabinet.

17 VI. Budget Sheet Ite m # Item DescriptionQuantityCost per ItemTotal # amount 1.Floor 78sq ft$20.00 sq ft$1,560.00 2.Tile walls256sq. Ft.$8.80 sq. ft.$2,252.80 3.paint (ceiling)78sq.ft.(1gl ) $55.00 4.Lg. Curb less Shower1$783.85 5.Toilet + bidet seat1 + 1$153.99 + $78.00$231.99 6.Accessible sink1$1,830$1,830.00 7. Counter Material4 ½ sq. ft.$150.00$675.00 8.A Faucet1$115.99 9.An Adjustable Mirror1$156.99 10.2 Wall Sconces2$100.00ea$200.00 11.Shower + Window Curtain2$49.00 + $75.00$124.00 12.A Storage Cabinet- no glass1$179.00 13.TOTAL$8,164.53 14.BUDGET under or over$15,000.00Under budget$6,835.47

18 With the extra money: I can get a better bidet, sink, floor, curtain and many accessories. END


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