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Tri-Agency Awards – 101 A Presentation by Research Accounting on Tri-Agency Award Management.

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1 Tri-Agency Awards – 101 A Presentation by Research Accounting on Tri-Agency Award Management

2 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et en génie du Canada Canadian Institutes of Health Research Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada

3 I have a Tri-Agency award – now what? Agenda –How is my award different? –Whos responsible? –How can I spend the grant? –How can I monitor my spending? –What else should I know?


5 How is my award different? Do I have to follow the budget from my proposal? –NSERC –SSHRC –CIHR Are there additional restrictions or reporting requirements? Can I get an extension to finish my spending? What happens at the end of my grant?


7 Working Together - Whos responsible? Tri-Agency Verifying eligibility for & entitlement to grants in accordance with federal laws & policies Timely release of approved grant funding Establishing & communicating clear, concise requirements for fund use Conducting financial monitoring reviews of grant & award funds to ensure adherence to guidelines

8 Carleton University Establishing appropriate policies/procedures, systems & controls Ensuring that Agency policies & requirements are followed Performing ongoing oversight of grant fund usage Providing administrative support to grant holders Monitoring eligibility status of grant holders Annual reporting requirement


10 Researcher –Authorize ALL expenditures from your grant, while keeping in mind the following: The Tri-Agencys Financial Administration Guide The Tri-Agencys Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Any stated conditions/restrictions of the actual grant Institution policies the Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research


12 Researcher –Awareness of grant details and fund balance –Delegating signing authority –Compliance –Managing/supervising personnel –Responding to questions –Changes in status –Reporting requirements –Acknowledgement of Agency support


14 How can I spend my grant?

15 USE OF GRANT FUNDS: Eligible and Non-Eligible Expenses Compensation related expenses Sabbatical/leave periods Travel Equipment Supplies Computer & electronic communications Miscellaneous expenses

16 How can I monitor my spending?

17 What else do I need to know? Hiring research assistants –Graduate Students: FGPA graduate student forms –Undergraduate students or other technical support: Payroll Forms Purchasing the big stuff –Purchasing Services –Science & Technology Centre Getting the small things –Procurement Card –Science Stores –Personal reimbursements


19 And then, what about Inter-Institutional Transfers? –Who can I transfer to? –What do I need to do? –Im a co-applicant, what should I do? –What reporting is required? Sabbatical Planning? Visiting Researchers? Payments to Individuals?

20 Where can I find more information? Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide Professeurs/FinancialAdminGuide- GuideAdminFinancier/index_eng.asp Tri-Agency Use of Grant Funds Professeurs/FinancialAdminGuide- GuideAdminFinancier/FundsUse- UtilisationSubventions_eng.asp Tri-Agency Eligibility Criteria Admissibilite/faculty-corpsprof_eng.asp

21 At Carleton Research Accounting Accounts Payable operations/accounts-payable University Policies Mileage and per diem rates http://www.njc- Convert exchange rates


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