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Math EOG Review Problems

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1 Math EOG Review Problems
*Reduce all answers to simplest form unless directed otherwise. Fractions Numbers and Operations in Base Ten Resource: Erie 1 BOCES-Deep Curriculum Alignment Project for Mathematics

2 #1) After the painter had painted 2/3 of this painting, he found a mistake and had to scrape 1/6 of his paint off. How much was still painted?

3 #2) You are making trim for a quilt. You need 5 ½ feet of purple lace and 3 ¾ feet of pink lace. How much lace do you need in all to complete this project? Write your answer as an improper fraction.

4 #3) Rob has one fruit roll up. The fruit roll up is one foot long. He wants to share it with his friends. He wants to keep 4/6 of it for himself, and share 1/9 of one to Jimmy and the rest with Tom. How much will Tom get? Reduce to lowest terms.

5 #4) Tasha finished a job in ¾ of an hour. Megan finished it in 4/5 of the time Tasha took. How long did Megan take to finish the job?

6 #5) Carl ate ¾ of ½ of a pizza.
THINK ABOUT: Did Carl eat more or less than ¾ of the pizza? Did he eat more or less than ½ of the pizza? Question: How much pizza did Carl eat?

7 #6) Billy said that the number 0.05 has a value 10 times greater than Is he correct? Explain.

8 #7) A) x 10^3 B) ÷ 10^2

9 #8) Write the following number in expanded form using multiplication so that every value uses one factor from the factor bank. *Get two points for this one! Factor Bank 1,000 100 10 1 1/10 1/100 1/1,000

10 #9) Circle all of the decimals below that make the following number sentence true: 17.2 > _________

11 #10) A baker bought 2 ½ pints of blueberries. He used ¾ of the blueberries to make tarts. How many pints of blueberries did the baker use?

12 #11) ¾ of an Olympic size swimming pool is dedicated to swimming; the other ¼ is used for diving only. 1/3 of the swimming area is used only for swimmers under 10. What fraction of the pool is used for swimmers under 10? Two points for this one!

13 #12) Mario ordered 5 pizzas. How many slices did Mario order if each slice is 1/8 of a pizza? A) 5 B) 8 C) 13 D) 40

14 #13) What is the quotient of 12 divided by 1/3? A) 36 B) 24 C) 12 D) 3

15 #14) Tina, Lilly, and Jackie equally shared a 2/3 gallon carton of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. How much ice cream did each girls eat? A) 2/9 B) 1/3 C) 2/3 D) 6/3

16 #15) Cara’s dog weighs 7.25 pounds. Her cat weighs 6.75 pounds.
A) Round each of the weights to the nearest whole number. B) Without rounding, what is the total weight of the animals?

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