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Task 3.

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1 Task 3

2 Describe the relevant sources and methods for obtaining any required technical information relevant to the model being produced (such as drawing briefs, specification sheets, request for changes or modifications to models; technical information such as limits and fits, contraction allowances, bearing selection, surface finish).

3 Drawing briefs Instructions stating which part(s) of an assembly should be drawn as engineering drawings. It will state the following: size of the drawings required 1st or 3rd angle orthographic projection how many copies required file format required

4 Specification sheets These sheets are documents such as:
British Standards Company standards Customer requirements They may contain information such as: Manufacturing processes Materials to be used

5 Request for changes or modifications to models
These are documents that instigate a change being made to a model or drawing. This document also acts as a change notification to inform all personnel, from estimating and sales through to manufacturing, that a change has been made.

6 Technical information such as limits and fits, contraction allowances, bearing selection, surface finish This information is located in documents or books such as: British Standards Zeus Books Engineers Handbooks It tells you nationally and internationally recognised standards to work to, rather than creating your own. It saves time by giving you information in tables, rather than you needing to calculate it yourself.

7 Questions?

8 Technical information may be obtained from sources such as:
Drawing brief…. manufacturing info/material/finish/dimensions Specification sheets.… manufacturer/designer Change or modification requests…. List changes required to specification or an engineering drawing. Technical information including: Limits and fits…. Zeus books, internet, Mechanical Engineers reference books Contraction allowances…. Mechanical Engineers reference books, internet Bearing selection…. manufacturers or supplier catalogues Surface finish…. samples, measured by machines

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