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Timetracker Midterm Update Senior Project II Sarah Mercier.

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1 Timetracker Midterm Update Senior Project II Sarah Mercier

2 Overview Status of project Project Timeline Progress made Success criteria Setbacks Bugs and plans to fix them Project differences from original plan

3 Status of project Reordered tasks since project review Slightly ahead of schedule (in terms of percent completed)

4 Timeline January 18:Complete Project Review. Begin work on calculating PTO based on hire date and manually modifying PTO. Put information in leave tab. January 31:Finish PTO calculation, modification and leave tab. Begin addressing errors in timesheet printing. February 10:Finish timesheet printing (hopefully). Begin work on report generation. Begin fixing bugs with date selection. February 15:Finish fixing bugs with date selection. Midterm project update.

5 Timeline February 24: Finish report generation. Begin client portal and reporting. March 10:Finish client portal and reporting. Begin branding. March 21:Finish branding. Begin optimizing queries to datastore to decrease on CPU usage and speed up load times. April 5:Finish optimizing queries. Project delivery date.

6 Progress made Calculation of PTO (Leave) based on hire date (Leave tab) Manual modification of PTO (Adjustments tab) Client portal Report generation Charts and filter/sort tables

7 Progress made Entity management Timesheet operations function correctly (Fixed bugs present last semester) Timesheet printing (HTML) Branding Still need to fix logo upload

8 To do Branding Timesheet printing to PDF instead of HTML Bug fixes (Date selection) Optimization of queries Report generation

9 Success Criteria Project success criteriaWeight Logging, editing, submission, and approval/rejection of time. Management of clients, projects and employees. (Completed last semester and over break) 25 Timesheet printing.15 Calculation of PTO based off of hire date and manual modification of PTO by admins; Leave tab to display information. 20 Report generation.15 Client portal and reporting.15 Bug fixes (date selection, time entry bugs from last semester, etc.)5 Optimization of queries.5

10 Setbacks Unable to generate PDFs without integrating with Google Documents Errors when attempting to write content to document Dynamic CSS issues with Play! Framework Branding Inability to easily write files to the datastore Exports Timesheets Reports

11 Setbacks No official support for Blob management in Play!/Siena Branding – will have to use a workaround for now

12 Bugs and plans to fix them Date selection Currently selecting with javascript from the DOM Hoping to find some way to set the date in the initialization of the jQuery UI object PDF printing of timesheets Not really a bug, just a feature request Going to integrate with Google Documents using the Google Data API (hopefully)

13 Differences from original plan No integration with Gmail and Google Talk Due to proxy functionality, violates Google App Engine terms of service No mobile version of web application Too many features based on Ajax and JS Addition of charts in report generation Addition of PDF timesheet printing

14 Questions?

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