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Laboratory Safety Test

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1 Laboratory Safety Test

2 Horseplay or practical jokes in the lab are…
Always against the rules

3 You have been injured in the lab. First you should….
Tell Mrs. Hutchison or the teacher

4 Spilled acid should be neutralized with
Sodium bicarbonate

5 When gathering glassware and equipment for an experiment, you should
Read all directions carefully Examine all glassware Clean any glassware that appears dirty

6 After completing an experiment, all chemical wastes should be
Disposed of according to Mrs. Hutchison

7 Approved eye protection—Safety Goggles–are used in the lab… (when)
Anytime chemicals, heat or glassware are used

8 If you do not understand a direction or part of a lab procedure, you should…
Ask Mrs. Hutchison before proceeding

9 To extinguish a lab fire, you should know…
How to operate a fire extinguisher Know where fire extinguishers are Know who is responsible for using the extinguisher

10 If a lab fire erupts, notify Mrs. Hutchison at once and then….
Follow Mrs. Hutchison’s instructions

11 To put out a fire in a person’s hair or clothing use a…..
A fire blanket

12 If a piece of equipment is not working properly, stop turn it off and tell…..
Mrs. Hutchison—the science instructor

13 Paper towels or rags with flammable liquids or solid chemicals on them must be put in…
A designated chemical waste container with a lid

14 Long hair in the lab must be….
Tied back

15 All lab floors, aisles and passageways should be kept clear of
Lab equipment and chemicals (& NOTEBOOKS)

16 When you finish working with chemicals, biological specimens and other lab substances, always…
Wash your hands with soap and water

17 The following footwear is best in the lab…
Closed toe shoes

18 Eyeglasses provide as much protection as
A. A face shield B. Safety glasses C. Splashproof chemical goggles D. None of the above

19 When you finish with chemicals, biological specimens and other lab substances, always
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water

20 In a lab, you should be cautious of…
Loose clothing Dangling jewelry sandals, AND NONE OF THESE SHOULD BE WORN DURING A LAB

21 When using a razor blade or scalpel, always cut material ….
Away from you

22 Before you leave the science room, you should….
Wash your hands with soap and water Return all equipment to the proper storage area Clean your work area and equipment

23 When is chewing gum, eating and drinking permissible during a lab?
Never—unless we are doing a food lab

24 If a lab experiment is not completed you should….
Schedule a time with Mrs. Hutchison when you can complete the lab.

25 Live Life to the Fullest!!

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