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Project Explorer Project Patrick Caldwell 2/8/13.

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1 Project Explorer Project Patrick Caldwell 2/8/13

2 Vision O The one place to quickly and efficiently find, manage, and interact with any or all of your project objects O Adaptable, intuitive, and easy to use O Built for future needs/capabilities

3 User #1 John the Geoscientist at Large Independent O Daily user of the Tree O Has fellow geoscientists with whom he is working constantly. Some at same level but senior to others O Tight schedule, drill baby drill O Has used Kingdom and other similar tools for Years O Constant looking for things he needs. Lots of false starts when it come to this work. Lots of hunting and pecking O Working one area now in much larger project. O 64 years old O Wears bifocals O WE ARE DESIGNING FOR HIM IN V1

4 User #2 Randy the Consultant O Daily user of the Tree O Geophysicist – one man shop O Has multiple concurrently clients O On each - Comes in for awhile and then perhaps wont be back for a month or two O Constant looking for things he needs. Lots of false starts when it come to this work. Lots of hunting and pecking O Has used Kingdom and other similar tools for Years O Specializes in Ferdunkulation of migrated fault attributes and colored inversion. Led the SEG committee ESFFOMFA ( Establishing Standards for Ferdunkulation of Migrated Fault Attributes) O 64 years old O Wears bifocals O WE ARE DESIGNING FOR HIM IN V1

5 User #3 Nancy the Data Manager O Manages the Kingdom environment for SLOC (South Lake Oil Corp) O Supports three geologists and one geophysicists in the OK city office O Regional project of Midland area O Has used Kingdom and other similar tools for Years O Role includes, data loading, bug fixing, teaching users to use Kingdom correctly, liaison with Kingdom Support, licensing, data continuity, and all around go to lady O Works with corporate IT when issues involved straight technical issues O Works in Kingdom nearly everyday, among other products O Constantly interrupted – all day long O Mid 40s O Extremely organized and detail oriented O Has kids at home O WE ARE DESIGNING FOR HER IN V1

6 User #4 George VP Geosciences - Domestic O Manages the geoscience group (7 employees) O Uses Kingdom infrequently O Wants to be able to access his employees work easily O Has not interpreted since starting here 5 years ago O Sells the work of his group up the chain O Owns budget O WE ARE JUST KEEPING HIM IN MIND IN V1

7 The Challenge - User Pain Points We Will Address O Too much data - I am drowning in it O I have three or four monitors and I still dont have enough space to work O Where in the he**am I? O Where did that one go? O What the he** am I looking at? O I can't see different sets of stuff per view, so I keep having to toggle stuff on and off O Kingdom makes me use extensive naming conventions to know what the he** I am looking at O Too many windows, where is the one I want O Want to more easily share my stuff with coworkers O I have absolutely no time to "learn new things O It takes too damn long to show stuff

8 This is a recurring problem in Kingdom – with the increasing complexity in the data we need more info around each object. Since there is a general lack of info boxes for this purpose we need to put it into the name. Therefore all object name boxes should be expandable so we can read the whole name. JUST SAW THIS IN A USER GENERATED BUG ATTACHMENT THIS MORNING We need more space for longer names – or flexible windows.

9 User Tasks We Will Support O Manage what and how they will see stuff O Use the tool to do my real work O Help them sell their work O Help them share / collaborate

10 Let them organize O Grouping O Long term or short term O Sub groups of groups O Favorites O I will show you mine if you show me yours O Sharing O Pushing and pulling

11 Help them organize O Automation O Based on query O New stuff O Adapt the UI for those Non oil finding but required tasks

12 Help them find things NOW O The Simplest search O Two way highlighting and zoom

13 Help them find things – give me all you got O Let me spread out and use all the info I have to make a good choice O Visuals O Allow me to slice and dice as desired O Let me take up space by showing multiple things at once

14 Use this to do more its not all about the data O Sessions O Views O Status (new data) O Communication

15 Get em started and give them reasons to keep them coming O A place that they see first that teaches em good O A place that has enough usefulness that they want to go back over and over O Stuff I have done O New stuff O Place where I can make good overall management decisions O Place where communication happens

16 Help them turn on and off stuff O Everyday – all day – SIMPLY HAVE TO MAKE THIS WORK AND DIRT SIMPLE

17 Do not lose stuff ( lose functionality / break expectations) O Keep behaviors from the old tree O Keep capabilities from the old tree

18 Visualize this O View roll overs O Visuals – Logs, etc? (certainly in next gen stuff) O Horizon, grid, fault – maps O Well – VSD?

19 Where did this go / where am I O Relationships – how is this being used O On views O From views to app O What am I looking at? (Breadcrumbs)

20 IF – THEN O For this selection, show what my next steps could be

21 If you only have a screwdriver, hammering nails sucks O Adapt UI to current needs O Hide completely O Search only O List only O Full deal O Panes come and panes go, but the story is the same O Make it EASY and INTUITIVE to switch between these modes

22 Why dont we ship the Preview? O Several people are using it and we have not heard any complaints

23 What's wrong with the old one? O Lets match it and call it a day, that is what this project is about correct? O See next slide I have not read the stories

24 You cant do everything O Context - Arms waving O This is too complicated, I have not read the stories but they mostly suck

25 Why dont we ask the users? O I have a good idea, lets see what the users want

26 Windows Explorer Windows Explorer Windows Explorer O Everyone loves windows explorer. I Know because I do. O Everyone must love getting their teeth cleaned because they all have done it many times.

27 Daylights A Burning O Hurry up dammit. Didnt you finish already?

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