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Uddingston Grammar School Parent Council Meeting 26-10-10.

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1 Uddingston Grammar School Parent Council Meeting

2 Efficiencies – SLC have a funding shortfall of £80 million over the next 3 years It offers curriculum flexibility to support CfE It offers parity across subjects in Upper School It allows schools to aim to meet their requirement of 120 minutes of active PE It makes savings….. Uddingston Grammar School

3 Teachers work to their McCrone contract Current model 30 periods * 55 minutes = 1650 minutes (PUPIL) 24 periods * 55 minutes = 1320 minutes (Teacher) with 330 minutes preparation and correction time McCrone Contract is 1350 minutes minutes preparation and correction time New model 33 periods * 50 minutes = 1650 minutes (PUPIL) 27 periods * 50 minutes = 1350 minutes minutes for preparation and correction All teachers work an extra 30 minutes in class – however this is actually 3(2) periods Uddingston Grammar School

4 We start earlier – at 8.45 am We have some 7 period days We may finish later (depends) We may have one or more shorter days (depends) We will have blocks of 3 periods before breaks We will have a static interval and lunchtime (may be shorter) There will be 2 finishing times – stakeholders contracts Uddingston Grammar School

5 Registration – means 32 periods Day period splits eg 3,2,2; 2,3,2 etc Length of lunchtime – currently 50 minutes Which days are long days and which are short Uddingston Grammar School

6 33 periods = 7,7,7,7,5; 7,7,6,7,6 or combinations 32 (Reg) periods = 7,7,6,6,6 or combinations Uddingston Grammar School

7 Proposed model – 32 teaching periods + registration 8.45 am start daily with Registration Two 7 period days – Monday and Tuesday finishing at 3.45 pm Three 6 period days – Wednesday – Friday finishing at 2.55 pm A 45 minute lunchtime Uddingston Grammar School

8 DAYREGPERIOD 1 PERIOD 2 PERIOD 3 PERIOD 4 PERIOD 5 PERIOD 6 PERIOD 7 MONDAY8.45 – – TUESDAY8.45 – – WEDNESDAY8.45 – – THURSDAY8.45 – – FRIDAY8.45 – – Lunchtime is late – at 1.20 pm. I am negotiating to move it to on the shorter days. This would mean a 2,2,2 split on these days, with a 2,3,2 on the longer days.

9 Wide variety of responses – but below are the MOST common Long Days – Monday (84%) and Tuesday(38%) /Wednesday (35%) Registration at the start of the day (91%) Lunchtime 45 mins (62%) 3 period teaching block in the morning (94%) Extra periods – Technical (45%); Music (26%); ICT (25%); Art (20%); Drama (18%); PE (15%) Social Subjects (15%) In favour of the proposed model (87%) Other common comments – longer lunchtimes and shorter days; start later and finish earlier; free periods; study periods; double periods for some subjects Uddingston Grammar School

10 In favour of the proposed model Registration at the start of the day Extra periods in English; Maths; Skills based subjects; Extra PE Long wait until lunchtime in the models Long days – Monday / Tuesday Short days as close to 3 pm as possible Trust the school to do the best for the pupils Uddingston Grammar School

11 We agree the best format for UGS This is submitted for final approval by SLC We continue to negotiate lunchtimes for the shorter days - may be able to make lunchtime 50 minutes on these days SLCs fallback is a 33 period 7,7,7,6,6 model We inform ALL parents / pupils / P7 parents of the final outcome We begin to plan the new curriculum – 2/3 extra periods per pupil Uddingston Grammar School

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