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IBooks Author from Start to Finish Janie Stach Sarra Smith Digital Coaches

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1 iBooks Author from Start to Finish Janie Stach Sarra Smith Digital Coaches Grapevine-Colleyville ISD @janiestach @sarrasmith3

2 Software & App iBooks AuthoriBooks Software on Mac Creator & Editor App on iPad Reader

3 Installing iBooks Author Apple Menu App Store Search iBooks Author Download and Install

4 iBooks Author Versions v.1 OS 10.7.2 or later v.2 OS 10.7.4 or later More template choices Portrait-only books Custom fonts Mathematical Expressions

5 iBooks Author Tour

6 Work Flow 1.Plan your book 2.Choose a template 3.Add your content 4.Create glossary entries (optional) 5.Preview your book 6.Share your book

7 1. Plan your Book Organizing Chapters & Sections Gathering resources (video, pictures, text) Think through the saving process Chapters and sections may be copied and pasted to create one book

8 2. Choose a Template

9 3. Add your Content Important to save all pictures and resources in one location Save project on local/hard drive, not to a network folder

10 Widgets

11 Quicktime Player Built in to OS Use to create video or audio files

12 Math Equation Editor Daum Equation Editor LaTex MathML Insert Equation

13 Custom Widgets

14 Custom Widgets

15 4. Create Glossary Entries Replace filler text Right click on word CREATE GLOSSARY TERM FROM SELECTION Replace filler text with your own definition

16 5. Preview your Book Click the PREVIEW button Connect an iPad to the computer Note: There is a setting in iTunes: Prevent iPads from syncing automatically

17 6. Share your Book SHARE EXPORT Choose iBooks, PDF or Text For student work, we recommend this method instead of submitting it through the iBookstore SHARE SEND VIA MAIL IBOOKS FOR IPAD (must have mail client set up)

18 Project file & iBooks file.IBA is the project file on the computer.ibooks is the completed iBook file that must be opened on the iPad

19 Class Book

20 Study Cards Highlight text in book Create study cards from highlighted text and glossary terms

21 How to Create a Blank Book

22 Free Templates ibooks-author/id527161787?mt=12 ibooks-author/id527161787?mt=12

23 Professional Developer Created Books Edmodo by Joseph Willman HOTS Apps 4 HOTS by Lisa Johnson & Yolanda Barker

24 Presentation and Resources @janiestach @sarrasmith3

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