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Presentation Skills: From Start to Finish Dr. Trevor Norris OISE/UT.

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1 Presentation Skills: From Start to Finish Dr. Trevor Norris OISE/UT

2 Why Present? An opportunity to share the results of your research An opportunity to get feedback An opportunity to focus on a specific part of your research An opportunity to meet people and hear other papers An opportunity to shape the direction of your field

3 Submission Process Plan ahead Leave time Ask another person to proofread Follow the guidelines!! Research the conference organization!

4 Preparation Rehearse – Read out loud! – Average speed is 100-120 words per minute – Time yourself!! Accent reduction? (esp important words) Read to colleagues. Ask yourself: – What are some likely questions? – How will I respond to them?

5 Question: Reading vs Speaking? Advantages of Reading – If youre nervous (or sick, tired, etc) you have something to rely on! – You can be very precise, consistent and careful in your wording. Advantages of Speaking – Easier for people to listen and follow

6 Tips: Speak loudly Speak clearly Look up, make eye contact Its not a full paper, so select wisely!!

7 Dealing with nervousness practice, practice, practice!! Its ok and even good to be nervous! Nervousness is energy and it can be used to help you focus. Most reasons for nervousness arent grounded in reason, evidence, or rationales. Avoid anything beforehand that might provoke you to be nervous Many in the audience have presented and are nervous or may be about to be nervous! Its a part of the profession and youre not alone. Use the potential for nervousness to help you focus on your preparations. Are there any specific things youre nervous about? What can you do to reduce it?

8 Taking Questions Take notes while the question is asked Its ok to pause a few seconds to think Its ok to say hmm, I hadnt thought of that This is in fact an opportunity to show parts of your research that might not have been a part of the original presentation! Remember: this is your territory! You probably know more about this than anyone.

9 Moving forward! A presentation may be a key transition point in your development as a scholar, and in the development of the ideas you have presented. Use the presentation as an opportunity to rethink your approach, research questions, assumptions, etc. Consider revising your presentation and submitting it as an essay to a journal!

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