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Weekly Assignment Sheet Week 1 Monday:8/27 NO School Thursday: 8/30 Welcome! Introduction Powerpoint HW: Read Ch. 1 Do front of study guide page 1 Cover.

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Presentation on theme: "Weekly Assignment Sheet Week 1 Monday:8/27 NO School Thursday: 8/30 Welcome! Introduction Powerpoint HW: Read Ch. 1 Do front of study guide page 1 Cover."— Presentation transcript:

1 Weekly Assignment Sheet Week 1 Monday:8/27 NO School Thursday: 8/30 Welcome! Introduction Powerpoint HW: Read Ch. 1 Do front of study guide page 1 Cover Book, if not done so already Parent signature Tuesday: 8/28 NO School Friday: 8/31 Stamp HW IQ #1 Lecture: Chapter 1 HW: back of page 1 Wednesday: 8/29 NO School Effort and Achievement

2 Weekly Assignment Sheet week 2 Monday: 9/3 Labor Day Holiday NO School Thursday: 9/6 Stamp HW Lab activity HW: Write up paragraph about lab results Tuesday: 9/4 Stamp HW IQ #2 Lecture Chapter 1 HW: Study guide page 2 front ID Assignment (Due Tuesday) Friday: 9/7 Stamp HW Lecture ch. 1 finish HW: Ch. 2 page 1 side 1 Wednesday: 9/5 Stamp HW IQ #3 Lecture Chapter 1 HW: website: ecological footprint NOTES:

3 Weekly Assignment Sheet week 3 Monday: 9/10 Stamp HW Lecture ch. 2 HW: Study guide ch. 2 page 2 Endangered species project Thursday:9/13 Stamp HW Finish Ch. 2 Lecture Study for Quiz Tuesday: 9/11 Stamp HW IQ # 4 Lecture Ch. 2 HW: Study guide Page 3 Friday: 9/14 Stamp HW Quiz Ch. 1 and 2 Video Chemistry Intro. HW: Ch. 3 study guide p. 1 Wednesday: 9/12 Stamp HW Lecture Ch.2 Study guide p. 4 NOTES:

4 Weekly Assignment Sheet week 4 Monday: 9/17 Stamp HW Go over Quiz Lecture Ch. 3 Study guide Ch. 3 p. 2 Thursday: 9/20 Continue research for lab Tuesday: 9/18 Stamp HW Lecture Ch. 3 Study guide Ch. 3 p. 3 Friday: 9/21 Collect Hypo. Lecture Ch. 3 HW: Finish Study Guide Wednesday: 9/19 Stamp HW Go over Solar Water Heater Lab. Hypothesis due Mon. Brainstorm with groups NOTES: TEST TUESDAY

5 Weekly Assignment Sheet week 5 Monday:9/24 WASC Day Lect. Finish Ch. 3: Energy, Nuclear reactions REVIEW Thursday: 9/27Stamp HW Time for Solar Project Lecture Ch. 4 HW: Study guide p. 1 Tuesday: 9/25 Test Ch. 1,2,3 Friday: 9/28 Stamp HW Lecture Ch.4 HW: Study guide p. 2 Wednesday:9/26 Go over Test Intro Chapter 4 NOTES:

6 Weekly Assignment Sheet week 6 Monday: 10/1 Stamp HW Video: Planet Earth: Pole to Pole No HW Thursday:10/4 Stamp HW Lecture: Ch. 4/15 Hw: page 5 Tuesday: 10/2 Lecture Ch.4 HW: Page 3 Friday:10/5 TEST Solar Project Write up due next Friday No HW Wednesday: 10/3STamp HW Lecture Ch. 4 HW: page 4 NOTES:

7 Weekly Assignment Sheet week 7 Monday:10/8 Solar Lab Study guide p. 4 Thursday:10/11 Lab NPP Tuesday:10/9 Lecture Study guide p.5 Friday:10/12 Lab NPP cont. Wednesday:10/10 Lecture Read over lab NOTES:

8 Weekly Assignment Sheet week 8 Monday:10/15 Solar lab due Go over NPP lab Thursday:10/18 Finish lab/turn-in Study guide p. 6 Tuesday:10/16 NPP lab due Lecture: Oil Friday:10/19 Lecture: Coal/nuclear Study guide p. 7 Wednesday:10/17 Mining Lab Finish for homework NOTES:

9 Weekly Assignment Sheet week 9 Monday: 10/22 Substitute Oil Map Activity Thursday:10/25 Video: Continued Tuesday: 10/23 Lecture Ch. 15 Friday:10/26 NO School Wednesday:10/24 Substitute Video: A Crude Awakening NOTES: QUIZ TUESDAY

10 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday:10/29 Lecture Finish Ch. 15 HW: Study guide p. 1 Ch. 16 Assign Groups and begin research Thursday: 11/1 Continue presentations Tuesday:10/30 Computers Research Group project HW: Study guide Ch. 16 p. 2 Friday:11/2 Continue presentations Wednesday: 10/31 Happy Halloween!! Quiz Ch. 4 and 15/Begin present. HW: study guide Ch. 16 p. 3 NOTES TEST TUESDAY??

11 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 11/5 Finish presentations and test review. Thursday: 11/8 Stamp HW Tuesday: 11/6 TEST DAY Ch. 4, 15, 16 Friday: 11/9 Substitute Wednesday: 11/7 Stamp HWNOTES NO SCHOOL MONDAY HAPPY VETERANS DAY

12 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday:11/12 No School Happy Veterans Day Thursday:11/15 Tuesday: 11/13Friday: 11/16 Wednesday: 11/14NOTES

13 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday:11/19Thursday:11/22 NO School Happy Thanksgiving Chow Down!! Tuesday:11/20Friday:11/23 Black FridayShop till you drop!! Wednesday:11/21Effort and Achievement

14 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday:11/27Thursday:11/30 Tuesday:11/28Friday:12/1 Wednesday:11/29NOTES

15 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday:12/4Thursday:12/7 Tuesday:12/5Friday:12/8 Wednesday:12/6NOTES

16 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday:12/ 11Thursday:12/14 Tuesday: 12/12Friday:12/15 Wednesday:12/13NOTES

17 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 12/18Thursday:12/21 Tuesday:12/19Friday:12/22 Wednesday:12/20NOTES Have a great holiday, get some rest!!

18 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday:1/8 Readers Guide Sect HW: Finish guide/ Vocab. Sect –12-4 Thursday:1/11 Stamp HW IQ #2: Sect Review Lab: DNA Extraction HW: Outline 12-3 Tuesday:1/9 Stamp HW IQ #1: Lect. Notes Go over readers guide HW: Study guide pp Friday:1/12 Stamp HW Lect cont./12-3 HW: Outline 12-4 DNA Replication W.S. Wednesday:1/10 Stamp HW Outline 12-2 Lect HW: study guide pp Effort and Achievement

19 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 1/15 MLK Holiday Thursday: 1/18 Stamp HW IQ: Sect. Rev Lecture 12-3/12-4 HW: Study guide pp Tuesday: 1/16 Stamp HW Lecture Ch HW: Study guide pp Extra Credit due Friday Friday: 1/19 Stamp HW IQ: Ch. Rev. p. 315#1-10 and 317 #1-12 Review/Extra Credit Due HW: Study /Write half sheet Wednesday: 1/17 Stamp HW Lecture 12-3 Activity: CHNOPS finish for HW Effort and Achievement TEST MONDAY


21 Weekly Assignment Sheet (2 nd Sem.) Monday: 1/29 Introduction WAS/Hall passes/Intro Ch. 13 HW: Vocab. Ch. 13-2/13-4 Thursday: 2/1 Stamp HW Put packet together Lecture Ch. 15 HW: Outline 15-1 Tuesday: 1/30 Stamp HW IQ#1 p. 326 #1-4 Lecture Ch. 13 Quiz Ch. 13 tomorrow HW: Study Ch. 13 Friday: 2/2 Stamp HW IQ#1: Sect. Rev Lecture Ch. 15 HW: study guide 15-1 pp Wednesday: 1/31Stamp HW Quiz Ch. 13 HW:CH.15 vocabulary all Effort and Achievement NO School Monday Substitute on Tuesday

22 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 2/5 No School Thursday: 2/8 Stamp HW IQ # Sect. Rev. p.377 #1-5 Lab: Prey populations finish for HW/ outline 15-3 p (top) Tuesday: 2/6 Stamp HW Video: Darwins Dangerous Idea HW: Outline 15-2 Friday: 2/9 Stamp HW Lecture: 15-3 Video mass extinctions HW: complete 15-3 outline Wednesday: 2/7 Stamp HW Finish video Study guide 15-2 pp Effort and Achievement NO School Monday

23 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 2/12 No School Thursday: 2/15 stamp HW Review for test Tuesday: 2/13 Substitute Finish study guide for tomorrow HW: Ch. Rev. #1-25 Friday: 2/16 Test Ch. 15 HW Vocabulary Ch. 16 all Wednesday: 2/14 Stamp HW IQ #315-3 sect. review Finish lecture Ch. 15 HW: Standards Review Effort and Achievement NO School Monday

24 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 2/19 No School Thursday: 2/22 Stamp HW IQ # Sect. Rev. #1-5 Lecture 16-2 HW: Outline 16-2 Tuesday: 2/20 Stamp HW Go over test Lecture 16-1 HW: outline 16-1 Friday: 2/23 Stamp HW Lecture 16-2 HW: Study guide 16-2 Activity earlobe frequency Wednesday: 2/21 Stamp HW Video Lecture 16-1 cont. HW: Study guide 16-1 Effort and Achievement Finalize each weeks effort and achievement, collect Monday!

25 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 2/26 Stamp HW WASC Short Day/ collect WAS IQ # sect. Rev. Lecture 16-3 cont. HW: Outline 16-3 Thursday: 3/1 Stamp HW Lecture Ch. 17 HW: Study guide 17-3 and 17-4 Tuesday: 2/27 Stamp HW IQ #3 6-3 Sect. Rev. Lecture 16 finish HW: Study guide 16-3 Friday: 3/2 Stamp HW IQ #4 Rev. Ch.16 p. 413 and 17 p. 443 #1-10 both. HW: Study guide Vocab. Review Standards review Ch. 16 p. 415 #1- 10 and Ch. 17 p. 445 # 1-8 Wednesday: 2/28 Stamp HW Lecture 17 HW: Study guide 17-1 and 17-2 Effort and Achievement Test Ch. 16&17 TUESDAY!!!!

26 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 3/5 Stamp HW WASC short day Review for Test Thursday: 3/8 Stamp HW IQ #1: Sect. Rev. 3-1 Lecture 3-1 HW: Study guide 3-1 Tuesday: 3/6 Collect packet Test Ch. 16 & 17 HW: Vocab. Ch. 3 Friday: 3/9 Stamp HW IQ#2 Outline 3-2 Lecture 3-2 HW: study guide 3-2 Wednesday: 3/7 Stamp HW Go over test Lecture Ch. 3-1 HW: Outline Ch. 3-1 Effort and Achievement Record for last week

27 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 3/12 Stamp HW IQ #3: Sect. Asses. 3-2 Lecture 3-2/Activity food chain HW: Outline 3-3 Thursday: 3/15 Stamp HW Lecture Ch. 4-1 HW: Ch. 4-1 Vocab and 4-1 Study guide Tuesday: 3/13 Stamp HW Video Hw: Study guide 3-3/Vocab Rev. (finish) Friday: 3/16 Stamp HW Lecture 4-2 HW: 4-2 vocab and 4-2 study guide Wednesday: 3/14 Stamp HW IQ #4 Sect. 3-3 Rev. Lecture 3-3 Ch. 3 Rev. pp. 83 all. Effort and Achievement Record for last week

28 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 3/19 Sub Complete study guide 4-3 and vocabulary review; vocab. for sect. 4-3 HW: Ch. Rev and Standards rev. Thursday: 3/22 Stamp HW Test Ch. 3 and 4 HW: Ch. 5 vocabulary; Outline sect. 5-1 Tuesday: 3/20 Stamp HW Finish lect. 4-3 Hw: study for test Friday: 3/23Stamp HW Lecture 5-1 HW: 5-1 study guide Wednesday: 3/21 Stamp HW Review for test Effort and Achievement Record for last week

29 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 3/26 Stamp HW IQ sect. 5-1 # 1-4 Lecture 5-1 finish/5-2 begin HW: Outline 5-2 Thursday: 3/29Stamp HW IQ#4: Stand rev. p. 137 #1-12 Finish Lecture/Review HW: study guide finish Open House Tuesday: 3/27 Stamp HW IQ#2: Sect rev. 5-2 Lecture 5-2/ 5-3 HW: Study guide 5-2 Friday: 3/30 TEST Ch. 5 HW: Ch. 35 vocab and 35-2/ outline 35-1 Wednesday: 3/28 Stamp HW IQ#3: Sect. Rev. 5-3 Lecture 5-3 HW: Outline 5-3 Effort and Achievement Record for last week

30 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 4/2 Stamp HW Reading guide Ch. 35 Outline Ch Thursday: 4/5 Stamp HW Review Ch. 35 Quest Ch. 35 Tuesday: 4/3 Stamp HW Lecture Ch. 35 HW: Study guide 35-1 and 35-2 Friday: 4/6 Inservice Day No School for Students Wednesday: 4/4 Stamp HW Lecture Ch. 35 HW: Study guide 35-3/Study Effort and Achievement Record for last week HAPPY EASTER!!

31 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 4/16 Video: Immunity: The Flu Go over test/ Lecture 40-1 HW: Vocab. Ch and 40-3 Outline 40-2 Thursday: 4/19 Stamp HW IQ #2: Sect. rev #2 & 4 Lecture 40-3: HIV/AIDS Review Tuesday: 4/17 Stamp HW Lecture 40-2 cont. HW: Study guide 40-2 Friday: 4/20 TEST Ch. 40 Sample Standards Test. Wednesday: 4/18 Stamp HW IQ #1 Sect. Rev Lecture 40-2 HW: none Effort and Achievement Record for last week Standards Tests Next Week!

32 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 4/23 Go over Standards/ Test Thursday: 4/26 Vocabulary for Ch. 37 Tuesday: 4/24 Go over Standards/ Test Friday: 4/27 Readers guide/ Crossword Ch. 37 Wednesday: 4/25 Go over Standards/ Test Effort and Achievement Record for last week

33 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 4/30 Video: Osmosis Jones Thursday: 5/3 Stamp HW IQ #2 Circulation through heart Lecture 37-1 HW: Study guide p. 439 Tuesday: 5/1 Video: Osmosis Jones Outline Sect Friday: 5/4Stamp HW Heart/circulation Quiz HW Outline 37-2 Wednesday: 5/2 Stamp HW IQ #1 Sect review #1-5 Lecture 37-1 HW: Study guide 37-1 p Effort and Achievement Record for last week

34 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 5/7 Stamp HW Lab: Pulse rate Lecture 37-1/37-2 HW: study guide p Thursday: 5/10 Stamp HW IQ #4 Ch. Review #1- Video: Cycle of life Review Tuesday: 5/8 Stamp HW Lecture 37-2/Video: Heart attack HW: Study guide p Friday: 5/11Stamp HW Test Ch. 37 part 1 Lecture 37-3 Wednesday: 5/9 Stamp HW IQ #3: Sect. Asses Lab: Blood Cells Finish lecture 37-2 Effort and Achievement Record for last week

35 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 5/14 Stamp HW TEST Ch. 37 part 1 HW: Ch. 19 vocab. Thursday: 5/17 Stamp HW Finish 37-3/ Review Tuesday: 5/15 Stamp HW IQ #1: Outline 37-3 Lecture 37-3/Go over test HW: 37-3 Study guide Friday: 5/18 Stamp HW Test Ch. 37 part 2 Wednesday: 5/16 Stamp HW Lecture 37-3 Video: Cycles of Life HW: Study guide: Review/organizer Effort and Achievement Record for last week

36 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 5/21 WASC Day Go over test/begin micro unit 19-1 Readers Guide/ finish as HW Thursday: 5/24 TROY TECH FAIR (per. 3) Tuesday: 5/22 Stamp HW Lecture 19-1 HW: Study guide Friday: 5/25 SUB Video Wednesday: 5/23 Stamp HW Effort and Achievement Record for last week

37 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 5/28 NO SCHOOL: MEMORIAL DAY Thursday: 5/31 Stamp HW Lecture 40-1 Introduce group projects Tuesday: 5/29 Stamp HW IQ# Lecture 19-2/19-3 HW: Study guide 19-2/19-3 Friday: 5/1 Stamp HW Finish lecture Mini Quiz Research over weekend Wednesday: 5/30 Stamp HW IQ#3: Outline 40-1 Lecture: 19-3/40-1 Study guide: 19 review pages Effort and Achievement Record for last week

38 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 6/4 Begin Disease Detectives unit Work on project Thursday: 6/7 presentations Tuesday: 6/5 Work on project Friday: 6/8 presentations Wednesday: 6/6 Work on project Effort and Achievement Record for last week

39 Weekly Assignment Sheet Monday: 6/11 Presentations/REVIEW Thursday: 6/14 FINALS 5, 6 Tuesday: 6/12 FINALS 0, 1, 2 Friday: 6/15 NO SCHOOL HAPPY SUMMER!! Wednesday: 6/13 FINALS 3, 4 Effort and Achievement Record for last week

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