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Insect Resist Finishes.

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1 Insect Resist Finishes.
Finishing of Textiles . Insect Resist Finishes.

2 Main Points . Introduction . -1
Mechanisms of Insect Resist Finishes Chemistry of Insect Resist Finishes ِِِApplication of Insect Resist Finishes ُEvaluation of Insect Resist Finishes Troubleshooting for Insect Resist Finishes . -6 7- Dust mites.

3 Insect resist finishes
Introduction . Insect resist finishes Chemical treatments Wool Other animal fibres

4 Dust mites

5 Fur beetle Carpet beetle
Keratin-digesting pests Carpet beetle The clothes moth Brown house moth Moth populations can increase dramattically in arelatively short time .

6 The carpet industry. -1 2-Floor coverings . 3- blankets&uniforms .
- Various chemicals have been used to control damage from larval attack on wool The carpet industry Insect resist finishes . The carpet industry 2-Floor coverings . 3- blankets&uniforms . 4-upholstery fabrics

7 Mechanisms of insect resist finishes .
Poisons Nerve poisons

8 Poisons - Interfere with the keratin digesting process of the larvae.
Killing the feeding larvae .- - By blocking enzymes need for digestion. -lower environmental hazard than nerve poisons. -Not effective against some pests .

9 Nerve Poisons - Control agents . -Affecting a broader range of insects -More rapidly biodegraded than poisons . -Less durabillity .

10 Chemistry of insect resist finishes .
Flucofenuron Chlorinated triphenyl methane slucofenuron chlorphenylids

11 Permethrin . Dieldrin . 3- Banned in most countries
1- One of the original nerve poisons. Permethrin . 1- very effective against moth larvae. 2-Less effect on Anthrenus beetles. 2-Higly toxic to mammals. 3- combination products of permthrin and hexahydropyrimidine derivatives. 3- Banned in most countries

12 Application of insect resist finishes.
During spining During Dyeing During scouring

13 During dyeing - The best light and wet fastness properties
The finish is able fully penetrate the fibres -Exhaust well to nylon. -cholrphenylid drivatives. -Leaving wool unprotected. -Permethrin-based products . - Distribute them selves more uniformly between two fibres .

14 During Scouring . -For carpets, blankets &upholstery.
-Do not completely penetrate the fibres. - Lower temperatures & shorter time for treatment in process . - So fastness properties are not durable .

15 During Spinning . - Combine the finish with spinning lubricants .
-Then to apply the combination to loose wool prior to spinning -Produces yarns with only superficial treatment . - Much lower fastness .

16 Evaluation.

17 Troubleshooting . 1-Exposure to light , dry cleaning and shampooing can reduce the effectiveness of finish . 2- Finish baths that are not completely depleted of insect finishes. 3-Special are must be taken to prevent release of these insect poisons to the environment .


19 Finishes for protection from dust mites .
Pillows ,bedding and quilts. upholstery Dust mites Mattresses carpets


21 Protection from dust mites.
- Micro encapsulation is another interesting possibility for application.

22 Conclusion . Insect resist finish .
Mechanisms of insect resist finishes . Chemistry of insect resist finishes . Application of insect resist finishes . Evaluation of insect resist finishes . Troubleshooting of insect resist finishes . Dust mites .

23 Thank you

24 Any questions

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