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Surface Texture Symbols

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1 Surface Texture Symbols

2 12.22 Surface Roughness, Waviness, and Lay
The modern demands of the automobile, the airplane, and other modern machines (heavier loads, higher speeds with less friction) need for accurate control of surface. The system of surface texture symbols recommended by ANSI/ASME.

3 Surface Texture Symbols
Not all surfaces can be finished because of cost constrains. Few surfaces requires special surface finish and should indicate on drawing by using surface finish symbol.

4 Definations Roughness CLA or Roughness height (Ra) Average of roughness height over a certain length Roughness-width Cut off The length over which roughness is average Roughness Width: Horizontal distance between two similar point

5 Waviness Width:. Overall width Waviness Height:
Waviness Width: Overall width Waviness Height: Overall height Lay Direction: Mark of machining on surface Flaw: Defect on material surface

6 Surface texture symbol


8 Additional Information
Usually all information are not required. Only roughness height and machine allowance is important. In this case basic symbol is used. Roughness height in mm or in m inch. All other in mm or inch.

9 Example







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