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Granby Post and Beam Homes

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1 Granby Post and Beam Homes
Beautiful Custom Post and Beam Timber Homes Picture Yourself in a Granby! Press Enter to continue. We'll Keep You Posted!

2 Granby Post and Beam Homes is a custom timber home package manufacturer located in Grand Forks BC, Canada. Grand Forks is on the Canada/USA border near Christina Lake BC. About 3 hours North of Spokane Washington. Customer service is our Primary company policy. You will always receive prompt courteous service from Granby whether you are making a purchase, dealing with your concerns or simply seeking information. We'll Keep You Posted!

3 The entire Post and Beam Timber Frame is supplied including all Posts, Plates, Pillars, dowels and knee bracing made up of selected 4x6 6x8 and 8x8 Douglas Fir timbers (larger as required). The Ridge and Purlin Beams included are built in place using multiple ply's of 2x12 Douglas Fir. Five ply for a typical Ridge Beam and 4 ply on the Purlin or side Beams. Wall framing materials interior and exterior consist of 2x6 and 2x4 framing lumber. Exterior wall and roof sheathing is 1/2" quality grade plywood. Roof Rafters are 11 7/8" Manufactured Truss joists or manufactured trusses depending on the application. We'll Keep You Posted!

4 The basic Granby package includes all of the structural materials required to build, frame in and sheath the home package. This excludes the main floor structure and any basement or crawl space structure required as these are to be in place sheathed and ready to build on when your Granby package arrives. The Granby package does not include any finishing materials whatsoever unless you specifically requested them to be added as an option. Optional materials available include windows, doors, siding, wood flooring, custom staircases and railings The material package includes all conventional lumber framing materials to build exterior and interior wall systems. All wall and roof sheathing as well as rafters trusses etc. as required. We'll Keep You Posted!

5 We do not supply finishing materials in the basic package because it has become apparent over the course of time that most customers choose to purchase these finishing items where they can see, touch and feel them. We have therefore taken all finishing items out of our regular package offering. Granby Home packages are pre-built in our manufacturing facility in a controlled environment. This creates a very user friendly house package. We'll Keep You Posted!

6 Granby offers quick delivery - Because Granby makes custom home packages out of a series of components which can be pre-built in the form of knee bracing wall posts corner posts etc. Granby can supply home packages very quickly if required. The Post and Beam building system allows maximum design flexibility, unlike traditional timber frame or Log building you can design and build almost any layout in Post and Beam building. We'll Keep You Posted!

7 Post & Beam verses Log construction
Log Homes are prone to many problems related to the shrinking of logs, such as windows and doors binding, framed walls cracking etc. The post and beam building system avoids these problems as wood only shrinks in diameter not in length. Log homes are exposed on the exterior side 365 days a year to the elements and never stop expanding and/or shrinking as humidity changes outside. Post and Beam Homes have a weatherproof exterior finish between the wall timber and the outside weather conditions. This means that the timber is not constantly re-adjusting its moisture content. We'll Keep You Posted!

8 Traditional Timber Frame homes are not truly post and beam building even though they rely on similar basic principles for structure. The Timber Frame homes are a series of house shaped trusses or bents which are built on the deck and stood up to be interlocked with other bents by timbers then covered by foam filled panels which are held in place by a handful of screw fasteners. The biggest problem with Timber Frame homes comes when you try to build a custom home. Any time you deviate from a basic rectangle in timber frame the cost goes up very dramatically, due to the fact that the corner where the home turns must be framed entirely in place without the benefit of the Bents or Timber Trusses. We'll Keep You Posted!

9 Granby's authentic Post and Beam Timber Homes on the other hand adapt without a problem to any floor layout because like conventional framing they are built using the platform framing method, which means the perimeter wall is built around the floor system in a continuous fashion and the roof system is then built to accommodate the wall layout. There are no layouts which create problems any more serious than conventional builders face daily. But at the same time Granby's homes are set aside from conventional building by their structural integrity and aesthetic beauty. Post and Beam Homes are the most easily renovated or added on to homes in existence. This is due to the fact that any given wall panel can be removed at any time without any compromise to the structure in general as it is supported by the post and beam frame. Post and Beam Building is the wood building system with the longest track record, there are Post and Beam buildings still standing which are in excess of 1800 years old, this cannot be said of any other wood building style. We'll Keep You Posted!

10 Now, having compared the styles it is evident that the Post and Beam system is superior to conventionally built homes, Log Homes or Traditional Timber Frames. Cost to the consumer is lower to build an authentic Post and Beam Timber home than to build a Log Home or a traditional Timber Frame. Granby's home packages work out typically 10-15% higher in cost than a equally finished stick framed custom home but much lower in cost than a timberframe or log home. We'll Keep You Posted!

11 The first step to proceed is to choose a Granby model or provide Granby with a detailed sketch of the home you intend to build. We can then provide you with a cost estimate based on your own design. If this estimate fits within your building budget you then place your plan deposit, which will develop the completed plans. At that point we will provide you with a purchase agreement guaranteeing your purchase cost and delivery date. You can now proceed with the purchase by signing the purchase agreement and placing your deposit as outlined in your particular purchase agreement. We'll Keep You Posted!

12 You can be assured when you purchase a Granby home package you are receiving some of the very highest quality materials available in today’s market You will enjoy the benefit of this incredible quality and great service at a surprisingly affordable cost. Throughout the entire process we assure you satisfaction with your custom Granby home. We'll Keep You Posted!

13 Order Your Granby Home with Confidence.
Custom built to suit your building Plan Authentic Post and Beam building style Quality built in Canada Built from selected Douglas Fir Timber Pre-manufactured in a controlled environment Supervision of Post and Beam Frame Assembly We'll Keep You Posted!

14 Your Satisfaction is our Priority
Quality Value At Granby Customer Service is job #1 You need a home we need satisfied customers Top quality materials and workmanship Your Satisfaction Service We'll Keep You Posted!

15 Beautiful Homes that will last
The Beauty of Log without the inherent problems of Log Building The Beauty of Timberframe at a more reasonable cost We'll Keep You Posted!

16 Total Cost Analysis Your Granby Home will be completed for about $ per square foot. A Timberframe or Log home will cost much more by completion We'll Keep You Posted!

17 Striking Beauty We'll Keep You Posted!

18 Why Granby? Custom Home Companies are advertised everywhere but Granby’s unique building system sets them apart from all other Home Companies. Authentic timber Post and Beam building systems represent the oldest standing wood structures in the world today. You can be assured of Granby’s High Quality, Value and Service. We'll Keep You Posted!

19 How Do You Proceed? Choose a Granby Model or send a copy of your proposed floor plan for pricing. We will provide you with your Granby Package estimate at no charge. Once you receive your estimate you place your plan deposit to draft the home plans. With the completed plans you will receive your purchase agreement guaranteeing your purchase cost and delivery date. We finalize the Purchase Agreement and you place your production Payment. We'll Keep You Posted!

20 Now to the Finish Line Your home is delivered on the date you have scheduled. At the same time Granby’s on site supervisor will arrive for your site supervision. The site supervisor will stay to get you or your contractor through the timber portion of your package. From here on it is conventional framing and your contractor can easily finish from here. We'll Keep You Posted!

21 Your Future Home is Waiting!
We'll Keep You Posted!

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