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Welcome. Floor Care Solutions for a Sustainable Future.

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1 Welcome

2 Floor Care Solutions for a Sustainable Future

3 Floor Pad Composition Fiber (Varying Denier) Synthetic (Polyester) Natural (Hog Hair) Abrasive (Stripping and Scrubbing Only) Aluminum Oxide Silicon Carbide Industrial Diamonds Binder Latex (Water Based) Web Construction (Air-Laid, Nonwoven)

4 Recycled Packaging Water Based Latex Resins 100% Post Consumer & Industrial Recycled Waste New State-of-the-Art Equipment Waste Water Reduction All of the synthetic fibers used in the production of floor, hand and utility pads at Americo comes from recycled materials. Primary sources of these materials are recycled soda and water bottles. No phenol-formaldehyde resins are used in Americos binding process. We only use water-based latex resins in our manufacturing process. All of our shipping cartons are constructed of at least 45% recycled material. 30% more energy efficient. In-house water treatment reduces waste water by 83%. The Greening of Floor Pads!

5 Going Green Cleaner Floors… Literature Add Green Information to Private Label New Microfiber Technology and LEED Specifications Sample Demo Water Bottle with Plastic Chips and Fiber

6 Cleaner Floors Greener Earth 12 - 2 Liter Bottles = 1 Case of 20 Pads (5 Pads) 38 - 12 oz. Bottles = 1 Case of 20 Pads (5 Pads)

7 Saving the Environment Calculator

8 Stripping Pads PT 2000 XHD STRIPPING PAD Most aggressive stripping pad for the toughest strip jobs. Total removal of floor finish/seal SUPER STRIP 500 BLACK FLOOR PAD Heavy duty stripping. Excellent for removing burnished finish. BLACK STRIPPING FLOOR PAD Standard pad for normal stripping. BROWN STRIPPING FLOOR PAD Multi-purpose for wet or dry stripping.

9 FeatureAdvantage Open web construction Absorbs and holds soils and finish Allows soil & finish to easily flush from pad Heavy denier fiber Increased durability Holds large abrasive particles Increases life Heavy-duty binder Enhances cut and life Heavy abrasive content Saves time by acting fast Consistent cut throughout pad life General Features: Stripping Pads

10 Spec Sheets available for all Triple S EarthCare Floor Pads and Abrasives!

11 Scrubbing Pads GREEN SCRUBBING FLOOR PAD Heavy duty wet scrubbing. Deep cleaning or removal of 1-2 coats BLUE CLEANING FLOOR PAD Light duty wet scrubbing and deep cleaning. PINK NINJA AUTO SCRUB CLEANING FLOOR PAD Daily cleaning without finish removal.

12 FeatureAdvantage Open web construction Will absorb removed soil/finish Medium denier fiber Increased flexibility Medium-duty binder Long wearing; reduced drag Medium to light abrasive content Reduced cut General Features: Scrubbing Pads

13 Buffing and Polishing Pads RED SPRAY BUFF FLOOR PAD Ideal spray cleaning pad. Light duty cleaning/polishing TAN BUFF-POLISH FLOOR PAD Dry buffing pad for light cleaning/polishing. WHITE HIGH LUSTRE POLISHING FLOOR PAD Extra fine for dry polishing.

14 FeatureAdvantage Closed web construction More surface contact Fine denier fiber Safe to use on most floors Produces shine Will not remove coatings Light binder formula Reduced drag No abrasives used Safe Will not damage coatings General Features: Buffing and Polishing Pads

15 Square Edge Floor Pads Rectangular pads designed for use with oscillating machines Sizes Available: 12 x 18 14 x 20 14 x 28 14 x 32 Available in the following pads: Black Stripping Floor Pad Green Scrubbing Floor Pad Blue Cleaning Floor Pad Red Spray Buff Floor Pad White High Lustre Polishing Floor Pad Eco 1000 Maroon Strip-Prep Pad Chemical Free Stripping Also available in Sand Screen Discs

16 UHS Burnishing Pads Synthetic fiber PT 3000 XL UHS MAINTENANCE FLOOR PAD Frequent burnishing of soft finishes. BEIGE UHS POLYTHERMAL FLOOR PAD Frequent burnishing on soft to medium hard finishes. CHAMPAGNE UHS BURNISHING Unique highly rubberized binder, recommended for soft to medium finishes. AQUA UHS BURNISHING FLOOR PAD For frequent burnishing on soft to medium finishes. REJUVENATOR REMOVER/RESTORER UHS FLOOR PAD Removes black marks, restores gloss, recommended for medium to hard finishes.

17 FeatureAdvantage Closed web construction Maximum surface contact Very fine denier fiber Produces maximum gloss Heavy fiber concentration Enhances loft retention Longer life Special binder Create friction without abrasion No mineral content Safe Will not damage coatings General Features: Synthetic UHS Pads

18 UHS Burnishing Pads Blended natural & synthetic fiber NATURAL LITE UHS BURNISH FLOOR PAD For frequent burnishing on soft to medium finishes. NATURAL POLY UHS BURNISH PAD For frequent burnishing on medium finishes. NATUAL PLUS FIBER UHS BURNISH FLOOR PAD For minimal burnishing on hard finishes. NATURAL EXTREME UHS FLOOR PAD Contains a high amount of hog hair. Ideal for infrequent burnishing on higher solid and harder finishes.

19 FeatureAdvantage Closed web construction Increased surface contact Proprietary fiber blend Enhanced gloss Heavy binder formula Increased friction Longer life No mineral content Safe for most hard coatings General Features: Natural Hair UHS Pads


21 Microfiber Pads MICROFIBER CLEANING For daily cleaning. Pad will not damage floor finish. For use on single disc or auto scrubber. Double sided cleaning action. MICROFIBER BURNISHING Soft fine fibers will not damage the finish on uneven floors. Reduces airborne dust. Single sided burnishing action.

22 FeatureAdvantage Hundreds of thousands of tiny fibers Clean into the smallest pores of the floor Traps and holds the dust or soil Soft fibers Increases floor finish life No burn marks No dust is created during burnishing Durable bend of polyester/ polyamide soft fiber construction Can be washed up to 30 times Extremely absorbent Velcro backing on burnishing pad Reduces movement while burnishing General Features: Microfiber Pads

23 Sand Screen Discs Available in various grits 60 100 150 80 120 For use in: Wood floor refinishing Repair of painted surfaces Cleaning of hard floor surfaces May be used wet or dry Available in rectangular shapes to fit oscillating floor machines

24 MAROON Dry Prep Conditioning Pad This thin line pad has been designed to create a very fine scratch pattern on cured urethane finish, between coats. Very fine, consistent abrasive throughout the pad. Easily cleaned for longer life. 3/8 thick, allowing the pad to follow contours of floor. Ideal for light repair of water based urethane finishes or for applying scratch pattern in-between new coats of urethane. For use on standard rotary or oscillating floor machines.

25 ECO 1000 MAROON STRIP-PREP PAD THIN LINE Chemical Free Stripping Pad Designed for complete removal or deep scrubbing floor finish. Use wet or dry. For use on standard rotary or oscillating floor machines. Ideal for repair of floor finish for recoating, without the use of harsh chemicals.

26 Matches performance to industry standard Maroon pad. Higher distributor profit. Very competitively priced. Half the cost of the leading competitor. Outperforms all other competitive pads. Maintains aggressive cut. Longer wearing. Does not load like competitors pads. ECO 1000 MAROON STRIP-PREP PAD Key Selling Points

27 Hand Pad, Scrubbing Sponges & other Abrasive Product Solutions

28 Utility Pads and Holders PADS White Light Duty Blue Medium Duty Brown Heavy Duty Eco 1000 Maroon Heavy Duty Cleaning tools and pads for edges, stairs or any hard to reach area HOLDERS Lock-On Threaded

29 HAND PADS #49A White Light Duty #96 Green Medium Duty #86 Green Extra Heavy Duty CLEANING PADS #88 Pot & Pan Handler Cleaning Pad

30 SCRUBBING SPONGES LIGHT DUTY White pad laminated to absorbent cellulose sponge Safe to use on delicate surfaces like porcelain or stainless steel. MEDIUM DUTY Green pad laminated to absorbent cellulose sponge Safe to use on any hard, scratch resistant surface like counter or oven tops. CELLULOSE SPONGES Absorbent synthetic sponges available In three convenient sizes. STAINLESS STEEL SCRUBBING SPONGE 50 Gram

31 Testing Measurements Durability Tensile Tear Gloss (where applicable)







38 GlossTesting


40 Sales and MarketingTools

41 Triple S Sales Tools



44 Commonly Asked Floor Pad Questions

45 1. The floor pads line looks and feels different than the pads I normally use. Why? It is very common that same color floor pads made by different manufacturers feel different. This is perfectly normal, but is never a good predictor of a pads performance. Manufacturers use widely different chemistry in their binder systems. Some feel softer... some feel harder. For example: Americo use only the more environmentally preferred water based latex resins in their binders. They may feel slightly softer or harder, depending upon the pad. This is not an indicator that a pads performance will be better than another. The same is true for color. Every manufacturer uses different dyes causing like pads to differ slightly in color. This is never an issue affecting performance.

46 2. Should I be concerned that the color of the pads will bleed and stain the floor? Generally, no. All Triple S pads from Americo are thoroughly tested to be colorfast and should not bleed. We have seen where use of very harsh acid based cleaners will break down the pads over time and may cause some slight color bleed, but this is rare. It is always recommended to test pads with chemicals in a very inconspicuous area to determine suitability.

47 3. I dont use protective coatings on my floors. Should I be concerned about using pads as they might scratch my floors? It is always important to match the right pad to the cleaning application and the floor type. Using an aggressive pad like Black Strip on a soft, unprotected floor could cause scratching on the surface. It is always best to check the floor manufacturers care and maintenance recommendations first before choosing the pads for use.

48 4. How should I handle a customer complaint? We should treat every complaint as real. Try to find out all the details regarding how the pad was used. Assuming they were using the correct pad for the cleaning application, please get the following information: Provide a detailed description of the failure. What kind of machine (rpm) was used? What chemical was used? (Details on chemical please.) What type of flooring is present? Describe how the pad was used. This may seem like a lot of information but its important for our technicians to use when attempting to simulate the complaint. IMPORTANT: Always get the production run number from the case of product in question.

49 5. How long will Triple S EarthCare Pads last? First, provide any user the proper care and maintenance sheet for floor pads. Here is the estimated life expectancy for pad by type. The range of life is due to the variance in how they are cared for. Stripping/Scrubbing Black Strip Brown Strip Green Scrub Blue Cleaner Dominator These pads provide the muscle behind the most aggressive and toughest cleaning tasks, therefore their life is shortest. Expect 25,000-50,000 sq. ft. per pad. Cleaning/Polishing Red Buff White Polish Tan Buff Flamingo Auto Scrub Expect 100,000 – 200,000 sq. ft. per pad. Ultra High Speed Burnishing Luster Lite Image-Beige Remover Combo Porko Plus Expect 100,000-150,000 sq. ft. per pad. Note: All synthetic pads tend to wear at the higher life range versus natural hair which will be at the lower end.

50 6. I dont seem to be getting the expected life out of my pads. What should I do? Ensure proper cleaning is taking place after each use. Dont allow soil or finish to dry on the pad. Removing hardened residue and soils or coating from a pad often reduces their life. Use a plastic trash bag to store pads after use and keep them moist until they can be cleaned. Never wash a pad in a washing machine. Check your floor cleaning equipment to be certain it is properly balanced and operating correctly. Check your pad driving device on your machine. If it is worn, pads may move slightly under use and contribute to premature wear. If pads are used on a rough floor surface, life can be significantly reduced.

51 7. Does the fact that Triple S EarthCare pads are made from recycled fiber affect their performance or life. Absolutely not. Competitors may try to convince customers of this, but in fact the quality of the recycled PET is a higher grade than most competitor producers use in so-called virgin fiber. 8. Does being Green affect the cost of Triple S EarthCare Pads? No. The raw material costs are managed closely and allow Americo pads to be competitive with any high quality floor pad. Americo also has significant purchase power due to the size of the company, offsetting any recycled vs. virgin fiber costs.

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