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Edge Finishes.

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1 Edge Finishes

2 Hem Any finish at the edge of a garment Stitching-(EF) Edge Finishing
Hem tape Secures hem and increases quality and price. Types:Folded, Blind, Glued, Shirtail, Rolled, Clean finish, Booked.

3 Folded hem Simple: the raw edges are turned under and stitched to the garment. Uses: Lower edge of garments, pockets, ruffles, sleeves with no cuffs.

4 Blind Hem Uses Blind stitch and catches a few yarns of fabric but is not visible from the outside.

5 Glued Hem Used in leather and leather like fabrics. Increases quality, no needle punches. Seen as poor quality in other fabrics.

6 Shrittail hem Narrowly folded twice and topstitched in place. 1/4” wide with one row of stitches. Used in shirttails that are tucked in, gives a casual look, or in garments with flair.

7 Rolled Hem Very narrowly rolled up to enclose a raw edge of a hem. May be topstitched, blind stitched, or over edge stitch.

8 Clean Finish Narrow hem at edge Medium to high quality apparel.
Raw edge of seam or hem allowance is folded under once and stitched. Adds bulk. Used in lightweight fabric. Costly- 4 passes through sewing machine.

9 Decorative Finishes Scalloped, shell or lettuce Edge of hem.

10 Unfinished Finish Pinking- Cut fabric with serrated blade or scissors. Used on Opaque fabric, retards raveling but doesn’t stop it.

11 Facing Any Fabric used to finish a raw edge of a garment.
Used in necklines, armscye, back of garments. Example: Button Band, French Front that covers buttons.

12 Bands Decorative Finish garment opening, Doesn’t stretch.
Used: necklines, waistline, Sleeves, Inseams, ect.

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