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Attendees for Sound Call: (605) ,

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1 Attendees for Sound Call: (605) 772-3434,
Field-to-Finish Field Coding Survey Data The Carlson Advantage One Solution for the Field and Office Carlson SurvCE 2.0 Carlson Survey 2008 Attendees for Sound Call: (605) , access code

2 Carlson Survey 2008 - Field-to-Finish
What is our Field-to-Finish program? The Carlson Survey 2008 Field-to-Finish program has a user defined code table that controls how field surveyed points with these codes or descriptions will draw in CAD as connected line work and symbols in pre- defined layers. Carlson Survey Field-to-Finish

3 Carlson Survey 2008 - Field-to-Finish
Setup your Office CAD Standards with Field to Finish Field Codes Define e.g. BLD, BC, FH, UP, … Layers for: 2DPolylines Layer (zero elevation) 3DPolylines Layer (at their true elevation) Both 2D & 3DPolylines Drawn in Separate Layers Symbols and their Layers Point Labels and their Layers Create multiple Field-Code-Tables for each customers CAD Standards Carlson Survey Field-to-Finish

4 Carlson Survey 2008 - Field-to-Finish
The Field-to-Finish Code Table Code Definition Carlson Survey Field-to-Finish

5 Carlson Survey 2008 - Field-to-Finish
Upload Carlson Survey 2008 Field Code Table (FLD file) to Carlson SurvCE 2.0 FLD file uploaded into Carlson SurvCE 2.0 is renamed to a FLC file without symbol definition Carlson Survey Field-to-Finish

6 Carlson Survey 2008 - Field-to-Finish
Drawing Linework (Lines & Curves) No Start or End Special Code needed e.g. EP1, EP2, EP3… Using Start or End Special Code +7, -7 Creating Aliases for Start or End Special Code e.g. B, E Start and End Curves Special Codes PC and PT SurvCE Line & Curve Special Codes - Aliases e.g. B, E and for DOT’s Carlson Survey Field-to-Finish

7 Carlson Survey 2008 - Field-to-Finish
Additional Special Codes In PC Office Code Table RECT (Rectangle) JPN (Join to point number) SMO (Smooth) CLO (Close Polyline) OH & OV (Offset H/V) JOG (Add L/R H Offsets) ROT & SZ AZ & DIST 2ND & 3RD / (Add Note to Point Desc) In SurvCE FLC Codes RECT (2 or 3 Point) JPN SMO CLO OH & OV / (Add Note) Carlson Survey Field-to-Finish

8 Carlson Survey 2008 - Field-to-Finish
Plotting Point Labels & Point Groups Setting Distinct Point Layer / Add Point Notes Use Raw Desc Type of Entity Attribute Block Dtext or Mtext Point Groups On Real Z Significant Decimal Attribute Layout ID Carlson Survey Field-to-Finish

9 Carlson Survey 2008 - Field-to-Finish
Field-to-Finish Inspector Edits both descriptions in the CRD & RW5 files Carlson Survey Field-to-Finish

10 Carlson Survey 2008 - Field-to-Finish
Carlson Survey 2008 Pricing Autocad Inside or Inside Autocad Maysville Corporate Office Carlson Survey Field-to-Finish

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