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Tyrolean and Alpine Finish

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1 Tyrolean and Alpine Finish

2 Tyrolean and Alpine Finish
Both these finishes are applied onto a render surface

3 Tyrolean Finishes If applying directly to existing brickwork /blockwork / render surface, the substrate must be brushed down to remove any friable material, algae or lichen and fungicidal wash should then be applied.

4 Tyrolean Finishes Any ridges or protrusions should be removed and hollows filled to provide a smooth surface Stabilising solution may be applied if required to help improve adhesion and offer uniform suction.

5 Tyrolean Finishes A scratch coat of 4 part sand , 1 part cement and a Waterproofer Lightly scratch basecoat surface with a scratch comb to provide a key for finishing coat

6 Tyrolean Finishes The correct mix for a top coat to receive a Tyrolean finish is 6 sand : 1 cement : 1 lime When rendering the render coat should be no stronger than the background

7 The consistency of mix for Tyrolean finish is single cream
Tyrolean Finishes The consistency of mix for Tyrolean finish is single cream The correct method of applying Tyrolean finish is 45º from the left, 45° from the right, then at right angles to the wall

8 Alpine Finish Ensure that the basecoat is perfectly even.
Apply a slurry coat of render to act as a primer. Trowel apply a smooth coat of alpine finish at a thickness to reflect the grain size.

9 Alpine Finish Drag in either a vertical, horizontal or random
direction to achieve the final finish

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