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Rome…and Empire in danger Mercenaires weakend the army Christianity weakened the power of the Emperor M. Bridgeo.

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1 Rome…and Empire in danger Mercenaires weakend the army Christianity weakened the power of the Emperor M. Bridgeo

2 Religion of the Romans Romans were inspired in their religious beliefs by the Greeks… polytheistic and antrhropomorphic Only the names changed, as they were given latin names. Jupiter Supreme god! Zeus chez les Grecs. M. Bridgeo

3 The rise of christianity One of the reasons the empire was so stable was due to the traditions that were followed by the entire population. One of the grandest traditions was religion…Christianity changed all of that for thousands of citizens in the Empire. M. Bridgeo

4 The rise of Christianity While the Empire had a social ladder, christianity offered egality to everyone despite their social status. Founded on love, everyone, even the Emperor Was equal before God. M. Bridgeo

5 The rise of Christianity Jesus favored monotheism, the opposite of the polytheistic ways of the Empire. Christianity became popular, especially for the poor and the least powerful in the Empire…and it is not difficult to understand why!!! Christianity offered hope and a feeling of belonging. M. Bridgeo'%20Ministry%20Artwork/images/a_gift_for_jesus.jpg

6 Persecution of the Christians As Christians refused to participate in the worship of all the gods and religious ceremonies, they were persecuted for three centuries and it was against the laws of the Empire. They were actually fed to the lions and crucified for their beliefs. M. Bridgeo

7 The network that allowed for the diffusion of Christianity throughout the Empire M. Bridgeo The Empire and the army actually led to the downfall of itself with its roads, built to allow for easy transportation of the army and goods within the Empire. How??? The network of roads was used by Christians to spread the word of Jesus throughout the Empire, and little by little the Pope gained more power than the Emperor.

8 Roman network of roads M. Bridgeo The Emperor and the army built the roads… There were over 150 000 km of roads built, much by the army, but also by slaves. They were 2 to 3 meters wide with many layers of brick, sand and rocks (very well built)

9 Constantine, 1 st Christian Emperor It was during the IVth Century that the Roman Emperor, Constantine, tolerated Christianity and, by his baptism in 313 became the first Roman Emperor that was a Christian. M. Bridgeo

10 The Fall of the Empire The Empire was divided in 395 … The Western Empire (west of Greece) The Eastern Empire (including Greece, Egypt and the near East) M. Bridgeo

11 3 factors that contributed to the fall of the Empire The administration was incompetent (political situation) The army was weak and lost its fighting spirit (military situaiton). 3.The economy was weak; leading an Empire is expensive (economic situation) M. Bridgeo

12 Political situation The cost of the Empire was becoming Too much, even with the overtaxation And too many people were leaving Their farms and workshops as they Could no longer pay the taxes. Unemployment was killing the Economy. Rome was not developing Technologically. Why? Dependence on slave labour Meant no new technology developed. The education system was stagnant And did not encourage students Curiosity and creativity. Citizens did not have enough money To buy any good so there was no Incentive to create new goods. Farmers were losing their lands Because of low prices. M. Bridgeo

13 Political situation Generals were trying to take Control of the Empire with Their armies Even generals from outside of Italy Were now vowing for control Of the country The II and III centuries saw Many civil wars for power. More than 50 candidates for Emperor vied for control Of the empire. M. Bridgeo

14 Defense weakened 396 The Wisogoths took command Of Constantinople (the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire) 455 The Vandales pillaged Rome 476 A German leader, an Ostrogoth Odoacer, Disposed of the last Roman Emperor M. Bridgeo

15 Les Invasions Barbares M. Bridgeo

16 The Invasions By 476, it was all over…the end of the Empire. M. Bridgeo

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