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Nationalism in Europe Chapter 24.

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1 Nationalism in Europe Chapter 24

2 Europe 1815 Map pg. 712

3 Italian Unification Fall of Rome – Italy became a group of competing states that are ruled by Austria Leaders of Unification Giuseppe Mazzini – created nationalist group called Young Italy (heart) Camillo di Cavor – founded nationalist newspaper called Il Risorgimento (brain) Giuseppe Girbaldi – led a military group called the “Red Shirts” to gain control of most of Italy (sword)

4 German Unification Revolution of 1848 – Germans revolt against Prussian King Frederick Wilhelm IV He promised to compromise on democracy Later he backed out of his promise Zollverein – an economic alliance among most German states in after king didn’t keep promises Otto von Bismark – became the Prime Minister of Prussia Made goals and policies called realpolitik (politics based on reality) Unification would come from “Blood & Iron”

5 German Unification Map pg. 721

6 Austria-Hungary Ruled by the Hapsburg family & Metternich
Metternich – powerful voice at Congress of Vienna Fought to keep monarchy in Austria Succeeded for a few years Revolutions in France, Italy, & Germany inspire revolts in the Austrian Empire Many different nationalities living within the Austrian Empire wanted Independence

7 Russia Last of the Czars of Russia – Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III, Nicholas II Tried reforms but could not hold back revolutionary leaders & revolts Marxists – group calling for change in Russia Led by Karl Marx = wanted to create a socialist republic Socialist republic – society in which there would be no private property & the state would collectively own & distribute goods Revolution of 1905 – workers strike, university students protest, peasants rebel against landlords October Manifesto = official promise by Czar Nicholas II Response to Revolution of 1905 promised Russian Constitution & reform

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