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Vocabulary Idioms & Phrases Paragraphs 3-4 Post-reading.

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2 Vocabulary Idioms & Phrases Paragraphs 3-4 Post-reading

3 Listen to paragraphs 3-4 Skip

4 Now, answer the following questions.

5 As to packaging, what other tips does the writer mention in these two paragraphs? He pointed out three tips. (1)Another thing we cando is not to buy more packaged goods than we need. (2)Dont pay extra for a box or a can if you dont need the stronger package. (3)Think of solid wastes before you buy a product.


7 Another thing we can do is not to buy goods with more packaging. They cost more and produce more solid wastes. Potato chips are cheaper in a bag. one...another... … … some...others... … … It isone thing to own a library, but another thing to use it wisely. in … His works are published in two volumes.

8 Dont pay extra for a box or a can if you dont need the stronger package. Cheese spreads come in many forms. pay extra for=pay more (money) for cheese spread come in many forms =are sold/found/available in many forms These shirts come in three colors. Candies come in different sizes and shapes.

9 If you buy your cheese spreads in a can, youre paying mostly for the can. Youre buying mostly convenience. Be sure its worth the price to you. And if your choice means more solid wastes, you should be willing to pay the price of proper disposal. Think of solid wastes before you buy.

10 More than two-thirds of litter consists of old packaging. If you dispose of your wastes in the right places, you are helping to solve the litter problem. 1/2: a half; 1/4: a quarter 3/4: three-fourths; 4/5: four-fifths consist of=be made up of=be composed of … Ourchorus consists of/is made up of/is composed of 10 boys and 10 girls.

11 Did you know that it costs about NT$10 dollars to pick up and dispose of each item of roadside litter? Thats a lot of money and that money is coming out of your tax dollars. It costs+ +to V. It cost a lot of money to build a highway. come out of=come from Back


13 Check the main idea of the reading. ____ 1. The waste problem is very difficult to solve. ____ 2. We are using fewer packaging materials than ever before. ____ 3. Today we serve ourselves from racks of packaged goods. ____ 4. There are ways to solve the waste problem. ____ 5. It is cheaper to use new products.

14 Topics for Discussion

15 Discussion 1: When you think of packaging garbage, what comes to your mind?

16 Reference answer: 1. plastic bags used for all kinds of stuff. 2. cardboard boxes such as those used for cereal, crackers or shoes. 3. plastic or glass bottles widely used for household cleaners, shampoos, and juice or jam. 4. tin cans such as those for tuna fish and aluminum cans for beverages.

17 Discussion 2: What do you think we can do to reduce packaging wastes?

18 Reference answer: There are some things we can do to reduce packaging wastes. First, when we go shopping, wed better bring our own reusable shopping bags. Second, before buying, we should make good selections. Take the toilet tissues for example. Its better to get a larger package of toilet tissues than buy small single packages to avoid extra packaging. Next

19 Third, we should choose goods with less packaging or in recycled materials to save natural resources. Lastly,we should put as little as possible into the garbage can. Packaging wastes can be thus saved and reused.

20 Discussion 3: Should goods be packaged in order to look nice? Why, or why not?

21 Reference answer : I dont think goods should be packaged to look nice. The nicely-packaged goods consume natural resources, but the packaging materials will sooner or later go into the garbage can and become packaging wastes finally. It is a waste. Back

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