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Closed borders: migration, travel regulations and access to treatment.

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1 Closed borders: migration, travel regulations and access to treatment

2 Health, medicine and migrant populations Where do we come from, where are we headed? Patterns, models and strategies in the area of migration, health, foreign policy, trade and economy. David Haerry, EATG

3 Travelling: for physical or economical survival? 13 countries bar HIV+ from entering: reasons linked to public health and healthcare budget concerns. Disastrous individual consequences. Wave of new movement restrictions since 1998.

4 International mobility central to globalisation of infectious and chronic diseases. Ancient fear of imported diseases and local consequences.

5 Border health practices, trans- border flow of people and goods Goal International Health Regulations: maximise health protection while minimising interference with international trade. Disease control: a foreign policy challenge.

6 Shifting migration concepts Traditionally: unidirectional process. New pattern: tourists, business people and other groups as migrant non- immigrants move internationally for varying periods of time.

7 Refugees: 8.4 millions Migrants: 191 millions undocumented: 30-40 millions International tourist arrivals: 806 millions

8 Medical migration: complex pattern Britain to France: wait lists U. S. to Canada: drug prices Norway to Spain: sunshine To India, Mexico: cheap drugs, generics To Switzerland: assisted suicide From Portugal & Ireland: abortion

9 States & medical migration Encouraging, Tolerating laisser faire, or Removing people out of territory.

10 Border control & diagnostic tools Stethoscope X-ray HIV-testing Improved predictability Genetic testing tomorrow?

11 Migration must promote increased dialogue and policy at international level.

12 Human rights are the closest thing we have to a shared values system for the world. We should take every opportunity to see them not simply as shared goals, but as legal obligations and policy-making tools that can assist those charged with making complex decisions – whether in the areas of foreign policy, trade, security or public health. Mary Robinson

13 Literature WHO Bulletin March & May 2007

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